Arbitration Dates Set

July 8, 2011, by

The three remaining RFAs (Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Brian Boyle) have had their arbitration hearing dates set for late July:

  • Brandon Dubinsky – July 21
  • Brian Boyle – July 25
  • Ryan Callahan – July 28
Remember, much like with Mike Sauer, if a deal is reached prior to the hearing, then no hearing will take place.  Also, after the hearing, a multi-year deal can be reached as well.  Arbitration is just part of the process, but expect all three to be signed prior to their hearings.

One comment

  1. Zen says:

    I expect Dubi & Cally to go right down to the wire. They are probably both looking for $4M+, when the team is probably offering around $3.75M. In terms of Boyle, I personally think he owes the Rangers for giving him his final shot. I know that is never how it works, but that is how I feel. Take a deal around $1.2M and call it a day.