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December 2, 2010, by

Happy Thursday, BSBers! Almost Friday. A great feeling. Anyway, let’s get into Thoughts and Musings.

-It was a slew foot

-Even if it wasn’t, the fact that people are defending Crosby is ridiculous. Rangers fans hate Crosby. Always have. Always will. And they hate him because, every time the Penguins play the Blueshirts, the refs make sure it’s easier on the Penguins. Every time. Crosby whines. He dives. He gets away with whatever he wants. And, it costs us games. The game that the Rangers won in overtime a few weeks back, they should not have won that game. They got lucky. And it wasn’t because the refs helped them out.

-I understand the desire to make sure Crosby succeeds. After all, he’s the face of the league. He’s a great player. He’s well spoken. He doesn’t get in trouble off the ice. He’s the league’s dream. But, eventually, a line has to be drawn. You can’t officiate so he wins games. Because other teams lose, and it could cost them a playoff spot, which hurts the league. If you cost the Rangers a playoff spot, from a monetary standpoint, the league loses money. A Stanley Cup in New York would be huge for the league. But, in its effort to make sure Crosby is taken care of, they are going to alienate some fans.

-I have a bias against Crosby. But, it’s not  because he’s good. He’s a whiner. I love Ovechkin. I think he’s great for the game. I just think that Crosby’s antics are not what hockey is all about.

-Enough of Crosby. Just writing about him sickens me.

-The Jekyll and Hyde nature continues. Good wins against Florida and Nashville. Bad loss against Pittsburgh. Welcome to the roller coaster, folks.

-At least Gabby scored. Looks like he’s over his flu.

-I think Hank is back too. Biron helps him get rest. But Hank is Hank, and when he’s on, there aren’t many better.

-I still don’t know what happens to Drury when he comes back. He obviously plays. But who goes? Maybe Gilroy? He’s been an extra forward, and Sauer and Eminger deserve to stay. Or maybe Todd White. But White been decent in limited time. With more time, maybe even with Gaborik, he could be okay. Decisions, decisions.

-Musical interlude: Kanye’s new album is incredible. That is all.

-Don’t you wish the Rangers could make a trade like the Hannan for Fleischmann trade? Either player would help. But, cap space and limited guys on the roster to trade makes it hard.

Dave’s Chris’s rant about lazy journalism is dead on. Read it here

-Let’s all welcome Michael to the BSB team!

-Lastly, I would hope a sweep of the home and home with the Isles is in order. But with the inconsistency of the team, hard to know. That’s what’s so frustrating.

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  1. jurgenno88 says:

    thanks for the compliment on MY lazy journalism post! 😉

  2. Michael Gleich says:

    thanks for the welcome to the family.

    on Crosby we would not like him or at least would root against him when he played us if he was just good. the hate side is from the whining he does. We dont like Ovie, but we respect him. The league doesnt help the scenario either with as Dave pointed out their shoving him down our throats

  3. Brian says:

    The problem with the NHL’s marketing strategy is that they are more concerned about the fans that they don’t have than the fans that they do have.

    The over-marketing of Crysby has had the opposite effect at least for me – I absolutely despise the guy.

    When Drury comes back send down White and alternate sitting Boogard, Frolov and Christensen.