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August 21, 2011, by

Less than a month until camp opens.  Who’s pumped for hockey?

I wrote a preview of the Rangers season (preview is in the middle, between the Daria references) for Kevin Sellathamby (@NonAmericanHero) and his Devils blog Hell On Ice.  For a Devils fan, he was surprisingly polite.  You should go check out what I wrote on HOI, and if you want to read some Devils stuff, he should be your go to guy.

One of my old teammates from college started his own blog called Holy Jumpin.  In a bit of a small world, it turns out that none other than Kevin Baumer of Blueshirt Bulletin is friends with him as well.  Small world, eh?  You should go check out the blog, he’s in the middle of his Eastern Conference predictions.  The Rangers aren’t in the top-four, which means he has them finishing no higher than third in the Atlantic.  Go yell at him.

BReynolds of HockeyWilderness put up a post on Blueshirt Banter regarding Derek Boogaard’s charity Defending the Blue Line. Long story short, they need members.  It’s for a great cause.

Joe Fortunato of Blueshirt Banter was lucky enough to sit down with Gordie Clark and discuss the Rangers prospects.  Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of his interview.

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  1. jay h says:

    this is off-topic but why is it that NCAA basketball teams can play professional teams from overseas while retaining their eligibility but a kid loses his NCAA eligibility by playing in the CHL?