Building the right way, in more than one way

September 6, 2011, by

It is clear that over the last few seasons Glen Sather, John Tortorella, and the organisation have stuck to a plan for the future. They have built from within, they have built from the back end out, and they have stuck with youth (for the most part) even in difficult times.

What may be overseen in the impressive and promising rebuild, is the fact that the Rangers have not only drafted well, but have also built to suit a game plan that highlights the physical nature of the Rangers’ squad for the present and the future.

Dare I say it, while Ryan Callahan plays the right way; he is not actually built the ‘right way’. However, looking at the potential roster, you may be surprised to see the Rangers are a very big and physically imposing side, at least on paper.

Tortorella likes to dump and chase, likes his side to play a game that requires a relentless forecheck, high levels of effort, and good play along the boards and in the corners. The Rangers physically, are well designed for this.

Looking purely at the five defenseman on the current roster, not a single one is listed at less than 6’1 or 203 lbs. Looking at the forwards, only Callahan and Sean Avery are listed under 6 feet tall, while only five forwards are listed under 200 lbs – this includes Avery, Callahan, and Brandon Prust. None of that trio will ever be considered ‘soft’ players.

Even looking among the prospects, there are many that boast a good physical presence. Whether it be Fogarty at 6’2, Kreider at 6’3 217lbs, or Yogan and Wilson at 6’3 and 6’2 respectively. There is plenty more size on the way through the system at forward. Indeed, guys like Hagelin and Zuccarello are rarities coming in at under 6 ft.

It gets even more pronounced on the defensive side. Tim Erixon is a big body, Dylan Mcilrath is physically a beast at 6’5, and Pavel Valentenko at 6’2 225lbs, has the physical side to go with his aggressive demeanour. In fact the defense is going to be big for a long time to come. Not a single defensive prospect under 26 (and there are 15 listed ‘in the system’) comes in under 6’ft.

The Rangers – at least on paper – are built the right way, in more than one way. They have had a concept in place and drafted to a plan. This is yet more evidence that the Rangers are doing things efficiently these days.


  1. Zen says:

    Well said, Chris.

  2. Matt J says:

    We are building the right way. I think the rebuild is soon to be complete. Just a matter if our players live up to their respective potentials or do even more of what they are expected.

  3. Walt says:

    We had to get big quick, with the size of the players in our division!

    This is a far cry from the late 80’s when we put out Smirfs on the ice. I hate to say this, but after all these years, Glen nice job!

  4. voidoid says:

    Excellent summary.

    Prust, by the way, is listed at 6′-2″ on the Rangers’ official roster. He’s gotta be the shortest 6′-2″ player I’ve ever seen…

  5. Chris says:

    thanks guys. I think a lot of things like how carefully this roster (for the most part) is being assembled needs to be acknowledged. No aspect is being overlooked. This team is pretty quick, deep, physically big and has players in their prime in pivotal positions (top line center, in goal etc)

    • Jess Rubenstein (@TheProspectpark) says:

      Excellent work Chris as what is a welcome change is seeing them getting players meant to play with other players not the sign player A and hope he meshes with player B