Sauer Has A Concussion

December 7, 2011, by

This news should not come as a shock, but Andrew Gross is reporting that Mike Sauer indeed has a concussion following the massive hit by Dion Phaneuf in the Rangers 4-2 loss on Monday night (video below). The hit was clean, but Sauer’s helmet came off and he hit his head on the boards, which is the likely cause of the concussion. John Tortorella has said that Sauer is day-to-day, but concussions are a tricky beast. Just ask Marc Staal.

Paging Anton Stralman

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  1. Leatherneckinlv says:

    Bad news, however I expected this. Sauer will be missed and his loss will be noticed. However the rest of the team needs to overcome this obstacle collectively and I think they will. Maybe we will see a Stralman showing up playing for a contract next year and attempts to prove himself. The Defense needs to be revamped to bring strength to all 3 pairings. This might mean we may see McDonagh and Girardi Split up as well as well as Eminger and Woywitka.

    Don’t be surprised to see Woywitka with Girardi, McDonagh with Stralman, Eminger with Del Zotto or a combination similiar to this. Let’s hope Sauer is not in the same category as Staal in the degree of concussion and that he returns to the line up soon

  2. ZDT says:

    Jesus, those Toronto announcers are as bad as Hawk Harrelson is on White Sox broadcasts.

  3. Jess says:

    Sad to say while it has been a couple of years, Sauer has a concussion history in his career. In addition his older brother Kurt has not recovered from his own concussion basically forcing an end to his NHL career.

    Between Staal, Sauer and the Boogaard series; that the NHL remains in denial about the problems with concussions is disgusting.

    It seems as if every team has a player who is out with a concussion.

  4. Mikeyyyyy says:

    Is it me or do people come in higher on checks than they used to.

    I know it’s a clean hit but I see a lot of people leading with their hands high on hits.

    I don’t remember that as much say 10 years ago. It was more body and shoulder. Or a well placed hip check (I used to love when Leetch would throw one of those).

    Maybe not but it seems that I see it more

  5. AD says:

    I’m surprised the hit is not being reviewed by Shanahan. Sauer is a tall guy; taller than Phaneuf, and he clearly gets hit in the chin area. Your arms have to be up there to get Sauer in the chin, and I think the replay shows that.

  6. Mikeyyyy says:

    I’ve watched this video about 20 times. While the play was not a penalty two things should play into this being reviewed .

    1. Sauer clearly had his head down and was in a vulnerable position.

    2. Sloppy Seconds targeted the head clearly from the replay, even if it wasn’t clear solid contact, coming in as he did with his hands high, the helmet flying off, he did make contact with the players head and caused a head injury

    This merits a two game suspension from the league. Players need to be aware, play the body, and not the head.

    While I appreciate a bone crunching hit, this was not warranted.

    • Pete says:

      I agree, but you have to play with your head up, its as simple as that. That being said, Dion can go hug a richard.

  7. mhurley says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that if Phaneuf checked Crosby like that, he would have been penalized in the game and already suspended.

    There is a double standard in this league. The play should still be reviewed because Sauer has been concussed.

    Phaneuf came up high with his hands on someone who was in a vunerable position (head down looking for the puck). Phaneuf’s intent was to injure. He clearly lined Sauer up.

    What Phaneuf did was cheap. He did something similar to Sabre Michael Ryan this preseason. He was suspended for two games.

    Phaneuf also had a controversial cheap hit on Sens Stephane DeCosta on October 8 that went unpunished.

    It was Phaneuf who concussed Kyle Okposo with a cheap charging penalty in a 2009 preseason game. A preseason game! Okposo was also concussed. All Phaneuf got was a roughing penalty.

    Phaneuf is a multiple repeat offender. If Shanahan and the league won’t sanction this punk, it’s time for teams to declare open season on Phaneuf.

    Who on the Rangers will step up and give Phaneuf a taste of his own medicine next time the Rangers play the Leaves?

  8. Walt says:

    All the posting are right, but looking at the play real time, and on tape, Mike had his head down, and made an easy target. That was the same problem Lindros had for yeras, and he suffered many concussions, he skated with his head down. Mike, get well quickly, you will be missed!!!!!

    • The Suit says:

      Agreed. This was a clean hit. He lead with his shoulder, put it right into Sauer’s chest, and didn’t approach from his blindside. There’s nothing to review.

      It sucks Sauer’s helmet came off, but you can’t penalize or suspend anyone for that.

      Still, we lost our guy, so the Rangers should respond accordingly next time they play Toronto.