Problems With Gaborik Nothing to Worry About

January 8, 2011, by

This will be a brief post as I’m on the way to London to get to the airport to get to New York. Am I excited? Did the Rangers win the cup in 1994? Exactly! I can’t believe the next home game I’ll be there (in a Rangers jersey which I have yet to buy and whose name on the back I’ve yet to determine!). This is about Marian Gaborik. Gabby cannot buy a goal and cannot, it seems, even string together a few solid performances in a row. I recently mentioned how he needs to throw the puck at net as much as possible yet in the Dallas game he had one shot and played tentatively on the power play. But Rangers fans don’t need to panic. Why?

This is a player that will always score goals and he’ll find his form again, I know everyone knows that – or they should – but what’s a key difference from team’s of old is that the Rangers are a good team without getting much from their best skater. They are finding ways to win and are never out of any game and I’m hoping the coaching staff are telling Gaborik to relax and just focus on himself because the rest of the team can support him. This is a major difference. During the Jagr years, If Jagr would have had a first half like Gaborik has had (wildly inconsistent, underwhelming, injury filled) there would be no chance the Rangers are almost 10 games above .500. However if anything, Gaborik’s subpar season is merely highlighting the new found depth and development of the kids who are able to carry the Rangers through such a promising season. The Rangers never had any of this during the Jagr years where they relied on a small nucleus (of mainly veterans) to get them to the playoffs. All this bodes well for the Rangers. It’s why Gaborik can afford to find himself, although the sooner the better obviously.

Gaborik needs to shoot more, he needs to show his old confidence on the puck and he needs to take the occasional risk and fly into the offensive zone with the puck regardless of the defenseman who is waiting for him. Gaborik needs to try to be the Gaborik of old, all the while the Rangers are the Rangers; a new, young, promising bunch able to carry their elite scorer when needed. Promising times.

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  1. Tony says:

    Disagree. This is now a trend from the end of last year. Red flags all over. It’s not the lack of points it’s the lack of impact on games that are not against the Isles or the Oilers. I was an advocate of trading him for a nice package a few weeks ago before he really lost value. Too late. And it’s only year #2 of a 5 year contract. That’s why I say no to Richards who will want 5 years starting at 31. No thanks.

  2. Adrian says:

    I agree with Tony, I’m worried about this and I don’t know if he will break out of this slump with ease. Richards will be a waste of money and time.

  3. jurgenno88 says:

    too much panic. He’s approaching peak age for a scorer and he has a long track record of goal scoring so just because he has a poor half season it doesnt mean he’s on the downside of his career. That’s insane. A few years ago guys like St Louis had bad seasons (59pts), this year AO is well down in shots and goals… do you give up on those guys as well?

    We’re just lucky that the team can afford to carry a subpar Gaborik right now. He’ll come good.

  4. The Hockey Suit says:

    Agree with Jurgenno, Gabby will be fine. He’s in a slump, which every superstar goes through at some point in there career. Ovie’s had one this year, Hossa, even Kovy is having a horrific year.

    It happens, they’ll all get through it and will be better off for it. Once Gabby returns to form (and he will) this offense is going to be much more potent and for the first time in a long time…balanced

  5. Dave says:

    Stars slump too. Luckily Gaborik isn’t the only one scoring this year, so the team isn’t hurting when he’s slumping.

  6. Mikeyyyy says:

    I really think he’s playing injured. Usually when a star gets hurt they try to come back before fully healed. He dislocated his shoulder. So as that gets better so will his shooting

    One reason he isn’t scoring is because of the system he’s playing in. He can’t sit at the top of the zone waiting for pucks a la pavel bure. So it really on torts to give gabby the green light on taking those chances.

    And please notice that all the rangers are playing timidly. Not trying to put moves on to get around opposition. It’s a plodding approach that stifles creativity. Reminds me of the renney rangers. Not complaining. Just saying.