Eminger Has Separated Shoulder, Defense In State Of Flux

December 18, 2011, by

What more can happen to the Rangers blue line? Marc Staal hasn’t played all year because of a concussion. Mike Sauer is out definitely because of a concussion. There was a makeshift bottom pairing that consisted of any combination of Steve Eminger, Jeff Woywitka, and Anton Stralman before the Sauer injury. Since the Sauer injury, Eminger was forced into top four duties, and played well. Now he is out, and the future of Woywitka is unknown since he is banged up.

Let’s assume Woywitka can go on Tuesday. After all, he is a hockey player. That leaves the Rangers in need of another defenseman. The smart money would be on Tim Erixon being called up, but he comes with a $1.75 million cap hit. With Mike Rupp activated, the Rangers don’t have room to carry that cap hit without making another roster move to clear some cap space. Since Sean Avery carries the biggest cap hit among those not playing regularly, it’s safe to assume that if Erixon is called up, then Avery will indeed be waived.

Another option is to call up Brendan Bell, who has NHL experience, but he would need to clear re-entry waivers prior to joining the club. It is unlikely someone would claim him, but the Rangers might not want to take that chance. If it is Bell that is called up, then placing Eminger on LTIR should clear enough cap space to make room for Bell.

The Rangers thin blue line just got a lot thinner. With the Christmas roster freeze a day away, the Rangers need to make their moves quickly.

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  1. Walt says:

    How many more hits can we take with our d-men going down like straw houses!

    The bet would be Tim Erixon will get the call, but to be honest with you all, I think that I would like to see V-Tank come up this time. Hay, all reports out of Hartford are looking good for him, and we could use a little grit back there. Tim is still too light, and lacks strength, also dear I say, SOFT.

    • Chris says:

      I’m with you walt. Lets see what V has got. That said, I’d call both he and Erixon up.

  2. Spozo says:

    I hope they don’t waive Avery for the sole reason that I don’t want to hear every nut with an Avery man crush go crazy and talk about how tortarella is a horrible coach.

    • The suit says:

      Agreed. I’m tired of the Avery man crush and having to explain every little detail about his play and that of his replacements. But the Rangers need to send someone down, so it might as well be a 1.9 cap hit getting limited minutes.

      • jffrazer says:

        Just tell me why ANY team would keep ANY player this long…if he has no talent AND the head coach won’t play him ?? Keeping Avery is unfair to the TEAM – denying them a player that is better.

  3. bob says:

    With the teams coming up,I think I would rather bring someone a little stronger in front of the net.Why not give Vtank a shot.I would say Bickel or Bell but both would have to clear waivers I think.There are a lot of teams in need of 6/7 D,so we could lose one.Strallman actually played a half decent games against the Yotes except for that penalty but our D definitely needs some better luck.Does anybody know how Sauer is actually feeling.Maybe we should bring a Dman up for the long haul or make a trade.

  4. Pete says:

    Never thought losing Eminger would hurt so much. Never thought I would be saying that.