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October 21, 2010, by

It’s Thursday, and as always, it’s Thoughts and Musings day. Personally, my favorite day. So, let’s delve right in.

-I hate injuries. Gaborik, Drury, Prospal. The Gaborik injury hurts the most. He’s our scoring. Now, 2-4 weeks. Plus, he’s not going to light the world on fire when he comes back, at least not initially. It’s awful.

-Even with Gaborik, it was going to be a rough year, because of the defense (or lack thereof). Staal and Girardi are solid. You know what you get with MDZ. Rosy is Rosy. But that third pair is bad. They’re going to give up a lot of goals, no matter how good Hank is.

-I did enjoy watching Boyle on Friday. I was at the game, and his goals brought the crowd back to life. The first goal was a hell of a shot. I like Boyle’s improvement. He’s using his body. He’s going to be good this year.

-Boogaard is a big boy. No one wants to fight him.

-PK needs to improve. Losing Drury hurts. But Cally, Dubi, AA and Boyle are pretty good. Again, it comes down to the defense. I’d think long and hard about calling up McDonagh and/or Valentenko. And think about doing it soon.

-Frolov really needs to shoulder the load, at least until Gabby comes back. He’s the best scorer healthy right now.

-He may be a year away, but AA is going to be a good one. He’s just so damn talented.

-Health interlude: Was in NYC this weekend for a follow-up with my surgeon (and in the process, saw the Rangers and family, which was nice). After 3 hours of waiting, my surgeon declared the surgery a success and that I’m all healed and everything! Yay!

-It would be nice if Erik Christensen would show up. Very nice.

-Hank needs to be stellar in this period. More than usual.

-I did like the heart they showed in the Toronto game to come back. That takes moxie. You could see how much they wanted it. That could be big in the next few weeks.

-I would call up MZA. See what he’s got. It can’t hurt.

-Stepan’s got some grit to his game. By the way, they’re already selling his jersey. Yeah. That was fast.

-Baseball interlude: Cliff Lee is not human.

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  1. Dave says:

    Good to hear everything worked out.

  2. Jurgenno88 says:

    Personally I think we have seen enough of Eminger already and I would bring up Valentenko. I would also bring up MZA and insert him for a game or two to see what level he is already at. We need skill in the top 6 and he has it.

    I’m not one to overreact (too badly) but I haven’t seen enough from Christensen, to already say he isn’t going to last his contract here. Thankfully its a very moveable (or riddable) contract. He’d be a solid 3rd liner somewhere but we don’t need them.

  3. Dave says:

    Is Valentenko the answer though? I don’t think he’s ready. Considering the defensive woes, wouldn’t McDonagh be the better call up?

    As for EC, well, you know my feelings on that.

    • Jurgenno88 says:

      as stupid as it sounds i’d rather risk rushing Valentenko than McD. McD has a massive future if managed well, Valentenko doesn’t have the same upside, in my opinion.

  4. Mikeyyyy says:

    The aa line is going to be a monster. They will only get better together.

    I am hoping they get rid of white and asap.

    I don’t like how he plays. We are better off shuttling in young players for looks and thensensing them backdown.

    Ec can be a reserve forward for now. He really needs an attitude readjustment. Maybe a short stint at the whale to heal up his “groin”

    • Jurgenno88 says:

      LOL ‘at the whale’…. I just cant get used to that yet. The AA line has a ton of upside for sure, again, it comes back to being managed properly…