Wade Redden, Really?!

October 17, 2010, by

Next summer Wade Redden’s enormous cap hit counts against the Rangers roster total once more and therefore the Rangers would have to go through the process of demoting the defenseman again. Don’t look now but Wade Redden has begun this season’s exile in Hartford playing well (at least offensively) and has 5 points in 5 games. Playing devil’s advocate for a moment; what if Redden re-found his focus and desire for hockey with a year in the minors and plays a brilliant season? What if he re-found his game in Hartford to such an extent that during the next Rangers training camp the veteran blue liner plays brilliantly and thanks to his play, demands that he stays in New York. More importantly, thanks to his play what if the Rangers take notice and realise it’s in their best interest to keep Redden in New York?

This is all hypothetical and given his age and the financial commitment he has in NY it’s a very unlikely situation but Wade Redden seems to be trying to make people take notice. The Rangers aren’t exactly playing stellar defence right now and if that was a trend all season, well, desperate times can often call for desperate measures….

Basically the point is this; keep an eye on Hartford this year if you weren’t going to already. By all means follow the prospects (the future, after all) but don’t lose sight of how a certain veteran hockey player is doing because next summer Mr W. Redden may become a hot topic once more. Maybe it’s the likes of Michal Rozsival and Chris Drury that will have to worry about next summer.

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  1. Dave says:

    Redden has an ‘A’ in Hartford as well. I hate when people say they hate him and he’s an overpaid ass. He’s actually a good guy and a good mentor to young kids. If he didn’t make $6.5 million, he’d be on the team.

  2. Baby baby says:

    Drury has no movement clause in his contract so he doesn’t have to worry about playing for the ct whale. Rosie I felt gets lil bit of bad rap he does put effort In and just gets a lil too high when plays well and too low when has bad shift granted his cap hit is to high.
    I too never have been a redden fan and playing on wolf pack for six and half million isn’t toughest job in world. With that said he has been nothing but a class act throughout his whole stay and give him respect for that.
    If he can excel his play to a level of a top two d man then he deserves to be on team next year. Problem is he hasn’t been one in about 4 years and be hard to see that happening. But LT on ny jets seems to be back to old self so how knows?