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Musings: Sports Biz Secrets, Uninformed Bloggers, & More Ryan Talk (Updated)

December 1, 2011, by
Someone tweeted me that Musings posts were the best thing to happen to Thursdays since happy hour. While I wouldn’t go that far, especially if you are 23 and hitting up Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill every week, I will humbly admit bullet point hockey talk can be pretty entertaining.

Let’s get to it…

Sports Biz – Did You Know?

  • There’s always a lot of fuss over Forbes’ annual rankings of the NHL’s supposed franchise values. What often doesn’t get mentioned is that few sports teams are tied to publicly traded companies, so a lot of these figures are pure guesstimates and not actually lifted from the books.
  • On top of that, these values are based on announced prices of sold franchises, which are grossly overstated (figures can include fees, taxes, debt, etc.). They also base these numbers on reported attendance figures, which include comp tickets, plus all of the people working in the venue such as team staff, press members, etc.

Uninformed Undermining Success

  • If the Rangers lose to the Hurricanes, will everyone’s praise for this team turn to scorn? Maybe elsewhere…
  • Speaking of which, how come McDonagh & Girardi make a couple of boneheaded plays against the Penguins -that actually lead to two goals-but Michael Del Zotto gets the brunt of blogger frustration?
  • Now, I’m not saying MDZ should be immune from criticism. However, he does deserve praise when he makes the right play, and I’m not finding too many people offering that side of the equation. For example, he started the play on 2 Rangers goals against Pittsburgh. Anyone mention that anywhere?
  • There is an element of internet fans that do not know hockey beyond their basic passions, but are delivering “analysis” to all of you that is neither fair, nor well-informed. I hope you all are recognizing the difference: Blue Seat Blogs = a fine Cabernet, some of these other sites = boxed wine.
  • Sorry, I’m drinking an aged birthday gift as I write this…

The Kid With Two First Names From Jersey

  • I’m not sure if Ducks GM Bob Murray planted trade rumors in the press regarding Bobby Ryan to motivate him, or to test the market to see what his value is – it could just be a bunch of smoke – but if he is moved my money might be on Toronto. If there is any GM aggressive enough to make a move of this nature at this juncture in the season, it is the man who drafted him…Brian Burke.
  • As far as the Rangers go, it’s interesting that fans are labeling Kreider & McIlrath as untouchables, but not Christian Thomas or J.T. Miller (2011 1st rounder) for that matter?  Is the media coverage & hype playing a role here? Perhaps.
  • We put up a poll to your right that is somewhat facetious about this whole Bobby Ryan rumor. No matter, place your vote!
  • *** Last night Caryle was fired and was replaced by Bruce Boudreau (boy that was fast).  If I’m Murray I might wait to see what Boudreau’s thoughts are on Ryan before moving him. Get a fresh perspective. Thoughts?


  1. agentsmith says:

    i actually like del zaster and want him to succeed here. boomer last night went to bat for him. he should prob send the former QB an endorsment check.

    torts has favorites and plays them up (girardi) much like rex ryan does.

    regarding prospects i think people soured on thomas based on his rather pedestrian training camp this year. that doesnt meant his career is in the toilet though. jt miller was on most people’s draft boards so i can understand why people dismiss him quickly.

  2. Mikeyyyy says:

    Problem with the fans of most teams is they overvalue their prospects and undervalue what they currently have on the roster.

    No one is untouchable for the right price.

    • The Suit says:

      I agree with the overvaluing point. It’s a good thought Mikeyyyy. But here’s another thought up for interpretation….

      No one is untouchable for the right price is a phrase I would definitely communicate to the press. However, behind the scenes I believe there are certain pieces you don’t necessarily look to move as they are your building blocks.

      As far as who is a building block and who is a tradedable asset is hard to know. Thomas appears to be the latter, but I think the lack of familiarity around JT Miller due to his newness is keeping him out of that building block label.

      Who fits into that roles

      • RangerSmurf says:

        Well, I mean other teams would laugh at us (and have) for saying “you can’t have Stepan for Bobby Ryan.”

        That’s a great example of what you’re talking about. Step shouldn’t be untouchable, but organizationally he’s a guy that they should build around.

        As for the prospects, I think Thomas is a piece that could be considered movable, simply because you have Gaborik/Callahan taking the top 6 RW minutes right now.

        Of course, if the return is Ryan, Kreider should be movable as well, since that LW spot then gets jammed up.

        McIlrath is likely not available. He was picked to fill a specific need, and that need still exists.

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      I see a lot of Ranger fans on these blogs here undervaluing everything Ranger for other peoples treasures. By coveting other peoples stuff sadly they do not see the pot of gold right in front of them. Maturation of Del Zotto into a successful offensive defenseman for an example is an example. I will name Mattias Nordstrom as an example when he was traded to the kings. I was living in L.A. at the time and watched him develop into a premier defenseman. Watch the flower bloom, it is quite pretty taking the time to see it grow.

    • Leatherneckinlv says:

      I agree, I had heard of Miller only in passing so oh the shock when we passed on Tyler Biggs and drafted Miller. I am glad he is here and a Ranger prospect, however I still want Biggs here as well and quite honestly getting him is easier especially in our situation where we come from strength. We have to maintain that strength and keep the cup board full, not gut it out. The Rangers are finally a very healthy organization and I want to see them keep it that way

  3. jW says:

    LOL! “Blue Seat Blogs = a fine Cabernet, some of these other sites = boxed wine.”

    Care to get specific?

    • Dave says:

      Not particularly, but it is frustrating to see people take our tweets/comments/posts and turn them into posts and spinning them off as their own ideas.

  4. Matt says:

    what does everyone think about Incarcerated Bob on twitter (@incarceratedbob)???

    He comes off extremely douchey, but he’s right on like 90% of what he reports, and what he reports is often a few days ahead of MSM.

    • RangerSmurf says:

      He’s Eklund with slightly better sources. 90% seems entirely too high an accuracy score for him.

      • Matt says:

        well, take into consideration all sports, nfl/nba/mlb…he’s pretty dead on.

      • The Suit says:

        Is that the guy who predicted Sather would be fired last year? Next…

        • Matt says:

          I mean, I hate that I’m defending this guy, because, like I said he comes across as an ass…but sure’s he’s been wrong, and you listed one above…but should I list stories he’s reported where he was 100% correct and ahead of MSM?

          • Matt says:

            sure and he’s bred in that post and “sure’s” was born…oops.

          • RangerSmurf says:

            Eklund’s nailed stuff before the MSM also. Guys like that get their reputations for having insider information by putting a bunch of things out there, hoping something sticks, and then marketing the hell out of what they were right about.

            I know iBob had Callahan’s injury last year before most, but for every one of those, there are 10 things he put out that had no basis in reality.

  5. bob says:

    It’s very hard to really judge the prospects if you can’t watch them play.It’s hard for the average fan to assess a prospect.Almost all their info regarding the player is achieved through a media outlet.Up until a few years ago,it was extremely difficult to get info.This site and a few other sites do a great job bringing us at least a summary of how these players are doing.But,watching them play is the only way to really know how well a player is developing.People are surprised at how well Hagelin is doing,I have been able to watch him all year.And have talked him up.I had a good feeling he would be able to do well now at the NHL level.In his case,his stats were decent but the little things he was doing are hard to explain unless you did an article solely on him.

    • The Suit says:

      great point

      • bob says:

        I wish we were actually able to see more of our prospects play.It is great that MSG brought us the Traverse City Tournament.So things are changing for the better.I was extremely happy to be able to watch that.

  6. becky says:

    Drunk Musings > Bro J’s happy hour.. or ever. Fact.

  7. bob says:

    I would love to have Ryan on our team but after Kovalchuk and Kessel,I’m actually scared to do a trade like this.It’s one thing to sign a player like him in free agency,but boy could it really bite you in a trade.You’re right Suit,Burke has the set to do it.Then again I could see Montreal doing it.They need him and also don’t want Toronto getting him.

  8. Walt says:

    I wouldn’t trade either Kreider, or Miller for that matter. Now for Mc Ilrath, I’ve not seen him play, but I would shy away, because of his grit, size, and from what is being written, he is developing nicely.

    Thomas seems to have slowed down some, maybe due to injury (concussion I believe), and Ray’s kid should also be considered as trade bait. There are enough kids down on the farm to choose from, take your choice, but you just don’t trade away #1 picks, without even seeing them in the bigs!

    • bob says:

      Thomas was suspended for 10 games but had a concussion prior.Bourke was injured too so he has not really shown much yet this year.I also would trade these guys and keep the guys you would.