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Thoughts And Musings

November 25, 2010, by

Happy Thanksgiving, BSBers! Hope your day is filled with turkey, stuffing, family and friends. I know mine will be. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Not because of the food, which is great, but it’s so nice to have a big ass dinner with all these great people. I’m looking forward to it. But, there’s still hockey to discuss, and hockey will be discussed. Grab your plate, cause a full serving of Thanksgiving musings is headed your way.

-Actually back in NY for the holiday, staying with family, so I’ve been able to see the past couple games. The Calgary game, which, as a friend who was there told me, showed how “gritty” this team can be. Blocking shots. Being physical. Doing the little things. And then the Tampa Bay game. Not getting anything going offensively. Not blocking shots. Taking stupid penalties. The Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team is not only frustrating, but could cost them a playoff spot.

-I guess it’s too much to ask to be consistent, right? I mean, that’s been the problem for years now. With Jagr. With Torts. I guess when you have a lack of depth and injuries, you can’t be consistent.

-I still think Stepan stays with the team, even when Drury comes back. He’s been improving. Where he plays? That I don’t know.

-Is there a goalie controversy? No. But should there be? Maybe. Look, Hank is Hank, and he is the team. But right now, he’s going through one of his slumps. And it’s bad this time. Biron, on the other hand, has been playing great. Should Torts ride the hot hand?

-I think he should. There will be fan backlash. But Biron, right now, is the better goalie. And you have to play the better goalie.

-Random interlude: Had a college friend, only about 10 minutes ago, call me. Not out of the ordinary. But, what was out of the ordinary was this:  He was with some friends, who I don’t know, ask me sports questions. My friend is not a sports guy. I am. I also have an insane knowledge of NFL and NBA players and where they went to college. His friends didn’t believe this. So, they tested me. And while I got them right, it was a weird phone call. A good one, cause I got to show off. But still. Lesson is this, I suppose: always be prepared.

-Brian Boyle is awesome. That is all

-How bout that Steve Eminger?

-Will the real Marian Gaborik please stand up?

-I like Sauer. Don’t like Gilroy. Rosy is coming back soon, so that should help.

-Is it just me, or is putting Avery on the 4th line a bit of a waste? I mean, he’s more effective when he gets more chances to be an asshole. On the 4th line, playing 5 minutes a game, he has less chances to be an asshole. Move him up, perhaps?

-I’ve always wondered what travelling athletes do on Thanksgiving. Eat in the hotel? Do the foreign players join them?

-The Wade Redden mustache is awesome. Perhaps, if he had it NY, he would have played better.

-And now, the question must be asked: Should I grow a mustache?

-I truly hope each and every one of y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m quite thankful to be able to write for a site like this, with a great community. You’ve made my absence from NY and the Rangers just a little bit easier.

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  1. mhurley says:

    How can you say it’s Lundqvist? His teammates hung him out to dry last night. They let Tampa run him again and again.

    To call a diving on Henrik is the straw! Were the refs getting back at Henrik for his stick throwing incident from the last game where the refs f*cked up.

    Henrik should start laying a little lumber on the guys who are running him. If his stick happens to land on a ref, too bad. Incidental contact.

  2. JT says:

    Don’t forget Feds. (Apparently I’m his self-appointed publicist.) Talk about under the radar, his name rarely surfaces on blogs and the MSG broadcasters don’t dwell on him, but he’s been one of the most consistent two-way players on the team, and at a bargain basement price. If I were Sather I’d go ahead and offer to extend his contract a year at the current salary. Because if Feds plays this well all season – not guaranteed – he should be able to swing a better deal next summer. And I think he’ll continue to fit well in the Rangers bottom six for at least another year. Especially with questions lingering about Prospal’s knee, Avery and Frolov’s consistency, etc.

    • Mrs. Fedotenko says:

      Hi Boys!
      I’m baaaccccckkkkk!

      Mr. Highsnot and Mr. Notreal asked me to comeback in November. So here I am, back from my dogsledding adventures. I noticed they have not been posting much this year. Must be because are so happy with their team,cus they sure were full of doom and gloom earlier this year.

      Mr. JT, thank you for your kind words for my little malysh! I know he is really working his little popka off for your Power Rangers.

      Unlike many predicions, I don’t think the Madison Square Garden faithful (Why do they play hockey in a garden? Little Ruslan always got in trouble for that!) have been booing him every game. He does seem to have flown under the sonar, but he’s a good boy and puts in a good days work. I wish they would put that nice Aviary boy back on his like, he and Ruslan have become such good friends even after their little “spat” last year in Pittsburgh.

      I did tell Ruslan he needs to step it up, as he’s only on track for about 40 points this year, and that Mean Mr. Highsnot said it would take 50 points to melt his heart. If only those mean old zebra guys would quit taking his goals away, maybe he could get there. Oh well, at least he leads the lead in something….waived off goals!

      All ways, fun to chat with you boys, but reindeer season opens tomorrow, and I need to get the AK-47 lubbed up if I’m gonna bag my limit this year.

      I’ll visit back in January when we’re all frozen in over here in the Ukraine!

      Mrs. Fedotenko

      • Dave says:

        I’m probably going to lose my bet about Feds getting to 15 goals, but he’s been having a solid year.

  3. Blue-Toe says:

    Ah, Mrs. Feds, welcome back. You always give me a laugh. I will grant you that your “little Ruslan” is having a solid year. A few more points from him would be nice, but I like his work ethic, and think he has been a good find for the Rangers.
    And as I’m coming to like this weekly thoughts and musings post, I’ll again not be bashful and share mine…
    ***Hank was not great Wednesday night, but neither was he terrible. Our defense was. Realizing it was a PP goal, but you can’t let teams take 4-6 shots and rebound wacks as the boys did on the 1st PP goal. The lack of physical play in front of our net reminded me all too well of the pre-season, when we were praising the play of McD and Val for dumping bodies,and hoping the rest of the D figured that out. Just not a good effort by the D on any aspect, especially Staal and Girardi.
    *** I like the line shuffle, except I would demote Frolov to the 4th line, and bring Avery up to the 2nd or 3rd line. Frolov is too comfortable on the 1st line, let him play some Boogy time (5-6 minutes), then see if he gets a little pasionate out there.
    *** Gotta agree with Jeremy on Boyle. Maybe the best surprise of the year. That 3rd line was the Rangers best line on Wednesday.
    *** Also looking forward to getting Rozy back. Competition is good, and Rozy was playing well before he was injured.
    Thanks for the forum guys, glad I found this site, and glad for the exchange of ideas and opinions!