Rangers Getting Some Dues

November 10, 2010, by

Many people have realised (for a while now) that the Rangers have started to build the right way and that – since the lock-out – they have really replenished the prospect cupboard. Well, it seems that the THN have taken notice now too.

The article goes on to accurately discuss the recent defensive depth after the drafting of young core players such as Staal and Del Zotto as well as kids like Mcilrath but the fact they considered the Sanguinetti trade as a surprise shows that they don’t necessarily know everything. Sanguinetti has incredible upside but as many know couldn’t do enough to force his way to NY full time. His work ethic and defensive play were questioned and as of right now Sanguinetti is stuck in the AHL for Carolina’s affiliate and struggling. With just 5 assists in 14 games for Charlotte, Sanguinetti is no closer to the NHL with Carolina than he was in NY.

It may have been a surprise to the THN writers but the trading of Sanguinetti sits well with most Rangers fans. Gordie Clark has done an exceptional job in the past few seasons getting the Rangers back on track ‘from the inside out’ and in a few years it is a legitimate possibility that any free agents will be brought in as compliments to the home grown core rather than as the ‘saviours’ and July mercenaries that was often the case.

With 11 (if you include the recently demoted Grachev) home grown players on the roster recently and players such as Mcilrath, Kreider, Werek, Hagelin and even Horak developing as legitimate NHL prospects the Rangers (shock horror) could actually be the standard for the league in terms of a home grown roster in a few years. Here’s hoping home grown means success.


  1. Dave says:

    It’s tough to expect the national guys to really know what’s going on with the organization. They see Sangs and see a 1st round pick that was essentially traded for Jesper Fasth + a late 2nd round pick.

    • jurgenno88 says:

      Agreed to an extent, but how long does it take (especially when its your job) to jump on the internet to do a little research about a player when he forms part of your article? (as Sangs does)

      Stats, media and beat writer reports are easily accessible and the thn staff should know why a player hasn’t been able to fulfil his potential, especially when we – as you say – are not talking about some unknown 250th pick but rather a former first rounder.

      • Dave says:

        I don’t disagree, I just think that’s why they are often off with some of the specifics about each team.