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September 18, 2011, by

So the link to today’s post is  That means today is the 52nd link dump in our history.  That means it is the one year anniversary of the weekly link dump.  I would throw a party, but I don’t think I’m popular enough to get a big enough crowd.  In fact, I think just Jugs and Suit would stop by.  But hey, it would be fun nonetheless.  Here’s to the one year anniversary of the link dump.

The Dallas Stars filed for bankruptcy this week.  It’s unsurprising really, considering the financial constraints they were under this year.  What is funny is that the Rangers are owed $2 million for Sean Avery.  Thanks for Avery, Dallas.  Oh, and Brad Richards. Think of it this way, you owe us. We pretty much gift wrapped Sergei Zubov for you via the Penguins. That trade still stings.

Mike Gleich of Bleeding All Blue looks at Mike Sauer’s knee injury –he didn’t skate for the first two days of camp– and it’s severity. In the past, it was never Sauer’s talent that held him back, it was his injury history. This is not a good sign, and hopefully it heals up quickly. Sauer is one of those guys that the Rangers can’t afford to have hurt.

Darren Dreger says the Rangers will commemorate Derek Boogaard with a helmet decal. The big guy will be missed.

Adam Herman of Blue Line Station has a great look at the prospects who increased their stock at the Traverse City tournament. He also looks at those who may have taken a hit during the tournament. To his “taken a hit” list, I’d list Jason Wilson and Sam Noreau to that list. Those kids need to impress soon, or else. I also disagree with listing Tommy Grant as someone who impressed. The kid is 25, he should have been dominant, but he was invisible. I’m going to have to talk to Mr. Herman about the whiskey he is drinking. I think Suit has him in line for questioning about his choice of attire too.

Since Adam may not know us so well here, I hope he is aware we are kidding. I do differ in my opinion, but I’m sure Suit has no qualms with his choice of attire yet.

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  1. The Wrage says:

    If Adam doesn’t know you’re kidding, I certainly know you are. At least you’re writing about us LOL!

    Its funny you take an exception with Sam Noreau because Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park felt he was actually GOOD during the tournament. Not saying your opinion is wrong or his is ultimately right, its just cool to see the difference in opinion of the same player.

    • Dave says:

      I thought the kid was skating like he had cement feet.

      • Glen Miller says:

        And I thought his reactions to the play were slow. I’m talking mentally as well as physically. I agree with Dave; Noreau needs a lot of work. Then again McIlrath improved greatly in one season so it is possible.

  2. wwpd says:

    So the rangers could end up literally owning a piece of the stars?

    Is that even allowed under league rules or would prospective new owners be required to buy out any equity in the stars organization owned by another nhl club or something? Suit?

  3. wwpd says:

    or do the rangers just get wiped out if the auction price isn’t high enough? meaning then dolan has to come out of pocket for the balance of avery’s salary?

    i’d hope the nhl does have some position on this. for the collective health of it would certainly make sense to require all the teams to honor contracts within the league just like they would to their staff and players, bankruptcy or no bankruptcy.

    • The Suit says:

      The Stars will still pay the remainder of Sean “offsides” Avery’s salary. All sports teams have lenders that will float them money, so they can operate somewhat normally in bankruptcy.