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September 8, 2011, by

Thanks to James Wrabel of Blue Line Station for forwarding this to me.

The guys at FanSided, a network of blogs that includes Blue Line Station, is organizing a Twitter moment of silence.  The details are bolded below, and I have included James’ post here as well:

After the amount of heartache a single sport has endured in just a short amount of time, you would think adding more to it would be the last straw. But it hasn’t; it’s made the collective hockey world stronger to move on but still heavy in our hearts.

When reading all of the news flowing out about the plane crash, one thing was evident to me; I was speechless. Initially, I couldn’t even comprehend what it would feel like to lose an entire sports team to a tragedy.

More importantly, I couldn’t quite grasp what it would be like to lose loved ones in such a horrific manner. Knowing they are here one minute and, in an instant, taken away is a sobering, paralyzing thought.

The Rangers had some strong bonds to the unfortunate souls who perished yesterday. Marian Gaborik, already mourning the loss of close friend Derek Boogaard, lost his best friend Pavol Demitra. Henrik Lundqvist lost friend and fellow goalie Stefan Liv. 1994 Stanley Cup champion Alexander “Potsy” Karpotsev was also among the dead. Karel Rachunek and former 2003 draft pick Jan Marek were casualties, too.

As a way to come together for a cause, everyone here at Blue Line Station and the FanSided Sports Network would like to show their sympathy by taking a moment of silence on Twitter at 9:00 a.m. Friday.

We will post #KHLMomentofSilence at exactly 9am on Twitter and follow it with 60 seconds of silence and prayer. You are most welcome to join our family in this salute.

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