Garnet Exelby in camp on tryout (UPDATE: Alexei Semenov too)

September 11, 2010, by

Via my pal Jesse Spector, defenseman Garnet Exelby is in camp with the Rangers on a tryout, and was skating with the team this morning. Exelby was included in Jeremy’s offseason Scouting The Market series, where his abilities as a fearless hitter and punishing crease-clearer were noted. The Blueshirts, of course, completely lack a defenseman with that skill set.

Dave previewed the defense corps earlier this week, and there appears to be too many bodies for too few spots. However, it’s entirely possible that Ryan McDonagh, Michael Sauer, and some of the other youngsters start the season in Hartford, and we can’t turn a blind eye to the doomsday scenario that has Marc Staal unsigned when the season begins. Exelby’s a decent piece of insurance, and if nothing else, he provides a little competition in camp. That’s never a bad thing.

Update by Dave: Allan Walsh is tweeting that the Rangers have also invited Alexei Semenov to camp on a tryout basis. Semenov made the team last year, where he was also invited to camp on a tryout, before declining a contract for the season. There is going to be some very healthy competition for defense this preseason, with both Exelby and Semenov in camp.

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  1. Dave says:

    I wanted Exelby as a cheap 7th defenseman, but with Eminger, I thought that road was closed. If Exelby makes the team, this has to spell the end of Wade Redden, right?

  2. Walt says:


    No matter what happens to Exelby, it’s good riddance to Redden.

  3. Spozo says:

    Didn’t Semenov decline last year because he didn’t get permission from his wife? I guess you can tell who wears the pants in that relationship!

  4. Bettman's Nightmare says:

    You think the Exelby and Semenov invites might also be used to coax along the Staal signing?

    I’ll keep my anti-Fedotenko sentiment on hold, but if we end up signing him, and the number is anywhere near the $1.8 million he got out of the Penguins, I might be lead to believe that Glen Sather sucks. Just kidding, he pretty much sucks anyways.

  5. Fotiu is God says:

    To Dave’s point…

    Beyond the more obvious implications of Semenov and Exelby being in camp to Wade Redden, I believe it extends to Matt Gilroy, as well. Despite the fact your average orange traffic cone wields as much mobility as Exelby, he is a nasty mo-fo.

    One only has to glean Glen Sather’s comments about Henrik getting ice shot into his face too many times last year as the rationale for signing The Bogeyman. Then take that notion to the backline and consider that besides Marc Staal–still unsigned–MDZ is our most physical D-man.

    Should Bobby Ryan go off the table for Luke Schenn and Jeff Finger, I don’t see another comparable commodity for Staal.

    From back to front, as you adroitly pointed out, Fedotenko will merely ramp up the competition for the bottom two winger spots.

    I like what the brian-trust has done so far. This Ranger team’s going to have bite. If anything, we’ll be much tougher to play against, far more dynamic than the 09-10 club.

    Plus, neither Philly or Washington has a goalkeeper of Hank’s elite/game-stealing status.