Home Ice Needs To Be A Factor

If there was one anomaly last season, it was the Rangers record at home.  The Blueshirts had a relatively poor record at home, considering they were a playoff team, finishing the season at 20-17-4.  That was the worst home record by far of any playoff team, and five non-playoff teams had better home records.  To sum it all up, the Rangers finished in the bottom third of the league with their home record.

They scored 125 goals at home (10th in the league), but they scored 22 of those goals in three games (8-2 vs. EDM, 7-0 vs. WSH, 7-0 vs. PHI).  Take those away, and replace them with a league average three goals per game, and the Rangers have 114 goals on the season, which puts them in a tie for 19th in the league with Dallas (missed the playoffs) and Nashville (can’t score goals to save their lives).  It’s a hypothetical situation, but the sheer numbers overshadow the truth: the Rangers don’t score at home.  It’s funny, because they allowed just 98 goals at home (9th, 8th among playoff teams).

The fact is that the Rangers inability to score at home is the reason why they weren’t true contenders for the division or conference crowns.  Part of the problem is the anemic powerplay, which scored 28 goals at home (15th, 11th among playoff teams).  We all know the powerplay woes, so we aren’t going to get into that too much, other than it needs to be more productive.  But in reality, it’s a full team effort that needs to improve.

Madison Square Garden used to be one of the most intimidating places to play for opponents.  Now players don’t even mind going there…in fact, they love it.  Whatever reason that may be, it needs to stop.  It begins with dominating teams at home.  Maybe with Brad Richards in the mix, they will score more.  Maybe if they score more, the MSG faithful gets louder, and starts making opponents feel uncomfortable.  Maybe a few more “can you hear us?” chants gets Bruce Boudreau hankerin for some ice cream.

Three more wins at home…23-14-4.  That’s all I’m asking.

15 Responses to “Home Ice Needs To Be A Factor”

  1. We also need to dominate the “lessor” teams. How many nights did the Rangers “lay and egg” on teams in the bottom half of the league, and how many of those games were at home?

    Also one thing we need to fix on this site! Is the Grachev site on the right. Not sure I really care what he does anymore if he’s not on our team. Perhaps this should be changed to the next up and coming prospect. Now who is that? Thomas, Zucc, Hagelin? Who is going to be on the bubble of making this team.

    • I know it’s there. I am leaving it as a place holder until hockey starts. Going to post a poll soon about who people want up there.

  2. I believe it was the 1972 season where the Rangers lost some three games at home, and it was wonderful to go to those games because they played with big time emotion. I’d love to see them dedictae themselves to that kind of effert at home this season!

  3. My first game at MSG live was game 82 agaist the Devils. The crowd was loud and proud, thanks to 5 goals scored on Marty, and we needed a win to give us a chance for the playoffs.

    It would be nice to win 2 out of 3 games played at Home. That is the way it should be as a dominate team in the NHL.

    Question is – Are we going to be a dominate team this year?

  4. you know what i hate about visting teams coming to the city? seeing video of them practicing in central park all giddy and shit. especially the flyers, wtf donald.

    • Simple answer: heat lamps at the Central Park ice rink. Watch the Flyers try and swim instead.

  5. We need to better capitalize on odd man rushes, plain and simple. Last year we did nothing off the rush. I wish there was a stat for transition goals, we would have been dead last haha

    • We were bad against Washington in the playoffs, that much I can prove.

      And while I won’t have league total for comparison, I’ll be tracking the types of goals this year – transition or even man rush/odd man rush/zone pressure/faceoffs.

      • Are you going to have that in a central repository for us to view? Would definitely be helpful.

        • I’ll be posting the game data like normal on my data dump site, I’ll look into putting up the total summaries in googledocs or something.

          • Smurfstar, you’re the man. I wish there were guys like you around the league keeping track of this stuff. Be sick to have a benchmark.

  6. I hope MSG’s ice is much improved this season. I really believe the poor quality of the ice surface was a major factor last season.

    • So long as Penn Station sits under MSG, the ice will never be good. But Messier and company were able to deal, so…