The Suit’s Sunday Link Dump

June 5, 2011, by

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for a link dump. There was much to read in the world of hockey this week, as “there was a real beehive of, uh, activity, Halberstam. This place was hot, very hot.”

If you can guess where that quote is from, you win a pat on the back. If you’re a suit and you don’t know this quote, SHAME ON YOU!

Anyway, Winnipeg has sold out all of their season tickets for at least the next three years. Atlanta eat your heart out. For more on that story check out the AP’s article over at ESPN. What the hell are they going to name that team? I just hope it’s not the Moose.

Inside Hockey has a great article questioning the strategy of acquiring UFA rights before the deadline and looks at the instances where things did and did not pan out. The article also looks at whether or not the signing team receives any sort of discount. Check it out here.

Finally, last and most certainly least. The kiddies over at Bleacher Report have an article entitled “The 7 Likely Destinations For Chris Drury.” One of the destinations is the Connecticut Whale? Apparently no one over there knows what a no-movement clause is. The main article also fails to suggest a buyout, which is really the only likely move for Chris Drury should the Rangers decide he’s not worthy of a roster spot.

Clearly this article emphasizes the word DUMP, in Sunday link dump. Booyah.

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  1. Brian SCS says:

    Great post, Suit. The article in regards to acquiring UFA’s rights makes some very interesting points. One thing that always concerned me when any GM acquires a players UFA rights is the GM has hurt his own bargaining power because he is already in the hole in regards to the negotiation. For instance, What if the Rangers caved in and traded Anisimov and McDonagh for Brad Richards at the deadline. Then Slats is almost forced to overpay because at that point there is no way he can let Richards get away. Looks like the Rangers are just better off waiting to July 1st and let the chips fall where they may.

    As far as the article about Drury, what garbage. That’s unfortunate really because crap like that gives bloggers a bad rep.

  2. The Suit says:

    It’s a good point about Richards. I have said for months and I’m sticking to it, if the Rangers are going to sign Brad, it will be because he wants to play here and not because he’s looking to cash in again.

    • Matt J says:

      You are right. I have no idea where Brooks gets his info from about Richards and dubi but who knows the facts. Richards seems like a decent guy and not a burglar. What does he want? Another cup? Another conn smythe? Or another pay check? We will find out July 1st.

      • The Suit says:

        I have sources too and they often contradict each other. You can’t put too much weight in these things.

        With that said, if Dubi is seeking $4.5, that’s fine as a starting point. That’s when Glen goes, ha I’ll give you $3 mill tops. And then hopefully after enough back and forth they come in at $3.5 or something. The negotiations are beginning folks, it’s gonna get interesting.

  3. Dave says:

    New Rule: If you post a link to Bleacher Report, you get flogged.