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Happy Thursday and Happy New Year, BSBers. Hope y’all had a lovely and happy New Year. Happy and healthy to you and yours. We’re coming off a great win against Carolina. So let’s dive right in.

-MZA, you’re here to stay. That was a pretty shot. And what a way to get your first NHL goal.

-Besides the goal, I like his stick work, he’s fearless. He’s not going to be Marty St. Louis, but he looks to be a solid top 6 forward in this league. Which I’ll take any day.

-Dubinsky had a great game. So did Staal. So did Lundqvist. So did Gaborik.

-If Staal is not the upper echelon of defenders, than he will be soon. In fact, he has to be up there. Won’t give you the big offensive numbers, but as a defensive stalwart, man, is he good. Homegrown too.

-This team does not have a lot of skill. But that’s okay. They’re winning on grit and determination and hustle. The way playoff teams succeed. I’m not saying they are a Cup contender. But they are a team you do not want to face in the playoffs.

-Buying into a system, or into a coach is not easy. The trust these guys seem to have in Torts is remarkable.

-I think there are a few things the Rangers need at the deadline: A checking, faceoff specialist, PKing center. A physical defenseman. And maybe, another winger.

-They get those things, they’ll be set up nicely.

-Awesome interlude: Have you guys heard about the homeless guy with the amazing radio voice. Check it here.  It’s incredible. Last I checked, he has offers from the Cavs, from Frosted Flakes to be the new Tony the Tiger and the NFL. Incredible. Power of social media right there.

-Nice to see Ranger prospects having a good WJC. Kreider, Fasth, Bourque. They’re the future.

-Can’t believe Canada lost in that game. Up 3-0? Heading into the 3rd? Jeez.

-I’m starting to really enjoy watching this team play and loving how they’re coming together. Lots of injuries, but they persevere. Lots of no namers, but they play hard and they win. That’s all you can ask for, really.

-I think the players representing the Rangers at the All-Star game should be: Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Dubinsky and Boyle

-Brian Boyle has to be this year’s Matt Moulson. I mean, what a steal. You take away his 14 goals, his presence, this team would be a lot worse.

-And Slats was vilified for giving up a 3rd round pick.

-I’m starting to think that, barring injuries with the main club, MDZ should stay with the Whale the rest of the way. It can’t hurt. He can develop, learn, get some more confidence and start next year ready to go. Gilroy and Sauer and Eminger deserve to be up with the big club. And with the fabulous Wade Redden as a mentor, he’ll only get better!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts and Musings

  • Jan 6, 2011 at 11:23 am

    The Rangers prospects (Kreider, Bourque, Fasth) all had excellent games in yesterday’s WJC Bronze Medal game. I couldn’t find a link but if you get a chance to watch Fasth’s goal it is worth it. He backhanded his own rebound past Campbell to make it 3-2. This kid can flat-out play. Kreider had two goals and Bourque an assist. We know all about Kreider but it’s looking more and more that Ryan Bourque may have an NHL career ahead of him. He is depended upon in defensive situations (on the ice for the final buzzer) which is interesting because his performance in the QMJHL suggests he will be an offensive player. Obviously his size will always be a consideration but he just seems like a player that grows on you after a while. He was interviewed several times yesterday and he comes across as well spoken and a solid character guy. I still think the odds are against him in making an impact in the NHL but for an 80th pick overall you have to like what you’ve seen from him so far.

  • Jan 6, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    A faceoff winning, PKer, checking center at the deadline? We have one all ready, unfortunately he makes 7 mil and can barely get on the ice.

    Bourque’s not going to make it in the bigs. He doesn’t have enough offensive game, every chance he had, both years, he flubbed it. He might be good defensively, both guys like that are a dime a dozen and I’d rather have a 6-2 winger than a 5-8. I’d put Fasth over him on the prospect list all ready.

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