Drury =/= Naslund

August 20, 2011, by

bactrim ds 800 160 mg tabs Chris Drury’s decision to retire is not under the same circumstances as Markus Naslund’s decision to retire.  Comparing the two is irresponsible, wrong, careless, and to be honest, idiotic.  It actually makes me ashamed to be a Ranger fan because of all the people out there bashing Drury’s decision to retire.  It’s like Drury can’t do anything right in New York.

nicotinell mint 1 mg With Naslund, he retired of his own free will.  He did not want to play in the NHL.  He wanted to return to Sweden, to his home, to his family.  So he did.  He did what was right for him.  The Rangers had no plans on buying him out.

diclofenaco dietilamonio comprimido 10mg Drury, on the other hand, still wanted to play in the NHL.  He did not want to or plan on retiring.  He realized his time with the Rangers was up, and prepared for life post-Rangers.  At 35 years old (just turned it today), he wasn’t expecting a long term deal.  He, like pretty much every single person in the hockey world, expected to get a call from a team needing a veteran presence to guide youth.  Naturally, the Islanders and Avalanche were the rumored teams.  It turns out those rumors were false.ço.html Now, on August 19, Drury had not received any offers, and it did not look like he was going to receive any.  It also does not appear that he was going to be given any professional tryouts.  Not receiving offers was not in Drury’s plan, and definitely wasn’t in his vision for how the offseason was going to progress.  He did not want to have the situation linger, so he retired.

voltaren fastumgel 50g Chris Drury did not screw the Rangers.  He is not greedy.  He did not purposefully force a buyout and then retire.  Any inkling that he did is just stupid.  He did not get offers, so he made the decision to retire.  It is sad that his career ended in such a manner.

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  1. Zen says:

    tegretol xr 400 mg price Did Drury know that his career was over at the time of the buyout? Isn’t that debatable, Dave? I have heard just as many rumors stating that his career was done at the time of the buyout as the fact that he was looking for another team to play for. Would it change your tune if he was done months ago? To be honest, I think there are many unanswered questions here to warrant such a “strong” post.

    • John Merrigan says: There was all the reason in the world for a post like this, Rangers boards/blogs were filled with rubbish about Drury somehow being a greedy prick screwing the Rangers. Very few people had the presence of mind to realize that this decision likely came about AFTER he was bought out. If you have plans to retire, you don’t fight your way back through an arduous rehab during the season to play only a handful of games.

      go to site Amen Dave.

  2. Dave says:

    follow site The point is that Drury didn’t believe his career was over.

    • Marty K says:

      clopidogrel tad 75 mg preis Wasn’t Chris going to contest the buy-out on medical grounds, meaning he wasn’t going to play for all or most of 2012 season? If that is the case, no one would surely be signing him to any type of contract? I’m surprised he didn’t re-hab, got in shape & tried his luck next year when there may be a need for his type of vet leadership. Too young to retire IMO but only he knows if he can still contribute. His legacy, however, should not be questioned……

  3. The Suit says:ños.html Great post Dave, and unfortunately the small percentage of people who have been questioning this decision are doing so through their blogs and twitter, making it seem like there are more haters out there than there really are.

    source But you pretty much nailed it. Sorry Zen I normally agree with you, but most players who are on their last legs looking for one last chance in The Show generally wait till late August/Sept to see if they are going to get a tryout offer. This was just standard operating procedure for Chris. His retirement actually came a little earlier than I expected.

    side effects neurontin 300 mg This wasn’t done to screw the Rangers at all. So cynical…

    • Zen says:

      lamisil dermgel opinie Pretty much every Ranger beat-writer said he was going to retire back when the buyout period occurred. I know that many players wait until the end of the summer to make these decisions, but I don’t think that happened with Drury. Even to go a little further… wouldn’t Chris find a job if he was healthy? He wasn’t a stud at $7M, but he sure does provide a Blair Betts type of game for any team that needs it (for cheap). I think he knew he was done back then. That is just my opinion.

  4. Eric says: You guys get it. I agree with everything you said. Rangers fans talking bad about Drury are idiots . Yes was Drury disappointing on the ice, yes. How about Drury mentoring Cally, Dubi and Stall the Rangers core. I think that we help those guy’s get everything out of there ability.

  5. Mikeyyyy says:

    sinequan 100mg used I wouldn’t believe my career was over if I knew th team I was playing for was going to buy me out. He got his final screw you new York in got his money an limped off into the sunset. Thanks Chris.

    • Scully says:

      bupropion buy fut Yeh, because everything else we know about him makes that seem accurate. Our team is basically set for the coming year as it is. The extra cap space wasn’t necessary. All you Ranger fans who are going out of your way to hate on a class act can kick rocks.

    • The Suit says:

      kegunaan pariet 20 mg you’re funny Mikeyyy, irrational and cynical, but funny

  6. Joe says:

    go to site My qnly question is how could anyone who does not know Drury make such strong statements about his state of mind? I mean people on both sides say things that they could not possibly know with such conviction.How can Dave know that he’s not greedy unless he’s known him on a personal level? Hey if you do, then accept my apology. I mean it makes for an interesting post, but its important to preface things with ” I think” or “I believe” and state them as facts that no one could know.