The Inevitable Occurs: Rangers Get McCabe

February 26, 2011, by

Via Bob McKenzie, the Rangers have acquired Bryan McCabe from the Panthers for the low, low price of Tim Kennedy and a third round pick. Larry Brooks confirmed it. In 48 games with Florida, he’s got a 5-17-22 line and is a +3 for a team with a -11 goal differential overall.

McCabe, 35, missed a month with a broken jaw a little earlier this year, but he’s been back for just over a week now. We heard the two sides had a deal in place prior to the injury, so it’s not a surprise that they consummated a trade before Monday’s deadline. McCabe will be a free agent after the season, and his cap hit for the rest of the year is a little over $1.3M according to CapGeek. I believe the Rangers still have about $3.8M in wiggle room remaining (apologies for the uncertainty).

It’s hard not to absolutely love this deal. McCabe gives the Rangers exactly what they need, and that’s a veteran, left-handed defenseman with experience running the power play, and they did so without giving up a core piece a) off the NHL roster, or b) for the future. New York still has a first and two second round picks at their disposal. It’s unclear if he’ll be uniform in time for tomorrow’s game, but they really could use him with Marc Staal out. Either way, bravo. Great trade for the good guys.

Update: Michael Del Zotto’s been sent back to Connecticut to make room for McCabe. (h/t Bleeding All Blue)

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  1. Chris in MA says:

    Once again Sather proves his trade prowess. Was really hesitant in the idea of bringing in McCabe, but hard not to like it, now. Love this deal.

  2. Brian says:

    This can’t be true – how in the hell does Sather get teams to give up useful players for spare parts like this – Tim Kennedy and a 3rd? Doesn’t make sense to me. Yes, I get that McCabe is a UFA and his better days are behind him but with what teams are paying for D-men this is an absolute steal.

  3. Jordan says:

    Kennedy and a 3rd rd pick!? That’s INCREDIBLE. Slats pulls it off again.

  4. Fotiu is God says:

    Slamma lamma ding dong. Somehow, Slats got his groove back.

    Notwithstanding the fact we now have a bona fide pointman for the PP, with size, no less, the deal moreover takes the weight of the world–well, at least from the Blue Seats out to the blogosphere–from MDZ’s psyche.

    Unless he’s the centerpiece in a deal for Paul Statsny, Del Zotto should now be left to devour minutes in the A and develop into our qb for years to come. (I’m thinking, though, Gilroy might be Denver-bound.)

    Like you, Mike, I’m fricking thrilled with this one. If a rejuvenated Slats can pull off a similarly favorable deal for Paul Statsny, and building off of last night’s eye-opener, I believe we can make a deep run.

  5. tmd39 says:

    If they took the free agency away from Glen, he’d be a great GM.