Looking Ahead: Jesper Fasth

August 27, 2010, by

One of the great unknowns of the Rangers 2010 draft was Swedish winger Jesper Fasth. Many wondered what type of player the Rangers got and with limited exposure thus far, most people are still wondering the same thing.

It might be the dog days of the hockey season for the Rangers but Fasth’s season has already begun. Currently playing for Swedish men’s side HV71 in the European Trophy, Fasth has been playing on the 4th line but still managed to be quite productive grabbing 3 assists in 6 games including 2 in a recent 6-0 rout over Finnish side Karpart. Fasth’s season thus far also took in an under 20 tournament for Sweden where he went 1+1 in 4 games for the Swedes so the 18 year old winger has had a pretty solid start to his year.

So what type of player is the 6ft Fasth, who can play both wings? This is the scouting report from;

Fasth is a very good skater with nice acceleration and top speed. He works very hard, forechecks with impressive intensity and also create a lot of offense thanks to his agility and speed. Has decent hockey sense, technical skills and scoring ability, but it perhaps still more likely to develop into a role player.

It sounds like Fasth’s game is consistent with the desire for the Rangers to place an emphasis on speed and work ethic but in terms of scoring ability and skill level the young Swede appears to be a project. Its obvious that Fasth was picked with the long term in mind. He’ll be given all the time in the world to  develop in Sweden before the Rangers look at him as a serious, potential NHL candidate.

With many forward prospects close to being ready for the Rangers there is no need to rush the player. His good start this year playing with the HV71 men’s team at just 18 years old, Fasth appears to have a solid future. Drafted 157th overall there was also very little risk in this pick for the Rangers and lets not forget, the Rangers have had some pretty good success with drafting Swedes late……

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  1. Dave says:

    If there’s anything that Patric Hornqvist has taught us, it’s that you can still find gems in the late rounds.

    • jurgenno88 says:

      there are plenty of examples taken deep in the draft. What it requires is patience and the rangers drafting in the past few years now affords them the chance to be patient with a few late picks. Fasth probably wont be over in North America for 3-4 years unless he has an unexpectedly quick development.

      • Dave says:

        Recently, the number of late round gems has shrunk because of better international scouting. Finding Zetterbergs, Datsyuks and Lundqvists that late doesn’t happen much anymore.

        • jurgenno88 says:

          I suppose it depends on the impact you expect. Carl Gunnarsson of the Leafs looks a good player and he was a 7th round pick. Carl Hagelin has a promising future and was a 6th round pick… Loktinov of the Kings was a 5th round pick and looks a good prospect… so they do still exist but yeah, i suppose they are getting less frequent.

  2. Mikeyyyy says:

    Good thing we have one of the top euro/russo scouting org in the NHL. Only ones better are the wings and Anaheim.

    But as far as fasth is concerned. He’s the second coming of Freddie sjostrom. Unless he can get softer hands and a nose for the net.

  3. jurgenno88 says:

    For a 6th rounder i would settle for another Freddie Sjostrom. You dont expect 6th rounders to become NHLers, well you dont count on it…