Sunday Link Dump – The Return

November 6, 2011, by

Ok, maybe dubbing this post as “The Return” is a bit overly dramatic. We just didn’t post one last week, so this is the return of the link dump. It’s not as memorable as a few returns in Rangers history, but we will highlight some returns in this edition of the link dump.

If reading player quotes, looking at pictures and game video is your thing, check out Blueshirts United. It’s one of the best news collection sites out there. Plus Jim Cerny always has that insider view of things.

Nick Montemagno of Rangers Tribune states that Avery needs to keep things simple to be successful in his return to the lineup. This is absolutely true, as Avery is definitely under a lot of internal and fan pressure to perform. Keep it simple, do the little things, and you’ll stay on the roster Sean.

Kevin Baumer at Blueshirt Bulletin has a look at some Rangers prospects currently playing around the Canadian Juniors and NCAA.

Jess Rubenstein of Prospect Park has a great quote from Gordie Clark about how to tell if a player is ready: “Dominate at the level you are currently at before moving up to the next level.”  This is the absolute truth, and the reason why you won’t see players like Dylan McIlrath for at least two years. No need to rush these kids.

Finally, if you haven’t been reading Rangers Review, then you are missing out on some quality analysis.

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