Prust’s Tricky Situation

September 22, 2011, by

Despite a great season last time around, when Brandon Prust became an integral (albeit surprising) Ranger there could be some difficulty finding an ideal spot for Prust on this year’s team. Prust is obviously going to make the side; after all he became a dangerous penalty killer last season as well as a fearless competitor. However, his role this year is somewhat complicated by the fact he still hasn’t been cleared for physical contact and won’t be until the Rangers hit Europe – meaning the gritty winger won’t have had an ideal pre-season whatsoever.

His line mates from last season – primarily Brian Boyle and Ruslan Fedotenko – will have a full camp under their belts with different line mates as well as accumulating plenty of ice time. The Rangers have a lot of wingers desperate to make the team out of camp including physical winger Dale Weise, speedy Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello. One of those, if not more, may head to Europe because of injuries persisting on the roster to players such as Prust.

So what if a Hagelin or Weise finds great chemistry in the bottom six, especially with Prust’s former line? Again, to repeat, Prust isn’t going anywhere. His play last year built up a lot of credit and he’s a great find for the Rangers but he may be moved around the roster if chemistry is built up in his absence. Not an ideal scenario for the fan favourite.


  1. Matt J says:

    This being a contract year for prust what should his cap hit be next year if he repeats last years performance? Tough to gauge if he’s making 800 k now

    • Zen says:

      He probably would make Boyle/Rupp money. Unfortunately, that would probably give us the most expensive 4th line in the league.

  2. Zen says:

    Prust is so integral to the team, that the concept of this post is really a non-factor to me. And it doesn’t matter what line in the bottom six he is on either… his role will be the same.

  3. Sally says:

    Torts likes Prust and the Rangers got Rupp so Prust wouldn’t have to fight all the time. No one is taking his place at the moment.

  4. Dave says:

    I’d have to assume that it will wind up being Prust/Boyle/Rupp on one line, and Fedotenko on a third line with Stepan and a winger (Hagelin/Avery/MZA). His type of game doesn’t really need much work…it’s a grind it out game.

  5. Rickyrants13 says:

    As far as Im concerned this is a non isue. Its like asking if Boyle will score 20 again Or if Avery will even make the team. Its preseason and with that being said let the chips fall where they may. So far other then speed Hagelin hasnt shown us anything this year that is worthy of bumping anyone from this team.

  6. Bloomer says:

    Prust has got a heart of a lion and he continues to improve his play. He will be a huge part of this team in the upcoming season.

  7. sandor says:

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