Will Hagelin Be a Ranger This Season?

November 23, 2011, by

Having an outstanding beginning to his professional career, Carl Hagelin is becoming an offensive weapon for the CT Whale in the AHL. With Hagelin contributing in every way imaginable, the question of whether he breaks the Rangers roster this year deserves to be raised.

With 12 points (7 goals) in 16 games and an outstanding +10 already, Hagelin is thriving on the ice.  He’s scored in shorthanded situations and scored a game winning penalty shot as well.  There’s not really anything Hagelin hasn’t done yet and looks to be more offensively complete than many gave him credit for prior to entering the pro ranks.

Hagelin was considered a good two-way prospect that could fill a bottom six role  at the NHL level,  to be relied upon to play hard both ends. Is his play (both last year at the NCAA level and for the Whale) perhaps suggesting he could be more than ‘just’ a depth forward? Given his outstanding speed, maturity and now even shootout skills, Hagelin is showing another level is within reach offensively.

Thanks to the Rangers start this year and the apparent depth at their disposal, Hagelin has had to wait and is not being rushed (not a bad thing). A full year in the AHL may be in store for the young Swede but despite the depth in NY Hagelin may still get a shot. While Brian Boyle is safe from criticism because of his contract and defensive ability there are plenty of players under-performing in NY.

Erik Christensen is still unable to appear more than once a month and given Hagelin’s ability in the shootout that shouldn’t be enough to save EC from players being called up for a look. With Wolski and Rupp unable to stay healthy and Andre Devaux playing sparingly Hagelin may yet see New York ice this year. The Rangers were outmatched in the speed stakes against Montreal (as well as in other facets…) and Hagelin could add to that aspect if given the chance.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle – other than desire to give him big minutes in CT – may be the improving form of Sean Avery. With Avery finding the net and playing more like his old self the need for a guy like Hagelin may not be as immediate. With Sean Avery and John Tortorella however, you never know what is around the corner. There’s a lot of possibilities in the Rangers bottom six this year, one of them may include Hagelin at some point this season.


  1. bob says:

    I have had the pleasure to watch the Whale games this year.Some nights Hagelin is flying.He is defenitely a well rounded player.He seems to make something out of nothing would his creative passing.To me,he looks like he could be a 20g-30-40a player.Not a big guy but with his speed and craftiness should have no problem in the bigs.Once his linemates realize he can get them the puck with his crafty passing he will get more assists.In general,I have been very inpressed with his progress.

    • Chris says:

      great to hear. I’ve seen highlights and you tube moments etc, but not a huge amount of extended video. That said, he seems to really be developing nicely.

      I don’t want him to come to NY and play 6 minutes a game but at some stage this year he could be an option if some players continue to falter.

      • bob says:

        I’m hoping that at some stage soon they create a third line with some offensive punch.Using maybe Hagelin or Zuc or both.We are very inept offensively so something has to be done.

  2. Fotiu is God says:

    Terrific, Dave. Now how ’bout some addition by subtraction.

    Hold onto Hagelin, potentially Korpedo 2.1, i.e. the traded, now quietly flourishing Lori Korpikowski.

    Give Hagelin a five or six game taste come January-February, a la Korpikowski (when he scored, believe in his first game against Pittsburgh, a Sunday loss if I remember).

    Then move EC and/or Zuke at the deadline for a nasty bottom six D-man. Minnesota needs depth forwards, scoring. Clayton Stoner could be our next Rich Pilon. (I know Jay and Silent Bob would bless our adding a stoner.)

    Also, Jason Demers seems to be falling out of The Sharks’ D-rotation. (I live in Cali.) Great wheels. Decent size. Responsible in his own zone, but always ready to join the rush.

    Again, Dave, if Staal’s held into January-February as you stated Girardi’s gonna’ burn out.

    Stralman couldn’t stick in either Columbus or make The Devs. Not the answer.

  3. Sioux-per-man says:

    Hagelin SHOULD get a chance this year!!!
    He has everything we are missing this year, speed and scoring. It would take much to step into EC spot or Deveaux’s, they are not getting much time anyways.
    Hagelin’s speed would work good with Avery’s or Zucc’s, and next year year Krieder.
    Can’t let his talent get away without a look on the Big club. But with a 7 game win streak its hard to pull up players when you are winning. Let’s see how we do the next 3 games before anyone moves. Now if there is an injury I would say he should be next!!!
    Avery-Zucc-Hagelin has snarl and speed with a scoring touch. I don’t care who sits. We are in the basement when it comes to scoring. (EC,Dubi,Feds,Boyle,Dev – have put very little in the net so far)

  4. Walt says:

    Hagelin should fine tune his skills, then given a shot later in the season. Let him develope some confidence in his game, then open the trash can, dump EC into it, and give Carl a real chance.

    • bob says:

      Some players can step right into the NHL and play their game,others can’t.Stepan was a prime example.I would like to bring him up soon unless the big club can turn this stagnant offense around.Even during the winning streak,goaltending and plain luck was winning the games for us.This offense is horrible.If these guys don’t turn it around soon,its time to start rotating players.There has to be accountability.If these players don’t have other players nipping at their jobs,where is the hunger.Hopefully the Rangers can turn this around.Yeah we only lost one game,but like I said,w/o the goaltending and the top line scoring the rest of the fowards have done nothing.A few losses and I say it’s time.I’m with you on Cristensen,he shouldn’t even be on the team.I don’t know what Tort’s sees in him.

  5. The Suit says:

    If brass thinks he’s ready, he’ll get a shot. If he needs a full year, I’m not against that either.

  6. ranger17 says:

    Zucco BR Gabby
    Prust Boyle Feds
    Cally Steph Wolski
    Dubie Anis Hags
    EC must have something on Torts he needs to sit or go for a draft pick somewhere

  7. ranger17 says:

    We are going to be gatting slower when Rupp comes back Should have Aves with Cally and Steph in last poet not Wolski. We need to make one trade to make this team a true contender . Need one punishing D man and maybe a power forward .
    who do you let go Deff Ec Maybe AA or Dubie for the right package Boyle and feds could also be packaged if need be . Althouht Feds does due well in the playoffs and dosen’t hurt at any time on the ice BR Gabby Cally Prust Hags Krieder Steph are the future with either AA or Dubie if you need to trade either our one of them . MDZ Dubie and 1st and 2ed for Nash . Would love Nash on Bway