Is Christensen’s time as a Ranger over?

March 7, 2011, by

His skill set is as sublime as Tortorella’s patience with his play infuriating. However, as the Rangers faced off with the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday afternoon Erik Christensen found himself as a healthy scratch. Finally, some (many?) Rangers’ fans would say. The talented, headshot pivot has 9 goals and 20 points in 50 games this season which for a player of his talent level is far, far too little. When you consider the fact the centerman has often played top line minutes as well as plenty of powerplay time it’s even less bang for your buck. Christensen doesn’t cost much and his skill makes him a great weapon for the shootout and it’s those reasons why the Rangers should actively shop him after the season. He still does enough to make you expect more – and make him tempting.

The Rangers have plenty of forward talent that should be entering the pro ranks sooner rather than later. Then there’s the summer of Brad (which cannot be discounted) so the Rangers should be wise enough to get a draft pick back and move his million(ish) salary off the books. Even if he gets back in to the line up and makes an impact during the remainder of the year (we’ve been waiting for that ‘impact’ since he arrived) the Rangers shouldn’t be seduced any longer. Sunday’s healthy scratch may be the first sign that the love affair with EC is coming to an end. Here’s hoping he can help the Rangers one final (or is that first?) time – fetch a decent return in the summer. See ya’ Erik.


  1. Chris in MA says:

    The sooner he’s gone, the better.

  2. Tim says:

    The author here seems okay, but it’s a pretty typical Ranger fan point of view to always need to hate someone on the team–at his price, Christensen is fine. Somebody’s gotta be a healthy scratch, and I’d rather take a discounted player with some talent than carry a newbury or whoever else. Hopefully the youth continues to come up and he’s completely obsolete by next year and can be moved, but as far as “the sooner he’s gone the better” mentality goes..Erik Christensen isn’t causing us losses, he’s just not helping much either.

    • Chris in MA says:

      It has absolutely nothing to do with his price but his (seemingly) lack of effort or caring. I’m happy that hes at least being scratched… but he just doesnt belong with this group of players.

      THAT is why I said ‘the sooner he is gone, the better’