Rangers Won’t Play In Russia

March 23, 2011, by

As per Dmitry Chesnokov, the rumored NHL/KHL games, of which the Rangers would partake, are not going to happen. Chesnokov cited KHL President Alexander Medvedev, who told Russia Today TV Channel:

“It looks like that we will not see such matches next season. And we have only one reason that the NHL due to their, sort of say, exclusively business-like approach…”

Without getting into all the messy details (read Chesnokov’s article for those), this is probably a good thing for the Rangers, who were slated to play the biggest goons in the league. Considering the rash of Ranger injuries this year, a game against a ton of goons is not a good idea. Seriously, have you seen Vityaz Chekhov’s stats?


  1. Adrian says:

    I could be wrong but Chris Simon plays there and on that team. I’m really glad the Rangers dodged this game.

    • Dave says:

      Yes, he does. And yes, he’s their leading scorer with a whopping 28 points in 43 games.