Schedule, Conference Playing for Rangers

November 18, 2011, by

It doesn’t matter that the Rangers still haven’t strung together many (if any) complete performances but they are winning. What is even more impressive – and enjoyable – is how the rest of the conference is helping the Rangers as we approach the quarter way stage of the season.

Last night The Canadiens (the next opponents), Capitals and Penguins all lost. Toronto continued to lose and for the second year in the row, ruin a fast start. Everywhere you look in the conference, teams are helping the Rangers in their quest for a higher seed. The best part of it all is that the Rangers are benefitting from all their rivals’ inconsistencies while they remain relatively idle. The Rangers main opponents for a top 5 seed have all played at least two games more, at times three. By the time the Rangers face off on Saturday night in Montreal that could be as much as 4.

So what does the favourable shake down of the East mean to the Rangers? Pressure. Less of it. With a winning streak such as the Rangers’, comes heightened expectancy. With winnable games in Montreal and against the Panthers to come, the Rangers have a chance to really cement a place in the top spots of the Eastern conference before three big showdowns with the Capitals, Flyers and Penguins. Should things go as planned the young Rangers can enter the three games against the perennial Eastern powers with everything to gain and reltaively little to lose.

A young team will benefit from playing big games without too much expectancy, necessity or pressure. They can play freely on not worry about the what if’s. If the Rangers can find a way to win against the depleted blue line of Montreal and the overachieving but hardly world beating Panthers then it really does set up an interesting week ahead.

With Marc Staal to return (at some stage, we hope, we pray) the Rangers have a huge opportunity head. They enter the next two weeks well rested and with a chance to lay the foundations for a strong regular season. If they can continue – for the most part – with what has got them to this point there should be no last day jitters or a race to the April finish line. Well rested and not burnt out come the post season, a prolonged second season is more likely and every Rangers fans wants that. So, let’s hope Avery, Richards and the team can hit the next two games hard and steal another two wins. 9 in a row; sounds good.


  1. Section 121 says:

    IMO, Keep Staal out until Feb if need be. It would be better for him and his career not to rush this one bit.

  2. Scully says:

    Agreed about the opportunity. I’m skeptical about the fact that they can cement anything a quarter a way through the season. That 08-09 team that ran trough the conference for the first 35 games comes to mind.

  3. bob says:

    I’ll tell you what,these numerous days between games is a killer.At least tonight I got to watch the Whale and now BC is playing Notre Dame on TV.Kreider scored on a penalty shot at the end of the 1st.But besides the Isles game it has been a boring week.I agree the schedule has good for the Rangers the last few weeks,but that makes up for the lousy start.The competition has not been tough,but these are the teams they woold lose to in previous years.Also just the confidence they are gaining by winning will help them against the better teams.The biggest issue I see for the players,is to keep it real.To remember that they are a good team but also remember that they can’t take a night off nevertheless a shift.They just can’t get cocky.But i don’t think Torts will let them.