Stajcer Watches OHL Victory From Stands

May 16, 2011, by

Despite being part of a the Ontario hockey league championship victory and having the Memorial Cup tournament coming up next, it hasn’t been a great end to the season – on a personal note – for Scott Stajcer. Stajcer’s future professional career and last few weeks in junior have been affected by the musical chairs being played in the Owen Sound Net. Despite these musical chairs in net, Owen Sound managed to come back in impressive fashion against the Mississauga St Mike’s Majors to win 3 of the last 4 games and claim the championship in thrilling style, winning game seven 3-2 in overtime.

During the game 7 victory Scott Stajcer didn’t even find himself in uniform as Jordan Binnington was in net and the previously impressive Michael Zador – who took Stajcer’s place – was named back up. Game 6 was the same set up in goal while Stajcer was in net for game 5 (conceding 5) before being replaced by Zador. Indeed, each of the three goalies saw significant ice time during the finals series and given the short leash being used by Owen Sound, who knows who will get the bulk of the playing time in the Memorial Cup, being held later this month.

Despite losing playing time Stajcer’s overall playoff numbers have been solid, even if they came back to earth in his final few games. He boasted an 8-4 record, a .909% and a 2.79GAA; all solid numbers but admittedly not nearly as good as just a few games ago. Stajcer’s next steps in the hockey world are a lot less clear than they were before the OHL finals began. Given the lack of depth in the Rangers organisation Stajcer may yet receive a contract but what seemed a sure thing a little while ago is no longer that. With an injury prone season almost behind him, maybe the Rangers should look to get him into the fold by other means (AHL contract?) and make him play a full year at a lesser level to see if he is deserving of a NHL deal but that’s pure speculation on my part. Benefiting from good size and clearly talented it would be a shame if Benny Alleire and the Rangers didn’t at least try and work with the young goalie and turn Stajcer into something better.


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  1. Jess says:


    I am not sure one injury makes it an injury prone one. To be honest I thought it took a lot of guts (or insanity) by Mark Reeds to use Stajcer when he did to begin with.

    Reeds has been on a very lucky streak with his goalie swaps during the OHL playoffs going with Stajcer despite not playing since December or giving Binnington a shot after sitting for a month.

    As for Stajcer, I agree the lack of goalie depth does become a factor. Last season Stajcer was Allaire’s project to fix and despite the injury Stajcer played well.

    If they do not resign Chad Johnson (RFA status) then Stajcer becomes a must. Stajcer has to get a 3 year entry level (whether it is AHL or NHL) since it is his first contract.

    I agree on the AHL contract but the level I send him to is back to the OHL as a 20 year old for that year you are looking for. It does not cost the Rangers anything besides a signing bonus going that route (even better is that the clock stops on his contract earning an extra year)

    But I still say the Rangers need to draft a goalie as if (Rangers words) you never have enough defensemen the same has to be said about goalies

    • Chris says:

      thanks Jess. Poor choice of word on my part too; I mean ‘injury decimated season’!

      Thanks for clearing something up too. Wasn’t sure if the ‘clock’ started with a return to juniors AND a contract in the pocket. If it doesn’t then yeah, you’re spot on – junior is the best option. Though I assume it’d be with another team and not Owen Sound? 3 goalies seems unnecessary…

  2. Matt J says:

    Rangers should draft a goalie in the draft for sure. But do not pick one in the first 3 rounds. Rangers please take a winger with the first pick.

  3. Jess says:


    The second most confusing thing in hockey is how to figure out the CHL rules. I have been doing this since 2004 and I guess that I know maybe 60% of how things wind up working.

    Wording is another area we agree on as it is hard how to define a player’s season. Stacjer missed from November to the playoffs so decimated sounds right.

    Dan Maggio missed time due to 2 different injuries as well as a suspension so go figure how to define his season.

    If Stajcer were to return to the OHL next season yes it will not be in Owen Sound not with Binnington at 18.

    The scary part for Stajcer would be trying to find a team to take him as a 20 yr old as I saw a lot of good players find themselves without CHL level places to play just because they were 20.


    At 15 the Rangers will either wind up with a smallish forward like a Ty Rattie or a project like a Mark McNeill.

    If you are going to wind up with a “project” then trade down to gain back some of the draft picks the NYR have lost in trades.

    There are several players who have fixable issues (skating) that they could grab at the end of the 1st rd like a Niklas Jensen a teammate of Christian Thomas who is 6’2 and can play either wing