Crosby Slew-Foots Callahan

November 30, 2010, by

I have never liked Sidney Crosby. Yes, he is skilled, and a great leader for the Penguins, but he is a diver and a complainer. He has the attitude of a soccer player, and not of a hockey player. However, prior to last night, I never once thought he was a dirty player. He dives, he complains, but he never once made a dirty or dangerous play (that I know of), which is something that can’t be said for some current Rangers, and half the NHL. Of course, Crosby went and slew-footed Ryan Callahan in last night’s game, with video below:

On the play, Callahan was given an interference penalty. That’s not the issue here. The issue is that Crosby made a dirty and dangerous play, and it will go unpunished because he is the NHL’s poster boy. A slew-foot is one of the most dangerous things you can do on the ice, short of swinging your stick like a baseball bat. If the NHL’s justice system were fair, then this situation would at least be “investigated.”

I am trying not to be biased in this post. I really am. However, it is painfully clear that Sidney Crosby slew-footed Callahan, and should face punishment. If it’s not a suspension, fine him. It is a dangerous play to a player that is very important to the Rangers. Naturally though, this won’t even be reviewed.

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  1. Mikeyyyy says:

    Is it me or does Cindy look down at callys leg before slew footing him. Obviously intentional and premeditated.

  2. Adrian says:

    – You only wish the NHL would fine him! It will never happen.

    – I agree it definitely seems like he looked back and an down to see if the pumpkin head called it and he did then decided eh let’s see if I can hurt the guy.

  3. Dave says:

    Crosby has never done anything like that in the past, and diving/complaining isn’t fine worthy. But that is a dangerous play, and it really looks like a slew-foot.

  4. Brian says:

    The fact that he gets away with it is the real problem. Anyone else and it would be a penalty and maybe suspension. The diving is bad enough but this is downright unfair.

    I’m really getting to the point where I am just sick and tired of seeing Crosby’s ugly face every time I watch a hockey game. The Penguins are officially my second most disliked sports team behind the Flyers. They just leap-frogged the Devils, Eagles, Phillies and Cowboys.

  5. Dave says:

    The Penguins definitely leap-frogged the Red Sox, Islanders, and Devils. I can’t stand that Crosby is being force fed to me.

  6. ny whiners says:

    come on people get off the computer and visit the real world Callahan was interfering with him and he was trying to get around him its so clear that what your saying is him looking at his leg is him getting turned around by a player that has made his career harassing top players on other teams if it wasnt callahan it would have been avery lets not whine Rangers lost with or with out this goal lets foccus on improving not cutting others down

  7. ny whiners says:

    and hes only being force fed to you because hes the best player on the ice no one had a problem with it when the name was gretzky or lemieux or howe its called marketting people its the world we live in get over it dont like it dont watch it its that simple

    • JT says:

      Neither Gretzky, Lemieux nor Howe were half the whining, diving, entitled babies that Crosby is. Talent and character are two different things. Neither Crosby nor Ovechkin have character but they are the faces of the NHL, which is a shame. Crosby has rarely needed to play dirty because he has Brooks Orpik to do the dirty work for him. But once in a while Crosby’s true colors shine through. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen him cheapshot an opponent, and God knows he has a quick, spiteful temper. It’s fair to say that most other players in the league would have been punished for a slew foot. Avery would have been suspended. To place brand name players (no matter how repulsive and ego-maniacal their character) above justice is a big mistake and undermines fan confidence in the management of the game of hockey. The fact is, a blown call can completely change the momentum and dynamics of a game. In this case, the score doesn’t tell the whole story.

  8. Ryan says:

    Just curious, when is the last time Crosby took a, “dive?” I watch just about every pens game and as far as I’m concerned if he is driving to the net and gets impeded or tripped, its a penalty not a dive. As for this play, I am really not sure what to say. I’d like to think that Sid is not a dirty player but that was definitely borderline.

    • tmd39 says:

      Ryan: Take off the black & yellow tinted glasses! Crosby has been a diver his whole career. Personally, I think the Penguins teach a class in it. Is Bill Barber on Mario’s payroll?

    • Dave says:

      Crosby does draw a lot of penalties because of his work ethic, but he does embellish a lot as well. That 2008 series against the Rangers sticks out in my mind.

      • Ryan says:

        I can’t remember a specific penalty during that series so I am going to refrain from comment about that. Haha so I will just take your word for it that he may have embellished some.

    • Brian says:

      Take a look at Staal’s penalty on Crosby in the game two weeks ago. Crosby has been taking dives since day one.

      • Ryan says:

        I actually see where you are coming from, and I blame that squarely on the Flyers. I remember Hatcher just being all over him during his first season so he felt like he had to get the attention of the officials.

  9. Gary says:

    ESPN did not even show the controversial call on their game highlights, they just blew Sid.