Does Flyers Move Affect Asking Price for Richards?

June 8, 2011, by

Despite talk of Brad Richards potentially turning down a reunion with John Tortorella the Rangers will still go after the talented center if he hits the market. Last night the Flyers repeated their own history as they acquired exclusive negotiating rights from the Coyotes for Ilya Bryglazov, much like they did for Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen a few years prior.

This could be a big move for the Flyers. If they are able to sign the Russian goalie, it would go a long way in remedying their biggest area of concern. Surely a move to sign Bryglazov would mean the Flyers would have to move players like Jeff Carter or Danny Briere, but that is talk for another day.

The Flyers gave up a third pick in 2012 and a conditional (assume that is based on the Russian signing in Philadelphia). Bryglazov earned $4.5m last season playing in Arizona and is certainly a good goaltender. An Olympic Bronze medallist and a Stanley Cup winner, Bryglazov has had a few excellent years in the desert and given his age is one of the better goaltenders to potentially hit the market in recent years. How does this affect the Rangers?

While Richards would probably cost more than what Philly gave Phoenix for Bryglazov, he shouldn’t cost too much more. Maybe a lesser roster player or prospect would get the deal done. Maybe a pick in a future draft would get a deal done for Richards’ rights. If the cost to talk to Richards was a conditional 2012 third round pick, that became a second rounder upon his signing, would the Rangers do it? Most likely.

Don’t forget, a Richards signing improves the Rangers and hopefully lessens the value of the pick. Gilroy and a conditional third? Why not. One thing is for sure, with the Flyers move made yesterday, figure a lot more GM’s to be active before the draft. Paul Holmgren just fired the starter gun on the off season’s first busy period.


  1. Matt J says:

    Go after Carter. Pass on briere unless he comes extremely cheap. Like dirt cheap. His contract is huge. But if we get a Jeff Carter that means Feds prospal and gilroy are definitely gone and cannot be resigned. What would a grachev gilroy and a first rounder get us? Worth a shot.

    • Zen says:

      Where does Grachev, Gilroy, and a 1st get us in a trade? The answer is nowhere. Well maybe BR’s rights, but why would Sather do that?

      Philly would NEVER deal one of their top players to division rival unless they are blown away by the offer or that player has type of awful contract that would in some way hamper the other team’s salary structure. There has to be something in it for them in order to risk one of their former players going off against them in so many games a year.

    • Dave says:

      Gilroy has no trade value, but Grachev and a 1st would likely get us into the top 8 picks for the draft.

      As for players, Grachev and a 1st would fetch a Dubinsky-like player. Meaning, it wouldn’t get us what we need.

      • Zen says:

        I do agree with you there. I was thinking less about the draft and more about acquiring an elite player… which that package wouldn’t get us.

        I still like Grachev, so I wouldn’t make that move unless we are getting a very good player by moving up.

  2. The Suit says:

    Jeff Carter might be the worst 40 goal scorer in hockey. That guy is useless when he’s not scoring. I hope they hold onto him!

    Danny Briere is probably one of the dirtiest 30 goal scorers in hockey and he can cost them games with his stupid penalties. I hope they hold on to him as well haha!

    Someone does have to go though, and if you’re trying to build a championship, you trade one or both of those guys.

    • Chris says:

      Suit, with the Rangers defensive conscience and two way ability I think they can afford to take a one dimensional guy like Carter and still thrive.
      I wouldn’t give up the earth to get him but if he can be had at a decent price (after all, everyone will know Philly must shed cap worsening their negotiating position) he could do well in NY. Not sure the players will be thrilled at a love rat being recruited though! haha

      • The Suit says:

        Perhaps, but I’d rather see that cap hit alloted elsewhere…like a LW power forward for instance. I still believe that the Rangers should avoid expensive one dimensional guys at all costs. They will sell jerseys, but they won’t bring you a Cup.

    • Brian SCS says:

      We do not want Jeff Carter, I bet Philly has already realized their mistake with that contract. I hope he is a career Flyer.

  3. Zen says:

    I don’t see the Rangers trading for BR’s rights unless they know that he wants to sign with him and will be reasonable in his demands. I’m not sure they can get that guarantee, so I don’t see it happening. A 2nd-rounder (plus) is pretty steep too. Who knows if Dallas would even want one from 2012, since we don’t have one this year.

    • Chris says:

      If Dallas could get Gilroy and a 2012 conditional 3rd they’d do it. I really believe that because indications are they’re losing him for nothing anyway.

      And if I was GM and convinced I could get Richards under contract I’d do it. Gilroy has no real future in NY and a conditional 3rd (2nd upon signing) is a small price to pay given our depth and the quality of Richards.

      • Zen says:

        I disagree, Chris. Gilroy has no value. He is basically an UFA, because nobody in their right mind would qualify him at that cap hit. Why would anyone want him in a trade?

        In general, I think you are underestimating a GM who wanted Staal, Dubi, and Cally for BR at the deadline. And he knew he was going to lose BR then too.

      • Zen says:

        And… if Dallas really would take Gilroy and a 3rd (let’s say), wouldn’t BR be here already? Sather would give that up in a second for BR.

        • Chris says:

          Well it depends what’s happening with Gilroy because apparently there was some interest in retaining him and yes, he has little value due to his status but he is an NHL defenseman and would fit in well in Dallas.

          I also think that Niewendyuk overestimated what he thought he could get for BR at the deadline, and I’m certain that he realises it was a mistake. I think he may have genuinely thought he could retain him back then too.

          And regards to him already being here? Sather has been a lot less aggressive in moving assets, without first thinking it through in recent times. Time is on his side to an extent as Dallas will want something eventually. The less time left before July likely means less return for Dallas.

        • Dave says:

          I don’t think Sather believes in acquiring UFA negotiating rights. Nothing in his past says he’s willing to trade assets for an extra 2-3 weeks for a guy who seems ready to hit UFA.

  4. Matt J says:

    Richards i believe will be a ranger one way or another because when has sather
    ever walked away from a UFA?

    • Dave says:

      Richards is a significant upgrade over anything we have. As Suit said, Richards alone doesn’t get us over the hump, same with kid development alone. Richards (elite talent) + development (into support and/or elite talent) = success.

    • Zen says:

      What I worry about is that Sather all of a sudden changes his perspective on UFAs now… with the wrong UFA. He made a lot of bad signings over the years, but we finally have a shot at an ELITE #1 center. Should we give him 7 years at $7.8M? Probably not, but you have do everything you can to get him. The future success of this team rides on his acquisition IMO. This team could be in for another several years of borderline 8th place finishes and early round exits if they don’t.

  5. Mikeyyyy says:

    Success at what?

    You think br makes us a cup contender?


    Only reason to get br is to get gabby going.

    • Dave says:

      Which would make us better…2+2=4 last time I checked.

      BR does not put us over the hump, but him PLUS the continued development of the young kids does.

      • Mikeyyyy says:

        So we still have to get over the hump.

        How long is that? 1 or 2 years? Your willing to throw 8-9 million at a player? That’s the contract br will be getting.

        Why not wait a year and get a deeper ufa pool to choose from. Develop the kids. Get a better player.

        Cost vs benefit. Br is not what I would consider a 8-9 million a year players.

        I still would rather trade from our position of Gavin lots of prospects to get real quality guy. I really think it could be done. It might cost us a few blue chips but could be much better in the long run.

        This whole br at any cost got us into the fiasco with gomez and drury.

        • The Suit says:

          Brad Richards will sign with the Rangers for less than he is making now. The Suit guarantees it.

          • Matt J says:

            Well if the Suit says he will than I believe it. Richards will be a Ranger, as he will realize no one will dish out a contract for 7 years at 7 million a year. Not even Toronto or LA will risk that.