Sunday Link Dump: The Facebook Fail

December 11, 2011, by

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for the weekly link dump of posts from around the interwebs regarding the Rangers and any other interesting bits of news from around the league.

It’s amazing how little hockey is in the minds of pop culture in this country. This is most evident with Facebook, when people are posting about the New York Rangers, but yet the social media conglomerate assumes they are posting about the Texas Rangers. In November and December. Facebook Fail. Eric at 5-hole blog picked this up, and I have to admit it’s a bit embarassing for both the sport and Facebook itself. Let’s see if we can fix that, mmkay?

Friend of the blog Inferno over at Rangers Review┬áhas finally enabled comments on his blog. Inferno does a great job reviewing the x’s and o’s of each game, and you should defintely be reading his blog if you aren’t already.

Another good friend of the blog Cris Cohen of Hockey Independent┬áhas her own take on the Derek Boogaard/enforcer situation that is in the forefront of NHL news lately. Whether Gary Bettman wants to admit it or not, this is an issue that the NHL will need to address. The evidence is not “inconclusive” as the good commish stated the other day. This needs to be addressed, and there is no easy answer here. People are dying.

The Rangers organization earned their 2,500th win last night when they beat the Sabres 4-1. The organization was founded in 1926, and last year was the 85th anniversary of the club. That averages out to about 29 wins per season. The numbers themselves look bleak, but let’s remember that the NHL schedule was not always 82 games (it was 44 games when the Rangers were founded).

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