Avery On Fourth Line Rotation; Appears To Be Healthy Scratch

November 2, 2011, by

Following the New York Rangers dominating 5-2 win over the San Jose Sharks on Monday night, a game in which every player on the roster had a strong game, the focus shifted to the newly recalled Sean Avery, and where he would fit in the lineup after such a strong showing. The likely candidates to sit were the usual ones: Wojtek Wolski and Erik Christensen, both of whom have been in the chateau-bow-wow this year.

The answer came in the form of tweets from practice by the beat writers: Avery was in a fourth line rotation with Andre Deveaux, another recent call up from the CT Whale. Deveaux had a very strong game on Monday, and did things that many expected Mike Rupp to do before he went down with his knee injury. It’s unlikely that Deveaux will sit after having a strong game. It is probably best for Avery, who is aware that this may be his last shot at sticking with the NHL, to bide his time and wait for Christensen or Wolski to mess up. One will. And when they do, it will be the Sean Avery show.

The question remains though: Is it going to be the 2007 Sean Avery or the 2010 Sean Avery?

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  1. Chris in MA says:

    Avery, so far, doing and saying all the right things. Hopefully it works out for all involved.

    That being said, I remember quote a couple weeks ago saying something to the effect of: “I would take the league minimum salary if it meant getting to keep playing for NYR”.

    Kinda surprised that that quote, real or otherwise, didnt get more press. Not often you hear something like that from a pro athlete.

    • Chris in MA says:

      Should also be noted that the quote I mentioned doesnt necessarily mean that its “The” NYR he wants to play for. Im sure thats part of it, but also being in/around NYC Im sure is equally important to him.

  2. Section 121 says:

    Can we just agree now to keep Deveaux and get rid of Rupp?

    Deveaux has the size, grit, & toughness, of Rupp (tougher actually) AND is younger, faster, cheaper… etc.

    Any takers?

    • Chris in MA says:


      • The Suit says:

        Rupp has had success at the NHL level. He has scored almost 20 points, he’s a Stanley Cup champion, and he’s supposedly a terrific locker room guy. So let’s not discredit that.

  3. mhurley says:

    Yeah and Torts will bury Avery on the fourth line and the haters will say Avery’s numbers suck and he deserves to go back down the the Whale. 🙁

    • The Suit says:

      who woulda thunk burying a third line player on the 4th line would cause such a ruckus

  4. jesposito says:

    Time for Torts and Sather to say goodby to NY.