Prust Misses Practice, “May” Play Tomorrow

March 14, 2011, by

Brandon Prust, the Ranger Warrior, sat out of today’s practice with what coach John Tortorella said was a “maintenance day”. Prust took an elbow to the face during the Rangers 3-2 shootout victory over San Jose on Saturday night, which resulted in a cut. The elbow came from Douglass Murray, and it was incidental contact which resulted from Murray following through on his shot. Just an unfortunate incident for Prust. Prust of course fought Ben Eager later in the game, which is like me going up against Zdeno Chara in a fight.

The unfortunate part is that Prust has been so banged up that he may actually have to miss a game to rest up. Sean Avery skated in his place (albeit with mismatching clothing), and would take Prust’s place if The Warrior can’t go. My expectation is that Prust will play, and Avery will sit. Prust doesn’t miss games, especially for bumps and bruises. He is the Rangers version of Paul O’Neill.

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