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December 16, 2011, by

Thanks again to Justin (aka Keeps) for a fantastic post game analysis.

The Rangers dropped a tough one tonight, 4-1 to the St. Louis Blues.  The Rangers couldn’t find much offense, but that had more to do with the Blues defense than anything else.  The highlight of the game really was the time that JD spent in the booth with Sam and Joe (not quite The Suit’s prediction, but enjoyable none the less).  Onto the bullets…

·      Tonight the Blues executed the Rangers’ game plan better than the Rangers did. They shot the puck from any and everywhere, got some fortunate bounces and took advantage of the Blueshirt’s mistakes.

·      As The Suit mentioned in the pregame notes, the Blues are assembled very similarly to the Rangers.  They have a young blue line that really held the fort down tonight.  The Rangers controlled a lot of the play on the sidewalls and down low, but had no answer for getting to the front of the net.

·      The Rangers have been somewhat robotic on defense the past few weeks, and that is not a bad thing. Its not pretty, but with the exception of the first goal where the Rangers were caught running around, the defense continues to be steady, and that’s all you can ask for missing Staal and Sauer.

·      I couldn’t believe how many times St. Louis iced the puck.  Their primary concern in the defensive zone was getting the puck out of the danger areas.  If they iced it, so be it.  They would sacrifice fresh legs for clearing the zone every time.  Not really sure what I make of this tactic, and I’m not too sure if this is the norm for them, but it seemed to work tonight.

·      Carl Hagelin was the best player (non-Hank edition) on the ice tonight for the Rangers.  He continues to use his speed and make mature, intelligent decisions with the puck.  He was rewarded with some top 6 time, including shifts with Richards and Gaborik.

·      The refs really let them play tonight.  This resulted in zero power play chances for the Rangers, and kept they from trying to exploit one of the Blues biggest weaknesses.

·      The forecheck was again completely non-existent.  The Blues defenders were able to make solid breakout passes and keep the dangerous turnovers to a minimum.

·      David Backes is a beast.  That is all.

·      Hank was again his normal brilliant self.  As far as Brian Elliot goes…color me unimpressed.  The guy has video game numbers, but he also doesn’t have to do anything with a wall of 5 defenders around any time the puck gets anywhere near the goal mouth. Also, what was he doing on MDZ’s goal?  He has been projected as a backup his whole career, and this game did nothing to change that assessment for me.

·      Torts used a couple interesting line combinations out there in search of some offense.  Loved the Richards, Cally, Hagelin trio.

·      After two lock tight defensive games, the Rangers look to find some offense in the desert against the ‘Yotes on Saturday.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    I thought Brad Richards looked totally lost in the Ranger end of the ice. I hope someone pointed out: hey Brad that guy left all alone in the slot yeah thats your man idiot. On nights when the offence is firing on one cylinder its important to be attentive in your own end, the Rangers were not. Also, I thought the Rangers were outmatched physically by the bigger stronger Blues. Too many softies in the lineup, ie Eric Christensen. The blueline looks tired, I hope they find their legs against the Desert Dogs.

    • Justin says:

      That was definitely not Richard’s finest hour in the Ranger uniform last night. My guess would just be an off night, he’s been remarkably consistent for this team and everyone is guilty of a clunker once in a while…

  2. bob says:

    I couldn’t even keep count of the icings.To me,it looked like that were purposely doing it.What the hell,they were able to keep us on the perimeter all night,any time they felt threatened,they just iced it.These are the games you need Boyle and Calli getting in front of the net.Didn’t see much of either tonight.I hope they use Rupp in front,when he returns.Elliott also made sure he covered that puck up A.S.A.P. everytime,like wasn’t very confident.Not impressed,his D is doing it all for him.But it has been really nice to see the Refs actually letting the guys play for a change the last few games.I hope this trend continues.

    • Bobby Tux says:

      As a ranger fan, the team wants the ref to call as many penalties as possible. The PP and PK are very good and often generate energy for shifts, periods, or games.

      • bob says:

        But its so much nicer flow w/o all the bullshit/pansyass calls.Now that our PP works better we don’t get any calls.Conspiracy?Or bad luck?

  3. Justin says:

    One thing I forgot to add in the recap was how many times they missed the net, again…its becoming a problem. Dubinsky probably had the best chance of third and fired it about 10 feet wide…

  4. Walt says:

    Last night’s game was a classic clunker!

    Let’s hope we got the crap out of our system, and we start playing team hockey again. If not, go to the local drug store, and get enemas for the entire team.

    Enought about body functions, St Louis played a typical Hitchcock coached game. They were strong along the boards, and yes our D looked slow, or tired, or a combination of both. Throw in a little luck, their third goal, and call it a night.

    We need a little spark, Boyle, Dubi, any big body, should start crashing the nets, and make something happen. It’s amazing how much we miss Sauer out there, I think more so than Staal, and that is saying something!

    The best thing to come out of last night’s game is the Hags kid, he is going to be a nice player for us, long term I hope.

  5. Walt says:

    By the way, if you all haven’t heard, the illegitimate child, Chris Pronger, will be out for the remainder of this season, and play-offs.

    Now I usually don’t take joy in the injury of any player getting, NONE, but in this case it almost made me smile. He is one of the dirtiest guys in the entire NHL, come to think of it, the entire Filthadelphia group if dirty, and now they are getting their due. Along with Pronger, Schen, and Claude Gireux are having concussions, which is bad for hockey, but if you live by the gun, you die by the gun. Maybe it’s time for big Pete behind their bench get his as well.

  6. The Suit says:

    If only the Rangers played to my scouting report. Boo.