Del Zotto Scratched

December 9, 2010, by

As per Jesse Spector, defenseman Michael Del Zotto will be a healthy scratch tonight against Ottawa. Del Zotto has been struggling this season, with just two goals and six assists thus far, while struggling mightily on the powerplay. His defensive play has been better, but his offensive struggles are affecting the powerplay to the point that Derek Stepan has been given the quarterbacking responsibilities, replacing the 20-year old defenseman.

This is not a surprising move, but it is definitely not a permanent move. Matt Gilroy will replace MDZ in the lineup, but expect it to be for one game only.

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  1. Section 121 says:

    I’m glad to see Gilroy get back into the action. I think Eminger is the worst defenseman on the roster right now.
    Hopefully Gilroy makes enough of a statement to where Eminger is the next to get stratched when MDZ returns.

  2. Mark says:

    Eminger has been a good d-man… at a good value… I agree Gilroy has earned some playing time… and i agree with Torts to scratch Del Zotto for a game or 2 to let him evaluate his play and watch a game or 2 fromt he press box… i would love to see Gilroy get some Power Play time… but he needs to be paired with another D-man because he is too much of a liability. We can not lose again to Ottawa… they are worse at scoring then we have been post Jagr

  3. jayjay25 says:

    To bench Del Zotto, even for 1 game, while still playing the likes of a Michael Roszival is absurd. I don’t want to hear about how capable Roszival has been this year(a fact that I strongly disagree with!) There is no upside to Roszival. The organization is just biding its time until his ridiculous contract runs out; or until they find a team dumb enough to take him off their hands. MDZ has struggled this year. As has Staal and Girardi. Let him work his way out of it by playing. Not by embarrassing him; which is what a benching is(not a learning experience). If he is to turn out to be the type of player we were led to believe he is, then maybe the coach might want to pair him up with a capable partner. The kind of defensive D man that will allow him to grow as an offensive force. Not a partner who he has to cover for the whole shift! (ie. Roszival!)

    • jurgenno88 says:

      Sorry but I have to ask; have you been watching the Rangers or another team? Im not biased either way and generally Girardi has been excellent so I completely disagree with you.

      Also, while they may well be waiting until they can get rid of Roszival’s deal, for the last 12 months he has been a very good player for the Rangers and been close to his pre contract renewal form where he was also a very good player for the Blueshirts.

      • jayjay25 says:

        I think you might want to take off your rose colored glasses. If you really believe that Roszival has been a “very good player” for the Rangers for the last year, I really don’t know what team you’ve been watching. I do agree that Girardi has been better this year, but after last year, he had to be. After the incident in Philly, he should be trying to prove his worth every minute he is out there!
        I just believe that benching a young player who really hasn’t been any worse than some of the veterans on this team (ie Frolov, Emminger,Fedotenko etc.)serves no purpose other than to embarrass him. It is not a learning experience. Practice is a learning experience. This is just punishment.

        • Dave says:

          Rozsival’s GVT currently sits at 1.9, which is on pace for roughly 4.5, which is good for 3rd on the team.

          He had a 5.6 GVT last year, which put him ahead of guys like Volchenkov, MEV, and Michalek.

          GVT isn’t the be-all-end-all, but it’s a good measure of total play.

          • jayjay25 says:

            I’m not a stat guy. But if this is the rebuilding year we’ve been led to believe it is (as has been mentioned before on this blog), what possible purpose does it serve to bench a MDV, and play Roszival: someone who will not even be around when this team is able to contend for a cup. There are going to be struggles, thats part of the process. A benching now, I believe is unwarranted, even if only for 1 game. Just my opinion.

            • Dave says:

              Playing Stepan on the 4th line to give him more of an observation role for a while helped him. Maybe the sentiment is the same for MDZ? They are so young that sometimes they need to take a step back to let everything sink in. Neither is talented enough to succeed on talent alone (Brooks-ism)

              They are rebuilding, but who can replace Rosi’s 20 mins per game? Certainly not anyone else on this roster. I believe MDZ was already getting 15-16 mins per game.

  4. Section 121 says:

    The pairing has been Girardi/MDZ unless there is a absolute number one line Staal/Girardi needs to shut down.

    Gilroy is not a liability; he is a +4 with with over 13 minutes of playing time per game compared to Eminger who is a -4 at 16 minutes with only 8 SOG in 27 games! 8 Shots in 27 games! Gilroy has 21 SOG in 18 games.

    • Brian says:

      I agree that Gilroy deserves an opportunity but Eminger hasn’t been as bad as you make him out to be.

      • Jordan says:

        Eminger isn’t bad, he’s pretty average. He’s just the worst option of the 7.

  5. Section 121 says:

    Also, Gilroy has zero PIM which = no stupid penalties.