Why Trade Up/Down?

June 14, 2011, by

Across the Twitter and blog-o-sphere, there have been rumblings that because the Rangers only have four draft picks (15, 105, 133, 135) in this draft, that they will look to acquire another draft pick by trading down, or they will attempt to package assets to trade up. This draft is widely known for being one of the weaker drafts of the past few years, and is reminiscent of the 1999 draft. There is a lot of potential, but also a lot of players with holes in their games that need to be filled. In fact, after the top-eight picks, the rest of the draft is a crap-shoot.

But yet, there are people that seem to want –and say that the Rangers need— to trade up or down in this draft. Let’s take a step back, and remember what happened on June 1 of this year. Not even two weeks ago, the Rangers traded Roman Horak and two second round picks in this year’s draft for Tim Erixon.

Erixon, if you remember, was set to re-enter the draft this year. In this draft class, he would have been a top-ten pick for sure. Essentially, the Rangers traded their two second round picks to move up to the top-ten to select Erixon. And they still have their #15 pick in the first round this year. That is one helluva deal made by Mr. Sather.

The Rangers simply do not have the pieces to move up in the draft. Matt Gilroy’s rights and/or Erik Christensen is not enough to move into the top-eight. Sure, they can trade either for a draft pick, but that’s probably going to be in the later rounds, if at all.

As for trading down, I don’t really see a point unless the Rangers are coveting someone that isn’t projected to go until later in the draft.  Considering the drafting success of Gordie Clark and company lately, that isn’t entirely out of the question. My only concern is that with this draft, there is the potential for someone to slide, as well as the potential for someone to jump up a few slots ahead of projections, making the draft fairly volatile in terms of projections. 

The Rangers will already get the equivalent of two first round picks in this draft with the 15th pick and Erixon.  I understand that people may think they need to make a move because of “only” four draft picks, but is it really necessary?

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  1. Phil in LA says:

    I suspect they will trade up. Gordie made it clear that you have to hit with your first two picks in a draft, and I think he’s counting Erixon a 1 hit. I suspect they will move into the top 8 and get “their guy.” Cause you know they always have a “guy.”

  2. Brian SCS says:

    With Erixon in the fold, it seems this draft can almost be graded a success already. I tend to feel that you keep the best pick and trading down is a risky proposition because the higher the draft pick the better the odds are that you pick an NHL player. I have no problem with the Rangers holding pat and picking at 15 because you never know who will drop. The Rangers won’t be the only team trying to break into the top 8 so doing so won’t come cheap.

  3. Walt says:

    Brian SCS is right on, this draft is a success already with the addition of Jan’s kid Tim. As for trading up, who do you move that is so desirable, Gilroy, Christensen? I believe that after the draft the move will be made for some help up front, first line center, and if there are no deals made, so be it. Give the kids a chance, lets not do something for a quick fix, that will have longer term negative implications.

    • Brian SCS says:

      Exactly, moving up will not come cheap. And although they only have 4 picks total, Slats was smart enough to keep the most important one by far – No. 15.

  4. paulronty says:

    Trading up is a real possibility. A pkg. of our #15, with Del Zotto and another prime prospect could do it.

    • Dave says:

      Del Zotto is not getting traded unless for a big time player. They are not trading him to move up in the draft.

      • Brian SCS says:

        Good man Dave, for the life of me I don’t understand how after a few bumps in the road MDZ is a dispensable player. Any D-man with the ability to put up 37 points as an 18y/o has talent plain and simple. Other teams would love for us to give up on him already.

        • stuart says:

          how many great prospect defensemen do you need? I think Erixon and Pashnin make the team with Mclrath coming behind. I trade delzotto in a minute for edmontons pick to take nugent hopkins because elite scorers usually come in the top 5 and the rangers could throw in a finacal component by taking Souray’s contract and either buying out his last year or send him to hartford.

          • Brian SCS says:

            MDZ will not get you the no. 1 overall pick alone, so you would have to throw in more regardless. Del Zotto is an offensive D-man which is a commodity that the Rangers have struggled to develop ever since Leetch and Zubov left. Neither Erixon or Pashnin are as talented as Del Zotto offensively and McIlrath is a different animal altogether. Remember, MDZ has already proven that he can put up points in the NHL which none of these other players have done yet.

  5. Matt J says:

    Idk I might consider leaving everything as is. I like the direction this team has gone this offseason and Sather and Co are on a tear. If we can get Mcneill I think we will have done a lot this offseason. It’s not like anyone we select will play on opening day. Right?

  6. Zen says:

    My take…

    1) Trading down makes a whole lot of sense IF the Rangers don’t love a player where they are picking (i.e. a guy falls or ranks higher on their list). By doing so, they could legitimately pick up a second rounder or late first. Right now, Toronto has 2 late first rounders and are looking to move up. Clark has been pretty darn good at picking and having more quantity makes sense to me. But once again, only if they don’t love someone at 15.

    2) Trading up is less likely IMO, unless there is a some prospect that they feel is expendable and worth dealing. If they absolutely LOVE someone in the top 8, I’m sure they would indeed move a player like MDZ to get there if need be. Who knows, maybe they move someone like Grachev or Bourque. In reality, we have no idea who they are high on and who they think is worth moving at this point. Look at Werek… I was shocked by that, but he is gone. Either way, I find this quite unlikely to happen.

    • The Suit says:

      Great points as well. You guys just made my job easy today. Only thing I disagree with is MDZ. They won’t entertain the thought of trading him until they are sure what they have in him. Right now moving him is too risky. He can still turn out to be a great player. I don’t think MDZ gets moved before the age of 23. And if he turns it around, he will be a Ranger for a very long time. Werek is a dime a dozen. I wasn’t surprised to see him moved, same with Bobby Sangs. And if you are looking for someone who has yet to be traded, I would agree Grachev and Bourque are solid choices. But as you said in your comment, no one knows if they’ll like who is on the board at 15.