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September 4, 2011, by

Howdy everyone. Dave’s loving life in your second city (why is it called that by the way?) so I’m going to throw you some links for your amusement today. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend over there and isn’t stuck in work like I am over the weekend. Hockey is almost upon us people!

Over at Blueshirts United, they look at the homecoming trip that will be Sweden for Henrik Lundqvist. It’s fair to suggest he’ll be given a very, very warm reception. Have I mentioned I’ll be there to help with the warm reception? I’m sure I have!…..

Nick over at Rangers Tribune has more Lundqvist for your pleasure as he considers what kind of work load the King should be dealing with in the coming season.

You know the hockey season is well within our grasp when the prospects have started pre-season which means there’s plenty of Rangers kids to keep tabs on. Jess, over at the Prospect Park does just that as he looks at some of the first games from the pre-season in the WHL.

In non-Rangers’ scribings Puck Daddy looks at 20 first quarter story lines to look for. Worth a read even if you’re like me and you think there is plenty worth keeping tabs on in NYC. How Richards meshes with the Rangers to begin the year will be newsworthy no?

Only slightly Rangers related (to the chagrin of some Rangers fans) is the new deal Fedor Tyutin signed with Columbus. Is he really worth a 6 year deal? (the answer is no).  Tyutin seems to hover round the 30 point mark for Columbus, so offensively speaking he’s not missed in New York even if he is a talented blueliner.

A couple of day’s old but a topic that is always worth a look; are the Islanders embarrassing themselves again? Adam at Blue Line Station tells us how they’ve managed to do it this time. The best bit for me is that Adam has filed this post under ‘comedy’.

Right, I’m off out for lunch before another evening/night in work. Lucky me. Plenty of great content coming next week including some excellent prospect related content from our friends at the CT Whale. 

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