Sunday Link Dump – What Do We Have In Woywitka?

October 16, 2011, by

It’s Sunday, which means it’s a day of relaxing, football, and the weekly link dump. Enjoy this week’s Rangers reads across the interwebs.

Glen Miller of SNY Rangers Blog has a look at what the Rangers have in Jeff Woywitka, and uses advanced metrics to back it up. Glen has been one of the best int he Rangers blog-o-sphere at analyzing the advanced metrics, so you should go read his stuff.

George Ays of Blueshirt Banter (and Tracking The Rangers) does a great job of tracking the Rangers scoring chances during each game. He even tracks the type of scoring chance it is. It’s great for keeping track of the Rangers offense and how effective it is.

The final chapter in the Aaron Boogaard saga has been written, as USA Today reports that he has pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor involving the overdose that caused the death of his brother Derek. The judge called it an “error in judgment”. I call it a love for his brother that desperately needed help.

Short link dump today in an uneventful Rangers week. We could post links to each writer and where they think the Rangers will finish, but let’s be honest, do predictions really matter?

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