Brooks: Rangers Working On Two Year Deal With Fedotenko

June 20, 2011, by

As per Larry Brooks, the Rangers are in the process of negotiating a two year deal with LW Ruslan Fedotenko. Fedotenko, brought on for a professional tryout last season, made the team, and presented the Rangers with one of the best bargains in the NHL. For just $1 million, the Rangers got themselves a reliable grinding winger that found chemistry with Brandon Prust and Brian Boyle. That trio turned into the best fourth line in hockey, and graduated themselves to third line duties halfway through the season.

On paper, Fedotenko’s numbers were not impressive. After all, he only finished with ten goals and 25 points. However, his value to the Rangers isn’t measured in points. Fedotenko was clearly one of coach John Tortorella’s workhorses and most reliable wingers. Tenk played some of the most important even strength minutes, and was a fixture on the Rangers penalty kill. Fedotenko missed time with a sprained shoulder and appendix surgery. In that time he was out, the Rangers went just 5-10-1.

Per Brooks, it looks like the two sides are working towards a good price for Fedotenko’s services. It is clear that Tenk will get a raise from his $1 million, but how much of a raise is the issue. Personally, I think a $1.5 million annual salary for Fedotenko would make him a good fit. In the end, he’s still a third line player for this team.


  1. I Want Another Cup Parade says:

    Two year deal??????? Why? What’s the point? He’s not going anywhere. How can we get out young kids in if we still have people like him hanging around. Don’t get me started on Prospal. Well I guess no one has to since he’ll be gone if this happens.

    • zeidel23 says:

      He’s a left winger first of all which is something lacking and grachev could use another year in the AHL before he comes up. I would credit Boyle’s offensive burst this year not only from hard work in the offseason but due to fedotenko. he’s a workhorse who fits the system perfectly and brings significant offense to the table as well for his price

    • Dave says:

      I don’t see why it’s a big deal. Avery will be gone after next year, and Prospal is gone this year. You need veterans.

    • The Suit says:

      If they can sign Feds for under $1.5 I’d be fine with it.

      At one point Torts said Feds was leading the team in second chances and gave consistent efforts on loose pucks game in and game out…that’s invaluable even though it’s not something you can quantify in stats.

      Perfect bottom six forward, whether he’s used on the third or fourth line is irrelevant in my eyes. Roles change during the season.

      • Dave says:

        $1.5 million for 2 years is fine by me. He fits in well with Torts, and they need a veteran blue collar presence.

      • RangerSmurf says:

        “gave consistent efforts on loose pucks game in and game out…that’s invaluable even though it’s not something you can quantify in stats.”

        It’s quite possible that’s also being quantified by the Rangers’ staff. There are a few teams scattered throughout all levels that track puck battles, given Nielsen’s influence on the franchise, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Rangers are among them.

  2. Brian SCS says:

    With Avery gone after this season he would actually be a good fit on the 3rd or 4th line. If I recall the Rangers were a much more effective team with him in the lineup and that 7 game skid coincided with his shoulder injury. 2 years at $1.25mil per seems right.

  3. mhurley says:

    Prust and Boyle are keepers, so it makes sense to keep Tenk. Avery going is not carved in stone. If Richards does come here, it won’t be just because of Torts and Tenk. Richards and Avery are buds. They vacation together. Don’t count on Avery leaving. There’s only one year left on his contract. I think he can be useful.

    • Zen says:

      There is a 0% chance that Avery re-signs with the Rangers after his contract is up. No chance.

  4. Zen says:

    It is important to note that Brooks is implying that they are far apart on the salary. Logically, you have to assume that Sather is at least offering a small raise or at least a number around a $1M. If Ruslan’s camp is far apart from that, then what on Earth are they looking for? He is not worth anything more than $1.5M and that is pushing it. He fits the system well and doesn’t make mistakes, but he is still only a 3rd-liner who brings an average amount of offense.

  5. JT says:

    Assuming that Drury exits one way or another, Feds will be one of the few veteran Rangers left with Cup experience. He didn’t earn those two rings sitting on the bench, and every team making a deep playoff run needs at least a few guys like him. Solid, inexpensive, effective, experienced.

  6. Chris says:

    I have no issue with bringing Feds back for the RIGHT price but he should not be on the third line. I’d rather he be a 4th liner and give a prospect extra ice time.

    • RangerSmurf says:

      That whole combination (Feds-Boyle-Prust) should be the 4th line. 8 minutes at ES + their PK time. You can play them more when protecting 3rd period leads, or less when needing offense.

      • Chris says:

        tweak that trio a little and you have a solid third line. As constructed it does not have enough skill.

        • RangerSmurf says:

          I’d much rather see that line be the 4th, as Dave says, and have a combination of Stepan and two of the young wings (Thomas, MZA, Wolski, whatever) be the 3rd line behind Dubi and Gaborik’s lines.

      • Dave says:

        Yup. Been saying that for a while. When Tenk-Boyle-Prust is a 4th line, the Rangers are Cup contenders. Not before, not after.

  7. Matt J says:

    Still not quite a fan of Feds really. Our team is pretty dumb when it
    Comes to putting the puck in the back of the net so I’m not sure two years is the best of options. His leadership would be really valued on a Vancouver team who really needs the veterans to get over the hump. I think this team will grow together and pretty soon cally and dubi will be veterans in their own right.

    • The Suit says:

      I’m with you on the whole veteran thing. Plus if we sign Richards, he’s someone the young guys can listen to.

      Where I disagree is Feds contributions. He’s your perfect bottom six player. He’s defensively responsibile, he puts up 30-35 points year in and year out his entire career, and he’s a tireless forechecker.

      What else do you need from a bottom six player?