Keeping Sauer

December 10, 2010, by

Sauer made a huge gaffe last night that cost the Rangers a goal but the young defensive defenceman improved throughout the game which culminated with his first NHL goal, a game winner. Sauer has established himself this year as a player that consistently plays, in part through his solid, low key style which rarely leads to mistakes. He is a calm, rarely flustered type that is an ideal complement to the top four. The Rangers should be wise enough to look to lock up Sauer for another year or two.

Sauer, primarily due to injury, has taken a long time to get to NY on a full time basis but now he is there he is proving to be a nice addition, a cheap one and a low maintenance one. If Sauer can add some level of consistent offense to his game then he will be a very nice core piece going forward. Sauer leads the Rangers in +/- with a very nice +8 rating. He has played physical and has good size. With Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko both progressing slowly but solidly (emphasis on the slowly) in the AHL the point here is that they shouldn’t be rushed. Would it be a disaster if they played another year in the AHL while Sauer kept his spot in NY? Absolutely not.

Sauer does have some offensive ability. In 08/09 he had 23 points in 67 games for Hartford and this season in NY he’s on course for 15 points as a rookie which is more than Marc Staal had in year one. Keeping Sauer makes sense. Last night he showed his ability to bounce back from mistakes. Keeping Sauer shouldn’t cost the Rangers much at the end of the season and that financial aspect could be crucial when it comes to pursuing your Brad Richards types. Sauer on the Rangers makes sense right now and moving forward. No need to rush the kids when one of them is already doing the business.


  1. Brian says:

    I love this guy. Sign him to a two-year deal and gradually increase his minutes depending on his quality of play. He has size, is an efficient passer, has been excellent positionally and isn’t afraid to mix it up if he has to. I think he may make a pefect fit on a 3rd pairing with MDZ next year.

  2. Section 121 says:

    I like Sauer too and that gaffe was just as much Eminger’s fault as it was Sauer’s. Sauer looked, not once, but twice before passing it to Eminger, who then looked lost on the play. Was he thinking about going to the back of the net and ending up by the near post facing the wrong way?

    Sauer’s a young 23, the same age as Girardi’s first full year with the team.

    By the way, Gilroy was a +1 last night and it looks like Eminger’s bid to finally play a full year at age 27 will be dashed with his hip injury. Oh yeah, -50 for his career; the “defensive” defenseman.

    Finally, stay away from Richards and Richards “types.” He’s also -62 for his career. Are we rebuilding or not?

  3. Leatherneck says:

    Yeah I love how Sauer plays as well, my thinking is he needs to become Staals steady partner. They will jive and be a formidable shut down pair against the oppositions top lines.