Arbitration Dates Set

The three remaining RFAs (Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky, Brian Boyle) have had their arbitration hearing dates set for late July:

  • Brandon Dubinsky – July 21
  • Brian Boyle – July 25
  • Ryan Callahan – July 28
Remember, much like with Mike Sauer, if a deal is reached prior to the hearing, then no hearing will take place.  Also, after the hearing, a multi-year deal can be reached as well.  Arbitration is just part of the process, but expect all three to be signed prior to their hearings.

One Response to “Arbitration Dates Set”

  1. I expect Dubi & Cally to go right down to the wire. They are probably both looking for $4M+, when the team is probably offering around $3.75M. In terms of Boyle, I personally think he owes the Rangers for giving him his final shot. I know that is never how it works, but that is how I feel. Take a deal around $1.2M and call it a day.