Traverse City Game 2 Wrap Up

September 12, 2011, by

The Rangers dominated the Dallas Stars last night, winning 6-2 to improve to 2-0 in the tournament.  Dallas has a deep prospect pool, so dominating them sends a statement to the rest of teams in the tournament.  Now on to the bullet points:

  • Christian Thomas and Ryan Bourque are doing it all for the Rangers.  They have been fantastic in all three zones, and have been excellent in creating chances.
  • Shane McColgan.  Period.
  • Tim Erixon did a great job of directing traffic on the power play.  It is clear he has played professional hockey, and it is clear he is going to make the Rangers roster in October.
  • Blake Parlett may not make the Rangers this year, but this kid is good.  He does the little things so well.
  • The entire Traverse City roster sticks to Hockey 101: Go to the net, shoot low and hard and create rebounds.  All of their goals came from crashing the net.  That’s how you play hockey.
  • Speed, skill, character, and work ethic are the common traits of all the Rangers prospects on this team.  It is a mold that the Rangers draft to, and it has been working.
  • Dylan McIlrath is very well spoken.  He is also very good with the puck, and has a great shot.  He may still be a few years away, but he is going to be a good NHL defender.
  • Sam Noreau is slow.  He needs to work on a lot of things to garner a contract offer in a few years.
  • Jon Audy-Marchessault has some serious skill.  He really clicks with his QMJHL teammate Ryan Bourque.  He is another one, like Parlett, that may not make the team this year, but will shake things up in the preseason.
  • Canadian Junior players that are going to get a long look in camp: Thomas, McIlrath, Andrew Yogan.
  • Jason Wilson has been having a very rough tournament.  He made up for it with a goal yesterday, but he’s been having serious issues.
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  1. Matt J says:

    I think everyone is playing so well it’s tough to see who’s struggling. Plus the jersey numbers are ridiculously high so you can’t really match names with jersey numbers to see who made a bad or good play.

  2. Jim says:

    Re jersey numbers: If those 2 idiots in the broadcast booth would stop their incessant inane babbling that carries through most of the action AND instead, call the play by play, we’d have a better understanding of who’s who.

    It’s driving me nuts!

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      Some one needs to tell them summer is over.

    • John from NY says:

      Joe Micheletti may be a nice guy but says nothing and keeps saying it while play is going on.
      Can we have play by play and forget about twitter this and that? This is hockey; cover the game. What about we put John G. all by himself and let him tell us who is doing what? Don M. and his interviews are okay, but Joe has never met anyone who isn’t the “greatest, best, most outstanding” and a personal friend. Who cares? I want to know who is turning the puck over. Pre-season and I need the mute button already.

  3. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Hagelin isn’t fast he is SPEED/SKILL.Loving Ryan Bourque’s fast,tough 2way game and Christian Thomas sees the ice and passes really well.Tim Erixon is ready for the show.Dylan McIlrath is two yrs away and i can’t wait,oh baby.Shane not on my watch McColgan looks good.The guy i’m waiting to see n camp with the big boys is BLAKE PARLETT. He rushes the puck up ice,he passes really well and he supports the rush and jumps in the hole.