Shanahan Must Stand Tall In Wake Of Criticism

October 18, 2011, by

Last Thursday in my musings, I briefly talked about Don Cherry’s latest controversial spat against Brendan Shanahan and NHL HQ over the recent player safety rulings. Since then, several other people around hockey have come out of the woodwork to take shots at Shanny and the suspensions he has been handing out.

Hockey Night in Canada’s panelist, Eric Francis, has even gone as far to suggest that some have privately asked Bettman to remove Shanahan from his role as Senior Vice President of Player Safety.

Now I expect wannabe tough guys like Cherry to espouse their pseudo masculine bullsh*t against the recent rulings. After all, Cherry needs attention like a lonely fat kid needs X-Box. But the fact that others are spitting out their pacifiers and crying for Shanahan‘s head annoys me.

If there is anyone at HQ more capable of this job, it’s #14 himself.

Brendan is not some former lawyer who’s never touched a hockey stick, or some washed up coach with old grudges. This is a guy who once picked his teeth off the ice after a shift and kept playing. This is a guy who stood up for his teammates and took on Donald Brashear. I mean he’s a 3 time Stanley Cup Champion, and some people think he’s not right for this job? Really?

As far as the suspensions themselves, most of the whining has centered around Brendan Smith’s hit, James Wisniewski’s, and now P.M. Bouchard’s high stick. But the days of mealy mouthed Colin Campbell trying to defend himself are over.

Now anyone and everyone can see exactly what Shanahan’s looking to eliminate from the game. He regularly posts videos fully explaining his thought process on these suspensions and they’re all phenomenal.

Shanahan isn’t batting .300 on these suspensions, he’s batting a thousand. And if the NHL brass has any balls, they’ll do what Shanahan used to do and have his back.

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  1. Walt says:

    Don Cherry is a mental midget!!!

    Do we need more Denis Savards, or others, to have long term issues? Hay folks look at our own Marc Staal, do we want to have many more guys go on having his type of problem? Get the Matt Cooks out of the NHL, he is a skumbag, and a filthy player. I love great hits, I loved Jeff Beuakeboom, and his style, but hits to the head is very dangerious thing, and could cuts careers short, with long term implications on the players. Shanny keep doing what your doing, and let the A** holes in the world, are you listening Mr Cherry, bitch all they want, they are nothing but fools!!!!!!!

  2. Mark says:

    Great post Suit… couldn’t agree more. Is the NHL a better game with or without Crosy? Marc Staal? or Savard? Sidney Crosy is the only hockey player that gets ESPN headlines and he hasn’t played in a regualr season game in almost a full year. The NHL needs their stars to be on the ice not in the press box trying to figure out where they are. Brook Laich is an idiot and Don Cherry is a grumpy old man that is looking to stir the pot for ratings. Colin Cambell was a bad enforcer of the rules and an even worse GM… Shanny is finally cleaning up the game and holding players fully accountable for their actions and showing them why. There is a need for hits and big hits in the NHL… but not dirty ones that leave players hurt or in jeopardy of never playing again.

    • The Suit says:

      Amen boys

    • Sioux-per-man says:

      Perfect Post. Spot on. Colin Cambell was a huge disappointment as an enforcer of the rules, while Shanahan stands in front of the video and explains the difference between a good hit and an illegal hit. Everyone I’ve seen could be used at every level of hockey.
      Don Cherry is a mouth piece about as loud as the suits he wears. Is he entertaining to listen to – sometimes – but I would judge his words like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks.

      Keep up the Great Work boys!!!!

  3. Matt J says:

    Shanahan should keep up the great work.

  4. The Wrage says:

    Baby Shanny is the man! The NHL can’t handle his style of explaining the suspensions. They prefer incompetence.

  5. tmd39 says:

    As Sr. VP of Player Safety, Shanny should be listening to Don Cherry. For years, it’s been Don Cherry that has been on the campaigning for no-touch icing. For years, it’s been Don Cherry saying that the new player equipment is a part of the problem and that it is used as a weapon. It was Don Cherry who said that Cooke should have been suspended, as the hit was a clear intent-to-injure, regardless of whether the hit was legal or illegal. And it’s Don Cherry who has supported the STOP (Safety Towards Other Players) program in youth hockey all across Canada; a program designed to try to stop the hits from behind at the youth level.

    His problem with Shanny is that he think that Shanny has set the bar so high, where does it go from here. Suspending Jody Shelley for 10 games for a hit from behind that results in no injury is easy. But what will the suspension be if there is an injury? Or if the hitter is a superstar?

    • The Suit says:

      You lost me as soon as you said Shanny, some one who actually played in the NHL, should be listening to an irrelevant TV broadcaster.

  6. Rich A says:

    Article is spot on. On Cherry, he is extremely knowledgeable, and like it or not , he is a hockey embassadr.Saying hat, he is also an entertainer.He is going o b controversial at times. I respect him for speaking his mind, whether I agree or not. At least he did apologize when he was wrong. It is shock factor though. Attention and ratings.

  7. Rich A says:

    Sorry for the errors. Should have proof read.

  8. Becky says:

    People are always gonna complain, you can never make everyone happy… Except for Suit apparently bc everyone loves this post as much as I do. Great rant.

  9. Matt says:

    he’s not batting 1.000 though…

  10. JTC says:

    Shanny’s bar only seems high because Cambell’s was so low. Great post Suit…