Rangers Show Restraint, Come Out Winners On Day One

July 2, 2011, by

Yesterday’s free agency activity can be summed up in one word: over payment. Time and time again in the live chat we would see someone sign, and then ask ourselves “Wait, he got WHAT?!”. In a market where Ville Leino can get six years and $4.5 million per year, the Rangers showed restraint, and came out victorious in the first day. They bowed out on Jaromir Jagr, they bowed out on Andrew Brunette. In fact, they only signed two players, Ruslan Fedotenko and Mike Rupp.

Neither contract is a cap killing contract. We know what Fedotenko brings to the table, and I’m glad he’s back. As for Rupp, the initial reaction was “wait, he got how many years?”, but the more you look at the signing objectively, the more it makes sense. The Rangers need a bigger body to be physical and play on the fourth line. They also needed someone who can serve a purpose other than just being a big body. Rupp is the guy they wanted, Rupp is the guy the got.

Rupp wins 50% of his face offs, which immediately makes him the best face off guy on the team. Add that to his ability to throw his body around, drop the gloves when necessary, and chip in ten goals a year, and you have yourself a nice little signing. The contract (three years, $1.5 million per) is a bit much, but it doesn’t really hamstring the Rangers.

Glen Sather spent $5.9 million yesterday, a far cry from what most people expected, even without a Brad Richards signing. The signing of both Rupp and Fedotenko may lead to later moves (so long Erik), but they were signings that we either a) wanted (Fedotenko), or b) were necessary (Rupp). For $2.9 million next season, which is almost half of Leino’s salary for ONE season, let’s call yesterday a win.

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  1. Zen says:

    Rupp is only 31, so I am perfectly okay with the signing. He brings everything the Rangers need right now and his cap hit is manageable. Getting Feds for only 1 season was also huge, because that is all they need him for with kids likely to take his place next season.

    The big questions out of all of this is… what is Avery’s place on this team? There is a HUGE logjam at forward and that is without talking about any more signings or the kids. You have to think moves are coming.

  2. Walt says:

    The Rupp signing makes plenty of sense. He will fill the void created with the passing of the Boogy man, and can chip in with some reasonable scoreing as well.
    I posted earlier that he could be used with Richards, should he sign, and Gaborik, like Semenko did with Gretzky in the 80’s. That leaves the AA, Dubi, and Cally line in place, giving us two nice lines, and the rest could be history. I’m starting to feel better about the future of this team, assuming Sather doesn’t give away the kitchen sink for Richards.

    • Zen says:

      Rupp isn’t playing with BR (if he signs) and Gaborik. Not enough skill level there. There are 8 guys that would get a shot in that spot before he would.

      • Walt says:

        My point is that he has more skill than some think. Should there be a need for protection of the two stars, he can help out, no dought that there are more skilled players than him on the roster!!!!!

  3. Jude says:

    I was happy with the Rupp signing. He is a big man you likes to throw the body around. I remember his first year with the devils in the playoffs. He only played a couple games but he scored a huge goal and had some assists. A fourth line of Prust Rupp and Boyle (put him on wing and let rupp center he could score 20 again or better) is pretty exciting. They can bang, be a spark plug, you can trust them on both sides of the puck and they could possibly get you 40-50. I Think any nhl team would sign up for that. Now lets get BR and we will be a legit contender.

  4. Ricky says:

    Put aside the contract and the fact that the Blueshirts have a surplus in bottom six forwards, there isnt much to dislike about him as a player. He seems like he really is excited to play for the Rangers (and yes, Im sure it has a lot to do with the pay he is receiving). He is a guy who gives his all every time he hits the ice and is actually in shape, unlike Boogaard. His experience, hopefully his leadership, and his willingness to fight when Prust cant should make this a bearable signing. Plus, he promised to grow a mullet. Im sold.

  5. jerry says:

    i hope the so long erik means christensen .i know we are both big fans of him.lol.i hope he goes could not stand to watch one more minute of this guy.your chat was great by the way but my computer crashed yesterday and couldnt get back on.also got to tell me where i can send pics of the car.