No Roster Moves Coming For Tonight

December 16, 2010, by

As per Larry Brooks, there will be no roster moves made by the Rangers prior to tonight’s game. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the Rangers played very well in Ryan Callahan’s absence last night. Some might have expected Mats Zuccarello-Aasen to be called up because of his recent strong play, but for now letting him ride out that hot streak seems like the best move for the long term. Todd White will be re-inserted back into the lineup tonight. My best guess would be the Rangers will make a decision on who to call up, if they make a move, after the Flyers game on Saturday. Just a warning, it may not be who you expect/want.

As for lines, my best guess would have Chris Drury moving up to take Callahan’s spot, and having a fourth line of Sean Avery-Erik Christensen-Todd White, with Avery getting more ice time of the three.

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  1. Chris says:

    Anyone else think that the Rangers should at least try Gilroy on the wing? It would at least get him some ice-time. He’s younger, faster, more determined than White… and he played wing for the majority of his life.

    • Dave says:

      The coaching staff doesn’t seem to like Gilroy that much, whether it’s his fault or not. It just seems like he isn’t a good fit in the Tortorella system. He’s getting the Prucha treatment whether he deserves it or not.

      • Chris says:

        Yeah, exactly. Im not a huge fan of him… but I thnk he deserves it more than White.

        They should really just trade him and try to get a pick or two or just some spare parts in return. No reason for NYR to pay that young of a guy $1.5 to sit in the pressbox.

        Then again, they are the ones paying White $2.5m to sit in the pbox and Redden 6.5m to play in hartford.

        • Brian says:

          I don’t think that Gilroy on the wing is a bad idea, but I think that it is a change best made during the preseason. I just wouldn’t want to see the kid’s confidence shaken any more than it is. I would like to see him get a stretch of ten games to see how he holds up but I don’t think sitting Sauer is the answer. Maybe we should explore trading Rozi and picking up a lefty D-man – we will always have Eminger to fall back on if Gilroy isn’t up to the task.

  2. Michael says:

    this is the right move. the whale have three games before we play next Thursday so i figure the move happens next Wed.

  3. Section 121 says:

    Anybody would be better than White.

    I think Avery is more effective we he’s involved i.e. playing somewhere on the top three lines on a consistent rotation instead of getting moved up from the 4th line here or there on a whim.

  4. Blue-Toe says:

    So why all the hate for White, everyone? personally, I’d rather see him get more starts than the 1.6mm man, Boogy. I don’t think Boogy has scared too many teams this year, and his fight record this year is just OK at best. And he is a huge liability other than his ability to rack up penalty minutes.

    Back to White. I am not a Todd White fan. But he has not gotten much of an opportunity to show what he can do given the 16 games he’s played @ about 7.5 minutes a game. Even Torts has admitted he’s not really been given a fair shake. The few times I have seen him he has not looked bad. And he’s certainly acted professional by not bitching and whining about ice time like some other Rangers who we won’t won’t be mentioned so we won’t embarace Fro-loaf.

    So I’m OK with him on the fourth line for a few games. I’d stick the Fro-loaf back there, too, with EC. And move Avery up to Boyle’s line.

    So, White haters, I’m not looking for a war, just want to know why the frost for someone who as not hurt this team one bit.

    • Dave says:

      Not really hate, he just serves no purpose on this team right now. He needs top-six minutes to be effective, and he has not been given them, nor has he earned them. He’s a $2.375 million healthy scratch.

      • Blue-Toe says:

        And we all know who’s fault it is that we have a 2.375mm man who doesn’t have a fit on the team, thank you GS. I’d still rather see him than Boogy. And I think you put him on the 4th line rather than call up the Hobbit and waste him on the 4th line. Unless he’s givin top 6 minutes, keep the Hobbit where he’s developing, in Hartford.

        • Dave says:

          It looks like Torts and Slats had a disagreement on who to keep (White or Kennedy) early in the year. Was Kennedy the right choice? Yes. Is it really that big of a deal? No.

    • Chris says:

      Youre totally right on White vs Boogy. I’d rather have White in there.

      …But I think Gilroy can potentially be part of the Rangers moving forward provided he gets the opportunity to show what he can do… and form what Ive seen, he seems to have much more offensive instinct to his game than defensive (this makes sense seeing as he was a fwd his whole life).

      Whereas White isnt ‘bad’ persay… but if youve got 2 guys who need ot be given a real shot. Do you want to give it to the aging vet who wont be around much longer? or the guy who could have a bright future?

      • Blue-Toe says:

        If Gilroy is to be converted to a forward, then lets do it in Hartford, not in the NHL. If this team was playing for nothing but the future, maybe. But they are a legit playoff contender. I don’t oppose the idea of moving Gilroy to forward. In fact, I think you make a pretty good arguement for giving it a try. But let the Whale be the guinia pig, not the Rangers.

    • Brian says:

      The reality is that Boogey actually serves a purpose whereas White serves none. This team is undoubtably more aggressive and tougher than last years team. Is it all because of Boogey? No, of course not but it never hurts to have the biggest kid on the block on your side of the street.