Rangers Would Be Foolish To Cut Ruslan Fedotenko Now

September 27, 2010, by

When the Rangers invited Ruslan Fedotenko to camp, many thought it would just be to put some pressure on the young kids, and that he would eventually be cut. However, Fedotenko has had a very strong camp, and played very well against the Devils on Saturday night, scoring the game-tying goal on the powerplay and adding another two assists. Fedotenko was clearly one of the Rangers better skaters on Saturday, as he forechecked, backchecked, and scored the way he is capable of. Remember, Fedotenko won coach John Tortorella a Stanley Cup with Tampa Bay, and has a very good shot, as shown on Saturday.

Fedotenko averages 15 goals and 35 points per season, and is only 31 years old. He may not be a long term answer for the Rangers, but he is looking to be an extremely low risk stop-gap for the Rangers, who desperately need scoring while the kids develop in Hartford, the CHL, and college. What intrigues me most about Fedotenko is that his goal on Saturday was scored from the right wing side. I personally don’t know too much about Fedotenko, but if he can play both wings, it makes him that much more valuable to the Rangers, who are very weak on the right side.

Fedotenko has outplayed Dale Weise, Dane Byers, and Mats Zuccarello-Aasen thus far, both in camp scrimmages and in the preseason, and has earned his right to at least continue his tryout. Fedotenko offers something to the Rangers that Byers does not; a scoring touch. Sure Byers is tough, but the Rangers are pretty stacked at the tough guy position with Derek Boogaard and Brandon Prust. Weise is just 22 years old, and is on the final year of his entry level deal. No harm is done by letting him play out one more year in Hartford, especially when the Rangers have some cap room to sign Fedotenko to a slightly more expensive contract (Weise would make $700k if playing in the NHL).

That leaves the competition between Fedotenko and MZA. MZA has shown a relentless forecheck, and has actually out-performed Fedotenko in this regard. However, MZA has yet to show what he can do offensively, save for a great forecheck that led to the Erik Christensen goal last night. MZA might benefit from a year in Hartford, getting acquainted to the physical style of the North American game, and being one of the first call ups should injuries arise.

Some may not like it, but Fedotenko would make the Rangers a better team. He gives the Rangers a bona-fide scoring threat on the second powerplay unit, and a consistent 15 goal guy who will bounce between the second and third lines. In a wide open Eastern Conference, a guaranteed 15 goal performance can be the difference between the seventh place and 10th place. With the second round of cuts looming, Fedotenko has earned his shot to participate in the final three preseason games, and maybe make a difference on the 2010-2011 New York Rangers.

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  1. Debs says:

    Thank you for this blog about Fedotenko! I’m a huge fan of his and I’m glad to see his recent play has quieted alot of the nay-sayers. Last season with the Pens was a nightmare, and I hold a very unpopular view on it. His center last season was plahing onbly for himself, and didn’t play well with ANYONE the coach tried to put with him. That didn’t help Feds’ play one bit. He can indeed play both wings–he showed that last season as I believe he played most of the season at RW. The other great thing about Feds is that he is not afraid to fall back on defense if one of the d-men happens to get caught out of position. (He played defense when he first got into the game) And that spot that he scored from on Saturday? That is HIS spot! His main weakeness is ids a lack of confidence in what many have called a blistering wrist shot.

    • Dave says:

      Who was his center last season? Good to hear that last season was an aberration and that he plays RW. If he continues to play that way and score on the PP, he will make the team.

      • Debs says:

        Dave, most of the time Feds was stuck with Malkin as his center, and IMO, last season Malkin was dealing with some issues that were affecting his play. He seemed at best scattered, and at worst selfish. Far too often he simply refused to pass to an open player, etc. I can’t call Feds a natural scorer but when he gets on a line that clicks, he can do some amazing things. Look at the runm he had in the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs, when Bylsma got the idea to put Talbot on the other wing.

        • Dave says:

          You can’t argue with someone who has won two Cups. He’s not going to create on his own, but he would definitely add something to a team that can’t score to save their lives.

        • Zbuc says:

          that is classic “stuck with Malkin”

          • unreal says:

            There are a lot of wingers would love to be stuck with Malkin. Think the Penguins and the Flyers and the islanders…oh god and the Lightning “Torts is probably ready to blow his stack” Why him, why him

            • Dave says:

              I’m pretty sure every team would love to be stuck with Malkin.

              • HAHAHAHA says:

                Stuck with Malkin HAHAHAHA. It wasn’t the fact that Tenko lost a step, couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, or was terrified to hit or take a hit that made him play bad. It was Malkin that did it right? Fedotenko, just as Guerin does in Philly, make your teams easier for the Pens to play. Having them in the lineup ups the Pens chances of beating you. The Pens are not a stupid organization. Do you not think they let those two go for a reason? You picked up the trash and are trying to turn it into treasure. It was not just last season where Fedotenko struggled. Even in the cup run he was getting worse and worse each season. There is a reason for that and it’s not the Conn Smyth winning center that he was given the chance of a lifetime to play wing for. Even Fedotenko would laugh at you for blaming Malkin as to why he sucked.

              • highslot says:

                Best line I’ve seen here. Even Fedotenko would laugh at you for blaming Malkin as to why he sucked

              • Dave says:

                Yea, I didn’t say anything about Malkin being the cause of Fedotenko’s bad year, check who you’re replying to.

    • highslot says:

      HIS Spot is a spot on the end of the bench.Better yet, he can hand towels and water bottles to Henrik, and Gaborik

  2. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    Honestly, he’s played well in the preseason. So does Patrick O’Sullivan. So I’m not going to jump to any conclusions b/c of preseason performance.

    Any idea how we’d sign him? Think he’ll go for league minimum?

  3. JT says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Feds could help the Rangers establish the kind of second or third line scoring depth they’ve been sorely lacking in recent seasons. He’s old enough to make good decisions on the ice but young enough to still have some spring in his stride. And he’s been an important part of two Stanley Cup teams. And he’s also an all-around good guy with an excellent locker room presence. At a million or thereabouts, he’s a steal. Meanwhile, MZA, who is clearly talented and feisty, gets some crucial time to adjust.

    • Debs says:

      JT, I think the Rangers will find that Feds is willing to play on any line he is asked to in any role. He’ll make your 3rd line alot stronger but you’ll also find he can step up to 2nd and even 1st line. When Bylsma would let him play with Crosby that spring in his step that you mention was very much evident! You’ll also benefit from his on-ice smarts!

      • Dave says:

        He won’t crack the top line with Frolov/Gaborik playing there :).

        But, a third line of Avery-EC/Drury-Fedotenko could be very, very good.

        • highslot says:

          Yeah, he was in such high demand, what a Joke!!!!! He’ll do anything, anything but score, take up roster space…… spring in his step, slow as molasses. any role, how about press box…. Has to be his mom, no one else could belive such garbage

          • Dave says:

            I think we agree that the whole Malkin nonsense was ridiculous, but I’m willing to give Fedotenko a chance. It’s a low risk move, and it’s not like he took a spot away from anyone worth while.

  4. unreal says:

    You have to be kidding me. Where’s Duguay or Murdoch. Has the Rangers reached a new low? Fedotenko??? Well, guess I better unload my Tickets now. Did Mrs Fedotenko write that nice note for her son????

  5. blueshirtforever says:

    Unreal, yeah I agree with you. Byslma sat him during the playoffs. Confidence, He can’t hit the side of a barn with his shot. I watched a few of the Penguin games and he either was a scratch or lost on the ice. Dave you mean to tell me you want Him in the lineup????

    • Dave says:

      Yes, I do want him in the lineup. He has earned his spot. He has played very well this preseason, and is low risk on a one year deal while the kids (Grachev, MZA) develop.

    • Dave says:

      He also managed to hit the back of the net on the powerplay against the Devils by the way.

      He also hit Cally with a perfect pass for the first goal in the same game.

  6. jerry says:

    carp just listed the players sent down.zuccs is one of them so is gravchev.27 players left.exelby,semenov,and manning done with tryouts.

  7. highslot says:

    Has it become this bad in New York, getting excited over a guy who cannot score playing with 2 of the best players in the NHL. I hate the Penguins, but this guy plays 1 game, and you are ready to give him the keys to the kingdom. Sather please wake up from your coma. Fedotenko???? No playoffs this year..

    • Dave says:

      We aren’t getting excited. The post is about him getting a longer look, not about him being a savior.

      • Guy with a Clue says:

        You want a longer look? Go watch some Pens games from the last 2 seasons. It’ll only take 2-3 games if you know what you’re looking for.

  8. unreal says:

    Give me Malkin, you can have Fedotenko back in Pittsburgh. And Who did Bobby Hull Jr play with in the Playoffs, the one you call selfish. Must be his mom writing that note. Guess Mario must think Comry is way better than Fedotenko

    • Joe Fortunato says:

      Unreal I’m kind of confused, did you even read the post? If so where in it did Dave say that Fedotenko was the savior, first line material or even a playoff force?

      Dave clearly said that he is an attractive option, for a low cost third line winger. Dave also said that he should get a longer look, not make the team and become a $7 million dollar man.

      Stay on the Hockey forums with garbage like that please.

  9. jerry says:

    id take feds to the top line center. hes a better choice than cristensen who people think is our

  10. Dave says:

    By the way…highslot, unreal, blueshirtforever…welcome to the blog!

  11. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    I’m not a fan of Fedotenko, but I previously loathed the guy until I found out that, defensively, he’s actually pretty solid (a GVT and Desjardins confirmed conclusion). Which means you don’t need more than 40 points out of him for him to be valuable. If the 3rd line ends up being Avery-Drury-Fedotenko, I wouldn’t complain.

    • Dave says:

      Especially when he’s going to be at most $1 million.

      • highslot says:

        I am usually a lurker… but your post about Fedotenko made me finally say something. and to read that one about Malkin didnt use him. No wonder unreal called that post Mrs Fedotenko. No one in their right mind would blame a world class player because some clown cant put the puck in the net. He had 30 points in Pittsburgh, which translates into 15 here. Sorry, Id rather let a young player grow then hasbeens. And this guy, been showed the door in a few places. Thanks for the welcome Dave….even though we arent seeing eye to eye.

        • Dave says:

          I like when people don’t agree with me, I’m a debater lol.

          I see nothing wrong with letting Fedo play if the kids aren’t ready, and it appears they aren’t. If Weise were ready, he wouldn’t have been cut already, same goes for every other player that was cut.

          Would I prefer someone else? Yes, but considering what we have, he’s a solid option for bottom-six minutes and 2nd PP time.

          • Debs says:

            I don’t care if someone wants to lay the Mrs. Fedotenko stuff on me–I spent last season watching Malkin and I was giving my opinion of how he played. If someone wants to take him, please do. If things don’t go his way, like last season, he mopes.

            • Dave says:

              I’m all for giving him an opportunity. He’s definitely earned it thus far.

              • Bettman's Nightmare says:

                I completely disagree with the above comment that Fedo’s 30 with the Pens translates to 15 here. The guy puts up 30 even on bad/mediocre teams (Islanders, post-Cup Lightning).

  12. highslot says:

    You want to give us Malkin, By all means. You must be his mom, because no one in their right hockey mind…. and I hate the Penguins. would make such a statement. You want Fedotenko back, take him please…… This would rank like Babe Ruth to the Yankees.Nhl scoring champ, runner up conn smythe… for what someone who needs a tryout to make a team… Can I sell you the Brooklyn Bridge?

    • JT says:

      The difference is, Malkin costs the Pens $8+million a year. Nobody is talking about Feds being a top line phenom. If you can buy a potential third line winger with legs, solid defense and a ton of experience who is likely to notch at least 10 goals, and possibly 15, for $1 million, that’s great value. Only four Rangers had more than 15 goals last year. And several players who barely scored double digits made a lot more than a mil. If Feds plays up to his potential, he adds cheap depth and character in the bottom six, which we were lacking last year.

  13. Unreal's my idol!!! says:

    As a Penguins fan, I would love to see Feds in NYR. Anything to keep that franchise down a notch is fine with me!

    For all of those that say they’d like to have a 2-time cup winner, keep this in mind. The two years he won the cup, he had 19 goals in 46 games. All other years, he has 1 goal in his 39 other playoff games! Seems to me that he is only a product of playing with top talent, and even then its not a guarantee as evident last year with Malkin.

    He’ll get his typical 15 goals or so, but they’ll come in 6-2 losses or empty-netters (Seth). And you guys are banking his performance off of a camp? If that were true, then Mike Comrie is going to challenge Gretzky’s mark by scoring in each of his first two games (sarcasm).

    I will agree too that Avery / Christensen / Fedotenko would be the best Three Blind Mice line in all of hockey!!!

    • Dave says:

      Well, considering who we have as other options, Fedotenko is a good choice.

      Not every team can tank 5 seasons in a row and get FIVE straight top five picks. FIVE!!!

    • Joe Fortunato says:

      Let me get this straight Unreal is my idol. You have so much time on your hands that some Penguins fan, not player, is your idol? Really?

      Do your parents know that you’re using the computer after school while they’re at work?

    • Nick Montemagno says:

      I would like to start off by putting snobby Pens fans in their place. I understand you guys are a strong team that is at the top of the standings each year. I will not deny that. However, it is because of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, who as Dave mentioned above, the Pens tanked in order to acquire – basically a strategy of cheating when you do it that many times purposely.

      Just look at your wingers. I watched some games last season where Pascal Dupuis was on the second line! Are you kidding? You rather have him than Fedotenko? That is ridiculous. Secondly, when you won the cup Crosby’s wingers were Kunitz and Guerin. BILL STONE AGE GUERIN. Crosby carried that line, because without him, both Kunitz and Guerin are third liners.

      So next time you want to criticize a team’s depth at wing by bashing players you previously had, think before you actually write it. I mean, the Pens even had to move Malkin to wing this year so they would not be completely weak at that position. Without him and Crosby, the Pens are NOTHING.

      • Zbuc says:

        yep, Kunitz played on the first line for two different cup winning teams, but this clown says he is a 3rd liner.

        • Dave says:

          Kunitz is a 2nd-3rd liner on any team that has depth at the wing. The Pens don’t have depth at wing (granted they don’t really need it), so Kunitz is a first liner. Kunitz would not be a first line wing in NY.

    • JT says:

      And the “crazy eyes – most likely to go postal with an automatic weapon” award goes to Brooks “The Best Shot Is A Cheap One” Orpik. (Sorry – I just couldn’t resist piling on.”

      • Dave says:

        To be fair, I wish we could go back in time and pull the trigger on Prucha for Orpik.

  14. Debs says:

    Haters are going to hate. Who’s the Pens whipping boy this season?

    • highslot says:

      Who Cares this is a Ranger fan site!!!!!!!!!

      • Dave says:

        But we have a Pens fan here (Unreal’s my hero) commenting and ripping on the Rangers.

        I recommend we all team up…

    • unreal says:

      I know the Rangers whipping boy will be Fedotenko, This is how low the Rangers have become. Why do I continue to buy season tickets.Even the Islanders didn’t want him, they saw how terrible he was. Keep Andy Hilbert and trash Fedostinko

      • Dave says:

        If Fedotenko scores 15 and adds some sort of threat to the 2nd powerplay unit, are you still going to be of this opinion?

    • Zbuc says:

      its actually “Haters gonna hate” but whatever.

  15. Jeremy says:

    I like Feds. Always have. Scoring on the cheap, Experience. Who cares if he blocks a youngster? The only he would block is Weise, and Feds is a better player than Weise. Simple as that

    • Dave says:

      Exactly. I still don’t understand the obsession with Weise.

      • highslot says:

        Dave, Do we stand a chance at winning the Stanley cup in your opinion?

        • Dave says:

          Nope, not a chance in hell lol.

          • highslot says:

            Good, that’s all I wanted to hear from you. Now, I would rather give a young player or players a shot, then retreads like Fedotenko. Thats where I am coming from.

            • Dave says:

              Well, I mean, there would have to be a plane crash with the Eastern Conference All Stars, but it COULD happen.

              But, don’t you think it’s unwise to rush the kids?

              • highslot says:

                Sometimes you have to go a different route. What Sather is doing, would u not agree just is not working? Fresh blood, not stale bread. Shows you how bad Fedotenko is the KHL didnt even come calling.

              • Dave says:

                But the fact that you have kids competing for defense shows that he is letting the youth play. He sent Semenov and Exelby packing.

                It’s not about letting youth play, it’s about letting the RIGHT youth play. What has Weise shown you that shows that he deserves a spot on the NHL roster? What about any other kid that was cut?

  16. highslot says:

    Wait a minute Debs. You seem to hate Malkin, but being a Ranger fan, its not OK for me to hate this piece of garbage we could possibly have in our lineup. As far as I am concerned Crosby, Malkin and Fleury can all be whipped. Who cares about the Penguins. Im mystified how you can hate at top 5 player. He had a down year, the year before Crosby was off. Fleury dosent do a thing for me either.

  17. pensfan says:

    Debs never said she hated Malkin. Any Pens fan knew he had a bad season last year – he stated it himself as well.

    What’s that I smell in the air? A difference of opinion battle? Who cares! Fedotenko should go to NY if he’ll be getting ice time there. He was benched most of the playoffs, but when he did hit the ice, he didn’t play well (IMO). From a Pen’s fan’s perspective, I wish him well. However, I can’t root for him.

    • highslot says:

      I dont want him, but in one of her posts she says she dosent want Malkin, We in New York will take him in a heartbeat. She can have Fedotenko back. Good in the locker room great guy… No goals. Fedotenko can go to lets say Florida, or Play with Jagr, hows that!

  18. highslot says:

    one more thing Pensfan, debs will see in your opinon he didnt play well… she seems to blame Malkin for his downfall, I guess who did his Mother, i mean who got blamed iin Philly, Tampa… cmon

  19. jerry says:

    maybe feds didnt want to get resigned because crosbys a whinning little baby and malkin is as selfish as they come.if we tank for 5 straight years well be just as good as them and wont have to give up our assets either.go back to the igloo and wipe crosbys tears away.

  20. Dave says:

    Whitney, Fleury, Malkin, Crosby, Staal. Five top five picks, four were top two. I can build a team with that kind of tank history too.

    • highslot says:

      See what I sad about young players, and what do we get from Grandpa Sather……..

    • Zbuc says:

      ah yes Dave, “tank” five years in a row, when the Pens couldnt afford much more than 20 Rico Fata’s while the Rangers had the league’s highest payroll and never did jack.

      • Dave says:

        Poor management aside, at least they tried to put a team on the ice. Pens ownership didn’t even try.

  21. Pensfan says:

    My last post on this topic:
    The Penguins aren’t giving up on Malkin – he is determined to play a better season, therefore, no you can’t have him. 🙂 Malkin didn’t play well with anyone last season – that was Debs’ point, however it sounds like it may have been misconstrued as Fedotenko’s fault (which of course it wasn’t).

    Fedotenko would have done anything to stay in PA, however, with not much ice time to dazzle in the playoffs and too many on the roster, plus not bringing enough points to the stats (which may or may not be affiliated with ice time), it was time to say goodbye.

    In my experience, the ones that make the comments about Crosby negatively,(especially considering he is no where mentioned in the poster’s blog or other posts til now) are the ones who are jealous because he’s playing for our team and whooping your team’s ass. Sorry jerry.

    Have a good night everyone.

    • jerry says:

      is he kidding. believe it or not the one guy who i would never want on the rangers is funny you make this comment and leave.keep your whinning little bitch and tank a couple of more seasons so your whole team can play as the eastern conference allstars.crosbys a f…ing rather lose than ever have him on our team and i dont care who dissagrees with me hes the mike bossy of the new generation.

      • Zbuc says:

        Jerry, it looks like you will get your wish. Crosby and Malkin will stay with the Pens and the Rangers will suck.

    • highslot says:

      I’ll take the “whiner” and the “selfish one” over a hasbeen.So wow he comes here to new York. No Pensfan, Im not jealous. Malkin and Crosby are 2 of the best, I dont like them, but hey they are great players. Wish Debs was your GM though!

  22. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    Here’s a shocker for those arguing this – sometimes, when you force a young player into NHL minutes early in their career, they respond negatively. You can actually hurt a player’s progression by pushing them too quickly, believe it or not. And I don’t think anyone can argue that the players that are being sent down aren’t raw talent right now.

    You could argue both sides as to whether an anticipated “down” year is the best time to play young players, though I’d argue it isn’t. The Islanders have been doing it for years, and look at where it’s taken them.

    • highslot says:

      Richard Park, Jon Sim, Andy Hilbert,Trevor Gillies, Yeah, and here we go Ruslan Fedotenko. All ham and eggers.

  23. unreal says:

    I come back on here to see if Mrs fedotenko blames Mario for her sons inability to play hockey.

  24. truth says:

    Fedotenko is past his prime. Sad to say since his prime was a mid-liner to begin with. Last year he was slow and lack luster defensively. Has anyone even looked at his +/-? I want to bookmark this page just so I can see the same people who welcome him, bash him when the year is over for being the incapable player he truthfully is.

    • Dave says:

      I have always been someone who will eat my words if I’m wrong. I didn’t think Redden would be waived initially, but I ate my words there.

      If Fedotenko is a bust, then I’ll cite this post. If not, do I get credit for being right?

  25. Guy with a Clue says:

    OMG thanks so much to Pensblog for linking this, what a read! Let me just quote one thing from this blog that should end the discussion right now:

    “I personally don’t know too much about Fedotenko”

    Now, let that sink in for a second. You don’t know too much about Fedotenko. So where is this analysis coming from? Well, it would be at most 2 preseason games and camp. Know what should have made a bigger impression? The 2 years he played in Pittsburgh, the year he played for the NYI, or the 2 he played in Philly. 5 years this guy has played in your division, and you haven’t noticed him? That’s not a good sign, either you don’t watch the games too closely or he hasn’t been sticking out.

    Since you don’t know much about him, let me try to help you out. This is a guy that’s slow on the ice, and even after 2 years playing with one of the best centermen in the league he still wasn’t able to figure out what he’s doing offensively, so he’s not very creative or imaginative. His shot’s ok, when he actually manages to get it off and on net. Don’t even get me started on his defense, which would probably play a pretty big role if you wanted to place him on a checking line. Malkin quite clearly didn’t trust him by the end of the season, and neither did Bylsma, seeing as he’d rather give an undrafted Mark Letestu playing time over Fedotenko. I can only say he trusted him more and realized he’d contribute more.

    The best thing Fedotenko did in Pittsburgh was break his hand punching Colby Armstrong. I find it hilarious that not only are the Rangers desperate enough to give him a look, but that the fans are excited about the prospect of him playing for their team. There’s one thing I will agree with the author on, and that’s Fedotenko making a difference for the NYR this season. I just don’t see how any intelligent hockey fan with a clue can claim that it’ll be a positive difference.

    • Dave says:

      You make it sound like I wrote about the Rangers relying on him offensively. I didn’t. Don’t take what I wrote out of context. If he scores 15 goals from a third line RW position, that’s an upgrade over last year. That’s what I’m saying.

      And to your point, I don’t see how any intelligent hockey fan can say this isn’t a solid LOW RISK move for the Rangers, who struggle offensively.

      • Guy with a Clue says:

        You’re right, I was laughing too much at the “guaranteed 15 goal performance” you threw in at the end to realize that you didn’t spend the entire post talking about him helping offensively. I must have been putting too much emphasis on the fact that you said “scored the way he’s capable of”, “who desperately need scoring”, “scoring touch”, “bonafide scoring threat”, “consistent 15 goal guy”. The blog post clearly wasn’t about offense, I apologize for trying to take things off topic.

        Also, I’m not sure what kind of drugs it takes to project 15 goals to Fedotenko playing the 3rd line in New York, but that must be some good stuff.

        I don’t think any intelligent person can say this isn’t low risk in a financial sense now that Redden’s off the books, but in a hockey sense playing him long enough to get him sent out of town will find you losing just enough games to miss the playoffs. How big of a risk might that be?

        • Dave says:

          Fedotenko has 150 goals in 9 seasons, which averages to 15 goals a season. It’s not a small sample size either.

          You are simply picking at three words and taking them completely out of context, it’s amazing.

          There’s a difference between relying on someone offensively, like the Rangers will RELY on Gaborik/Frolov, and simply looking for secondary offense, which is what would be expected of Fedotenko. He has a scoring touch, plain and simple, and 15 goals from a third liner/2nd PP guy would be welcomed.

          For the record, out of context =/= off topic. You were on topic, but taking things out of context. Do you understand the difference?

          Looking at the Pitt years: 2 years, 27 goals, 69 points, +1. last year, 158 SOG, with a % of .070, which is 5% lower than his career average. The guy had an off year.

          • Guy with a Clue says:

            Who cares what Fedotenko has done earlier in his career, what matters is what he’s capable of now. Do you really think he’s going to go from 30 points on NYI’s top line and 30 points on Pitt’s 2nd line to 30 points on NYR’s 3rd line? That’s not how this works.

            If you think last year was an off year for Fedotenko I challenge you to watch a few Pens games from last year and say that again. There’s a difference between having an off year and clearly starting to drop off. Watch him with the puck on his stick, watch him firing shots, and then try to tell me that he’s the same player he was 5 years ago. He may only be 31, but his skills are diminishing like he’s 41.

            • Dave says:

              Dude, the stats say he had an off year, his shooting percentage was 5% lower than his career average. If he shoots at his usual 12%, he gets 19 goals.

              There could be a few reasons for that, it could be game slipping, it could be an off year. But you don’t know yet, and you can’t base assumptions off a 31 year old forward from one year.

              If he’s slipping, so be it, I’ll own up to my words here. If he rebounds, the way Prospal did last year, then it’s a great move.

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                Dude, if you’re relying on stats to tell you how the guy’s going to do it’s quite obvious you don’t have a clue. Watch some games from last year, this isn’t a guy getting unlucky, it’s a guy having a fundamental decline in his talent. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery, but if you expect the 3rd line for the NYR to springboard him back to 15 goals you should be tossed in the loony bin.

      • unreal says:

        guy with a clue, I am a Rangers fan, and I am READY TO GIVE UP MY SEATS, tHERE ARE A FEW OF US ON HEAR THAT DOES NOT WANT TO SEE THAT BUM IN RANGER BLUE.Did you read Mrs Fedotenko’s note for her son to make the team, what a complete joke. And yes some of thee people are excited he is here…. I guess I am missing something, But As Debs (Mrs fedotenko says) blame Malkin, his fault he sulks hes selfish. I ve watched a few Pens games, I would nt pass the puck to him he cant score. I ve seen a game where the puck bounced off him. wow. Bet Andy Bathgate right now could score more than Fedotenko, better yet maybe Bryan Hextall sr.

        • Guy with a Clue says:

          It’s good to see not everyone in New York is blinding slurping this up as a great opportunity. As for Malkin, he’s shown no hesitance to give the puck up when someone’s in a better scoring opportunity than he is. Problem is with Fedotenko out there that wasn’t very often.

          • unreal says:

            Inquiring minds want to know, what is Mrs Fedotenkos deal with the blaming of a conn smythe winner and NHL scoring leader. and Guy with a clue, no Id take Malkin and Crosby in a heartbeat. Be glad Ray Shero is not Debs

        • Dave says:

          I think anyone in their right mind would take Malkin. I’d give up an entire draft for him.

          • unreal says:

            Dave, you will see a few people state they would not want him,or Crosby oh god I hope they don’t sit next to me at Ranger games.

            • Dave says:

              I’d love Crosby if he were a Ranger. But he’s not, so I hate him, and I’ll find reasons to hate him.

  26. Dave says:

    It’s funny, because if I’m right, I’m going to get called lucky. But if I’m wrong, I’ll get burned for it.

    I already won one bet with jerry about MZA, anyone care to make a bet with me on this one?

    • Guy with a Clue says:

      The good thing is people who have actually seen Fedotenko play know you don’t have to worry about being right…

      • Dave says:

        Funny, because everyone who had seen Kotalik play was on board with him, but yet I was right when I said he would be a bust.

        Care to put your money where your mouth is?

        • Guy with a Clue says:

          You got exactly what you could have expected from Kotalik, how exactly was that a bust?

          Sure, I’ll make a bet with you, loser of the bet has to promise never to post on this site again

          • Dave says:

            You missed the blogs, saying the Kotalik signing was a great one, and that Ranger fans should be thrilled. I knew it was a bad deal, and I got blasted for it, and I was right.

            For a guy who has done nothing but blast me for my opinion, you sure do have no balls.

            • Guy with a Clue says:

              You should have expected a one zone player in Kotalik that could get you decent offense. He met expectations, kinda hard to call him a bust.

              As for having no balls, you’re obviously right, that last bet was quite silly of me. How about I give you 10,000 to 1 on a bet we both know neither of us will pay off on at the end of the season?

              • Dave says:

                I was thinking something small, like a post here from the loser admitting you were wrong. Terms being over/under 14.5 goals and 29.5 points (half goal/point so there are no draws), with the condition being that Fedotenko makes the team and doesn’t get injured.

                Good to see you had the same expectations as I did for Kotalik though.

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                What would a 12 goal 18 assist season mean?

              • Dave says:

                Hmm. Good point. Want to choose one sticking point, either goals or assists?

                By the way, it’s tough to tell online, but there’s no animosity, I like a good debate.

              • Dave says:

                Sorry, goals or points?

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                Goals, there’s not a chance Fedotenko sniffs 15 goals playing on your 3rd line. Probably would be fairer to set the O/U at 9.5, but 14.5 it will be. Loser makes a blog post on here at the end of the season? I know I can’t, but I’m sure I could get to you what I’d like the post to say.

              • Dave says:

                Done and done. You would have to email me the post obviously, and my contact info is on the side of the page.

                Agree on the terms though, Fedotenko has to both a) make the team and b) not get hurt.

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                I say Fedotenko has to make the opening night lineup. He has to play at least 35 games unless he’s cut or traded. If he plays at least 35 games in a Rangers uniform and gets hurt, him averaging more than 0.177 goals/game (14.5 goals over 82 games) makes the bet a wash. Him averaging less than that makes it a loss for you. Sound fair?

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                The above stipulation assuming of course that he doesn’t reach 15 goals on the season. If he misses time but still hits 15 obviously it’s a win for you.

              • Dave says:

                So to summarize:

                If Fedo does not make the roster, bet is a wash.

                If Fedo does not play 35 games, bet is a wash.

                If Fedo plays >35 games, and gets hurt, his average goals/game has to be over .177 for me to win, under .177 for you to win, and .177 even is a wash.

                Loser has to make a post about losing the bet. Is that your real email you used when posting? I’ll email the terms now. A fake email address nullifies the bet, and I’ll comment on it here.

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                Him not making the roster is a wash.

                Him not playing 35 games due to injury is a wash. If he doesn’t play 35 games because he’s cut or traded it’s a loss for you.

                Looking at it again let’s clarify the next point. Getting hurt is something significant, not missing a couple games. I’d suggest 20 games missed being significant. Also, let’s put a bit of leeway in that, maybe by adding a 0.05 goal per game cushion. Anything between 0.127 and 0.227 is a wash, below I win above you win.

                That is my real email address, I’ll reply to the email you send when I get it.

              • Dave says:

                Gonna disagree on the traded, that should be a wash. It’s out of the players hands if he gets traded.

                To make math simpler on the injuries department, if he plays more than 35 games, his goals have to equal 14.5 over an 82 game season to be a wash:

                (goals / GP) * 82

                Over 14.5 I win, under 14.5 you win. It just keeps the math simpler.

              • Guy with a Clue says:

                Alright, if he gets traded before reaching 35 games in a NYR uniform it’s a wash. I think over a certain number of games the number of goals he has should stand on its own, I would suggest 20 games missed being enough to consider it significant, so goals/GP counting if his games in a Rangers uniform are between 35 and say 62? Also between 35 and 62 games I’d like a bit of a cushion, a hot streak or cold streak really affects the goals/GP number over fewer games, so how about if his average over 82 is between 12 and 18 then it’s a wash?

              • Dave says:

                Between this and work, I have way too many numbers running around in my head. I’m going to summarize everything below, to make sure we are both in sync.

      • Dave says:

        In fact, the only Ranger player I was wrong about since I started the blog was Brashear, I thought he would win a few fights.

        • highslot says:

          See what Im trying to stress about Sather???

          • Grim says:

            Your bet should be who will get more points Comrie, making $500,000.00 to win a Stanley Cup and being stuck on a line with Malkin, or Fedotenko, looking at stealing around $1 mil from the Rangers.

            • highslot says:

              Like he stole money off you guys last year, and the Islanders, and the Flyers. Guy is garbage, but he has a great locker room presence,Which what happened to that post, on ice smarts, blistering wrist shot. I want what you smoke

  27. lUnchbOxXx says:

    Pens fan here… Not gonna do any bashing, though some of you are making it really, really easy.

    All I have to say is, Boogard should have the salary you are discussing giving Fedex.

    If you had the money, Fedotenko wouldn’t be a discussion.

    IMHO, Feds lost whatever he had to offer, and looked completely disinterested. You’d be a lot better off cycling prospects in whatever playing time Feds would get.

    But then again Sather and co. will probably muster up a multimillion dollar deal.

    • Dave says:

      I will say this, if Sather gives Fedo more than 1 year, or more than $1 million, I’ll be very pissed off.

      Slats lacks the ability to read the UFA market, that we know. Trust me, we know.

  28. Dave says:


    If Fedo does not make the roster, bet is a wash.

    If Fedo does not play 35 games due to injury, bet is a wash.

    If he plays more than 62 games, his goals have to equal 14.5 over an 82 game season to be a wash: (goals / GP) * 82

    Between 35-62 games, the above formula used, but with 12-18 goal avg being a wash due to streaks.

    If traded before 35 GP, wash.

    Else, follow injury rules above.

    Loser makes post here about losing the bet.

    • Guy with a Clue says:

      Everything looks good, except over a certain number of games I think his goal total should stand by itself. I threw out 62 games, which is probably low, but I think we should agree on some number where above that it’s strictly his goal total and below that it’s goals/GP

      • Dave says:

        That’s tough because that number of games is an arbitrary number. I was suggesting the goals/82 GP because it evens out if he misses a few games here and there.

        • Guy with a Clue says:

          Goals/82 GP seems like a fair number to me for over 62 games

          • Dave says:

            So we will rely on this for the goal total then?

            It’s gonna be funny when he scores 14 goals over a full season.

            • Guy with a Clue says:

              Sure sounds good, games 63+ we’ll go by that. It would be funny to see him end up with 14 but I just don’t see it being a nail biter down the stretch. You have my email though, if you want to hear back from me there go ahead and send something to that address

      • Dave says:

        I guess, what is considered a full season? is it 82 games? 80 games?

  29. apostletony says:

    LOL LOL LOL oh this comment thread has given me endless laughs!
    The best comments are the ones trying to bash the pens for getting 5 top 5 draft picks and saying thats why they are good. Well no kidding! Thats called the cycle of professional sports! That’s how its SUPPOSED to work! Suck for a while, rebuild with young talent, then you’re good for a while. Then the cycle repeats.

    Or if you’re like the rangers, you throw money at mediocre players and just suck permanently!
    I’ll gladly take a few bad years if it means competing for a cup for several….especially if the alternative is being consistently average and never competing for anything for…how long has it been Ranger fans? 15+ years? ouch. this one isn’t looking any better either!

    • Dave says:

      That’s how it’s supposed to work? Tell that to the Red Wings, or the Devils, or the Flyers (save for one season), or the Bruins, or the Canadiens.

      They don’t tank seasons, ever. They are just managed properly. The Pens were managed just as poorly as the Rangers from 2000-2004, it’s just Pens ownership didn’t spend money on the team (remember that whole bankruptcy thing?)

      We are aware that the Rangers have terrible ownership, but at least they tried to spend money to make the team better.

      There is no such cycle you speak of, where teams tank for 5 years and then rebuild. The good teams rebuild as they are winning.

      • Guy with a Clue says:

        Hmmm, what would I rather have, owners that had to trade away all the high priced talent just to assure the team remained in Pittsburgh, or completely incompetent owners? Doesn’t seem like much of a choice.

        • Dave says:

          That’s like choosing between a bag of shit or a bag of shit that’s on fire.

          • apostletony says:

            throwing money at players and hoping they produce a cup? thats the rangers strategy and clearly its not working.
            It’s quite amazing that you think its ok to buy a cup, but drafting good players and rebuilding for a few years is considered “cheating”?
            I hate the red wings, but they have a great mix of homegrown talent and free agents. So do the Pens. So did the Blackhawks, who sucked for several years too but i dont hear anyone bashing them?
            What do all those teams have in common? A Stanley Cup recently.
            What do the rangers have?

            • highslot says:

              Apostletony, the sad thing is we now have Fedotenko… And his Mother writing posts. Is Mrs Fedotenko as bas as Mrs Brister was at Steeler games?

              • Dave says:

                I believe that should read “and his mother commenting on posts”. All I said was that he’s worth a shot, and should net 15 goals, I never said he was a savior.

              • highslot says:

                When the people start correcting the grammer.That is when you know they have been backed into a corner.Face it, you now see that feds sux

              • Dave says:

                No, I just don’t want you thinking I agreed that “getting stuck with Malkin” is bad.

  30. Name says:

    ROFL, pathetic ranger fans

  31. Jordan says:

    Low risk/high reward.

    Citing two years on the Penguins against a career where Fedetenko has been largely positive with regards to production is inaccurate, biased and plain stupid.

    Is he past his prime, probably. Is he still a useful piece on a third line at the NHL level, probably.

    Fedetenko is guranteed nothing right now. If he outplays the likes of Todd White, Tim Kennedy, etc. he will make the team. He’ll be a short term stop gap so that Grachev, MZA, etc can learn and develop at the AHL level. He will probably earn about $1m. That’s pocket change, especially when this team has the cap room to add him and still have room left. If he doesn’t play well, cut him. There’s virtually no loss when you compare it to the possibility of the reward.

    • Dave says:

      Year One in Pitt: 16-23-39, +18. I wouldn’t exactly call that terrible production.

      • Jordan says:

        Agreed. He’s a +15 career player with just under a point every other game. That’s fine by me.