Senators Trade Emphasises Need for Rangers Patience

December 19, 2011, by

The Rangers have been building the right way in recent seasons.  The occasional savvy veteran addition, plenty of youth periodically injected onto the roster while the club continue to draft well. Then, when the time has been right the club have added an elite free agent like Gaborik or Richards. It all amounts to solid organisational development.

When Bobby Ryan was (apparently) on the trade block the Rangers (apparently) sniffed around but refused to make a move for the power forward. More than likely, they baulked at the price. The Senators weekend acquisition of Kyle Turris shows how overpriced young talent is in the league right now. It proves the Rangers right in their recent, patient approach.

On the whole, the Rangers are playing well this season, growing as a unit and have a great nucleus going forward. We’ve seen how asking prices for players in recent times are astronomical and the Rangers don’t seem willing to pay the going rates to add to their line up. Rightly so.

Some fans clamoured for Bobby Ryan, some liked the idea of Turris while many wanted a marquee name when Marc Staal went down long term. The Rangers stood pat. They made a minor, risk free addition. The Rangers are amid a fine year and if they end up contending this year it’s a pleasant, unexpected bonus. Their real window begins next year and its then, that the Rangers may (perhaps should) look to add to their core through a trade.

If the Rangers are storming the league come deadline day they may look to add to the roster but there’s no need to gut the organisation for talent when the prices are out of control. It’s a change from early Sather seasons but credit Sather and the Rangers staff for showing restraint. They didn’t blink when the Stars asked for the earth for Brad Richards and are still being patient now. The organisation is deep and it’s the (relatively new found) patience of the decision makers in New York that we have to thank.

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  1. The Suit says:

    Excellent post. We should remember these points if our boys bow out in the post-season prematurely.

  2. Walt says:

    As a follower of the Rangers from the late 50’s, it is refreshing to see that we finally learned to show patients, rather than look for instant gradification.

    I was scared to death when talks about Ryan being traded to us earlier in the season surfaced. In all honesty, I believe that the decision, or great amount of input was given to Gordy, and Sather is finally listening to his underlings. Gone are the days of trading for the likes of Lindros, Fluery, Esposito, Cashman, Hodge, and so on. All those trades gave us was old retreads, that never worked out, at the expense of youth.

    Needless to say, I for one am elated that we are drafting, developing, and stock piling young kids who will wear the Ranger blue for years to come.

    • Chris says:

      I have no problem adding a big name if the situation and price allow it. However the core needs to be in place and sufficient assets in hand to make a move… We’re a season away from adding a piece to go deep. Stay with what we have for now and reassess in the summer…. I’m not sure id
      Even add a big piece at the deadline even if we’re storming the league.

    • Dave says:

      Bobby Ryan is not on the Lindros/Fleury mold. Ryan is 24 years old and signed to a great contract considering his production. I would have packaged Dubi/Sauer for him in a heartbeat.

      • Walt says:

        My friend, that is all academic at this time. The two players mentioned for Ryan are a cornerstone of this organization.

        May I ask but one question, why were they even thinking of trading Ryan, is he a cancer in the locker room?

        • Dave says:

          They never were thinking of trading him, it was smoke and mirrors to mask the firing of Carlyle.

          Dubi/Sauer are not cornerstones in my opinion. Hank, Staal, Cally are.

      • bob says:

        I was going to say the same thing.Ryan is basically a kid .So comparing him to the aging vets makes no sense.But if we had to give up too much,then I wouldn’t do it.But for the right price,and if the Rangers were ready to make a run,Ryan would be a perfect addition.Dubi and Sauer would not have hurt us.I doubt the Ducks would have done it unless we really sweetened the prospects and or picks.So it might hurt our future a bit but not our present state.

        • Dave says:

          Dubi/Sauer would have provided the framework, with little details being thrown in to even it out.

  3. kgb16 says:

    I agree with this post. If we are such a strong contender that a cup run is in the picture, we can consider year end rentals but this is extremely unlikely. It would be a nice problem to have to think about. To reach that point, we could still use another scorer. Do we have one coming up through the organization ie Thomas, Kreider?

    • Dave says:

      Kreider is that guy. Thomas could be, but he’s more of a wild card because of his size.