Musings: The Sauer Effect, Refs vs. MSG, & More

October 27, 2011, by

Sorry for the delay, we usually aim to post these things around 7a, but Dave is in California for work, Chris is already serving beer in the UK, and my commute doubles in duration every time it rains. Anyway, here are some quick thoughts before we prepare for the opener tonight. Feel free to chime in below…

Amateur Hour

The other day we provided video of Adam Mair delivering an awful blindside hit to Mats Zuccarello down in the AHL. The outcome? Mair received just 4 games. Way to follow big brother’s footsteps.

The Sauer Effect

Michael Sauer returns to the lineup tonight and the internet is abuzz with his potential impact. I wouldn’t expect the offense to all of sudden magically click, but where Sauer will help is on the possession side of the puck. The Rangers were a little too scrambled in their own end the past couple of games and Sauer is excellent at separating players from the puck.

Sauer also provides excellent gap control in the neutral zone and rarely gets caught flat footed. So as long as he’s playing near 100%, I’d expect the Rangers to be tighter and hopefully more balanced in the scoring chance department.

The Refs vs. MSG

Whenever we play the Leafs, or the Canadiens for that matter, I feel like the officiating is sub-par. I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all, but there have been too many games against these two teams where I’ve left the building scratching my head. Personally, I blame my old man who planted that idea in my head when I was younger and I’ve been unable to shake it since.

I don’t know how everyone else feels, but do yourself a favor and pay attention to who the refs are tonight. If we get Dan O’Halloran or Stephen Walkom it could be a long evening.

Check For Effort

Finally, I just want to comment on this new MSG 150 segment on MSG Network. Overall I like it. The concept of showing game highlights in that machine gun fire fashion is fresh and unique. But showing the same clip every break is overkill.  There are 11 NHL games going on tonight…there should be plenty of material.

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  1. bob says:

    It’s funny you bring up the conspiracy theory.Something must have been awry back in the 50s + 60s because you can’t tell my father that every ref is against the Rangers.I know from personal experience there have been a few refs that seemed to not like the Rangers.Koharski,Frazier at the end of his career,and a few others back in the 70s that I cant remember the names.My father had told me that the Rangers had refused to pay to some fund,I dont recall what it was ,but had something to do with refs association.Anyway,its a day to be excited.Wish I could be there.Lets go Rangers.

  2. bob says:

    Speaking of the Zukes hit.Two other small guys Thomas and Borque have been concussed.These small guys heads are right on target for those hard oversized football,I mean hockey shoulderma pads.Which I think are more like armor not pads.I truly believe these pads are a contributing factor to the rash of concussions.Obviously the speed and size of the players are also.But if you compare getting hit barefisted as compared to brass knuckles its a big difference.That shoulder armor has to be making an impact.

  3. Section 121 says:

    I too have enjoyed the 150 segment.

  4. Dave says:

    I just don’t like the MSG150 segment because of who does it. I’m sure anyone else can do it better than Pidto. I still have that buzzing thing in my head.

  5. pavel says:

    I think the officiating is bad when the Rangers play Pittsburgh to. Call me crazy, but I think they’re trying to protect Crosby. Even when he’s not playing!

  6. Walt says:

    I have followed the Rangers since 1958, and I always felt that the ice surface wasn’t always level with certain refs calling the game. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that felt this way.

    Say what you may, but Avery always got rotten calls against him as an example of what I’m talking about. Can’t wait to see the puck drop tonight, I hope they blow out the Leafs!!!!!

    • bob says:

      Avery was a marked man.Anybody who says the officiating in regard to Avery has been fair,is either a liar or blind.It also seems like the officiating has been against the Rangers since Torts has been coach.But that could be corallated to the Avery factor.But then again,the officiating as a whole has been bad for a while now.I’m not talking corrupt.I’m talking consistency from one ref to another.

  7. The Suit says:

    Terrible officiating tonight. Surprised?