Wade Redden To Be Placed On Waivers

September 25, 2010, by

As per Larry Brooks, defenseman Wade Redden will be placed on waivers today at noon. It looks like the Rangers have found his replacement in either Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer, Garnet Exelby, Alexei Semenov, or any of the other young defensemen. Redden was given an ultimatum at the end of last season, saying show up ready to play, or be sent to the AHL. It looks like he either wasn’t ready to play, or the defenseman has just seen the new NHL pass him by. So long Wade.

Some quotes from GM Glen Sather, as per Andrew Gross:

“It’s always difficult changing somebody’s life but you have to do what’s right for the team.”

“There was no sense waiting to waive Wade Redden, wants to give younger players more of a chance”

Glen Sather told Wade Redden after last season unless he came back “and really got off to a great start” this would happen.

Update 10:45am: As per Andrew Gross, Redden will be considering his options for a few days before making a decision. He can look into playing in Europe/Russia, he can retire, he can refuse the assignment, or he can show up in Hartford, where Sather has guaranteed him playing time. If he shows up in Hartford, he’s going to have to refrain from being a locker room cancer, no matter how disgruntled he is. Oh happy days!

Redden has four years at a $6.5 million cap hit per year. He makes $6.5 million this year and next, and $5 million the following two years.

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  1. Mike Axisa says:

    Andrew Gross says that Redden told Sather he’ll take a few days to consider his options. Pardon my ignorance, but what options does he have? Go to Hartford or … retire (and presumably forfeit all the money left on his deal)?

    • Dave says:

      He can look into playing in Europe/Russia, he can not show up, he can retire, or he can go. I would assume that since his child was just born, he will go to Hartford.

  2. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    It’s the end of a ghastly era. Makes me fearful, because it gives Sather money to spend again.

  3. Dave says:

    I do kind of feel bad for him. He wasn’t terrible, it’s just that contract was atrocious. If he were making $2 million, he would be just fine on the bottom six pairing. Oh well.

    Oh happy days!

  4. Brian says:

    Demoting Redden was in my opinion a foregone conclusion but it is great to hear regardless. If Redden has resulted in a philosophical change in the approach to UFA’s then maybe some good has come out of it. We can finally put this drama to rest and focus on the building of a young, homegrown versatile defense that the fanbase can be proud of.

  5. Dave says:

    I guess I’ll have to eat my words now. I have so many posts why he won’t be waived, but I was wrong. I can’t believe this actually happened.

    • Brian says:

      Dave you had some very valid reasons for doubting this would happen, it’s just that demoting Redden drastically changes the outlook for this defense. The negative reaction from the fans had become an distraction. I feel bad for the guy too but his skills deteriorated and the game has passed him by.

      • Dave says:

        It wouldn’t be an issue if he were making $2-$3 million a year, it’s just that he can’t live up to $6.5 million a year.

  6. Jordan says:

    I almost feel badly for Redden and then I remember he’s being paid $23 million regardless of what happens to him.

    Then I don’t care at all and look forward to a better Rangers team in 2010.

  7. Fotiu is God says:

    Like Dave, and as a first-time father I too feel some empathy for Redden, given the birth of his child.

    Nonetheless the reasons for him becoming the pinjata (pinyata?) we all wanted to wail on are manifold. The Godzilla of UFA contracts. The total lack of passion. The declining stats.

    But hey, with their respective careers on the rails…

    Millions in MSG checks, plus all that free time for Wade and fellow waiver refugee, Ray Emery–long rumored in Ottawa to be as yea yo friendly as a certain former Sens D-man–means rails for days.

    I mean, I’m just saying…

    “If your day is gone
    And you ‘wanna ride on

    “But don’t forget the fact
    you can’t get it back

  8. jerry says:

    look the guy still gets paid so dont feel bad for him.and if he retires hes still richer than all of just hope if he goes to hartford he doesnt start putting a bad taste in our minor league players mouths.he sucked and now one more in rozival and we get rid of the turnover twins.

  9. jerry says:

    and by the way its on the rangers website that its done already.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I think this is a big day for the Rangers. First off, cap room. Always big. 2nd, it may be the first time Sather has just dumped a mistake like this. Yeah, we’ve seen Kotalik dumped, or Holik and guys like that. But those were trades, or end of contracts. This was a straight up surrender that this was a bad deal. Maybe things will change

  11. Gary says:

    No one should feel bad for this schmuck, he is laughing all the way to the bank!!! You should feel bad for the fans who pay an arm and a leg to watch the NYR.

  12. Mikeyyyy says:

    Better late than never.

    Dave I’m happy you were wrong on this one. Let a new era begin.

  13. Andy says:

    I believe the Rangers are “on the hook” for 100% of his remaining salary unless he opts not to report to Hartford and become a free agent (AND gets signed, in which case they are still responsible for the difference). Is that correct? How does that affect the cap hit?

    • Dave says:

      The cap hit is wiped off regardless, but the Rangers still have to pay him his salary if he goes to Hartford.