The Dumbest Rumor of All Time

July 22, 2010, by

Let me begin by saying that I absolutely cannot believe I have to write a post about this stupid rumor. I am going to quote the asinine rumor:

Another rumor that just broke is the Rangers are considering trading Marian Gaborik to the LA Kings and signing Kovalchuk. Very interesting rumor indeed. We all remember Gaborik had wanted to play in LA going into last summer’s UFA period prior to signing in NY.

Let me ask you this: Why in the world would Sather do this? This serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things for the Rangers. Trading one superstar to sign another one to a larger cap hit? Is anyone even taking a step back to think about this? Marian Gaborik is actually the better all around player. When he’s healthy, he actually scores at the same pace as Ilya Kovalchuk. Remember, Gaborik scored at a point per game pace in Minnesota under Jacques Lemaire.

Let’s ignore the fact that Gaborik is signed to a manageable $7.5 million a year. Kovalchuk wants $10 million for the same production. Let’s also ignore the fact that Gaborik actually had more goals and more points, albeit by one in each category, than Kovalchuk. Let’s ignore the fact that Gaborik carried this team in the winter. This is the single dumbest rumor of all time. General managers do not trade superstars so they can sign a different one. It does not happen.

Let’s define what a credible source is when it comes to rumors. A credible source is a beat writer. A credible source is pretty much everyone working for TSN. A credible source is James Mirtle. These are credible sources.

Let’s define people that should never be taken seriously: Eklund at HockeyBuzz, that guy from NHLSourcesSay, or pretty much anything from Bleacher Report. If you believe anything from any of these sources, then you deserve any kind of stress or worrying you encounter.

Look, GMs are always calling each other. There is constant chatter between GMs. In this scenario, what likely happened was LA missed out on Kovalchuk, so Dean Lombardi called Sather and asked about Gaborik. Sather probably told him the cost it would take to get him out of NY (probably something like Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, and a 1st rounder to start the conversation), and Lombardi probably said thanks by no thanks. General managers in the NHL, or any sport for that matter, talk all the time. Hockey is a business, and constant chatter is a part of the business. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say over 90% of any kind of chatter amongst GMs is just tire kicking (Note: I am just using logical reasoning here. I am not in the business, thus I am not a credible source for much of what was said in this paragraph. Thus, I made use of the words “probably” and “likely”).

I am going to give everyone some advice. When you hear a rumor, take a step back for a second, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the rumor make logical sense?
  • Does the rumor help make both teams mentioned stronger?
  • Does the rumor work under the salary cap? (check CapGeek)
  • Do any of the players involved have no-trade or no-movement clauses?
  • Does the rumor make logical sense? (This is not repeated by mistake)

By following these simple steps, you will save yourself a lot of aggravation.

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  1. Puckcentral.net says:

    Here’s a hint, if the “rumor” came from the fraudster you cited above or his site then the answer to question #1 will always be no

  2. Mike B says:

    Calm down on blasting Eklund. You have to understand how he works. He simply reports conversations that he has with GMs/players etc. He isn’t report anything firm unless he puts an e with a number after it. For instance, when he reported Gagne to Tampa, he did it as an e4, meaning that it was pretty much a done deal. Notice with the Gaborik quote, there was nothing after it, meaning he heard from a source that there was a conversation. If people read his stuff and assume it is all written in stone, they are reading him wrong and in that case, you are right, those people deserve all the stress that comes with it.

    As for trading Gaborik and signing Kovy, not going to happen. Dolan would only want Kovy if Gabby was still here. After missing out on Lebron, he would love to make a big splash somewhere and the only place left for him right now is Kovy. I think that is the only reason Slats continues to kick the tires here. If they could move out someone elses contract, like say Drury or Redden and then bring in Kovy for a reasonable cap hit, I say do it, but otherwise, let’s see where this team can go as it is. Let some of these kids we have been grooming attempt to flourish this year and see if they can run with it.

    • PuckCentral.net says:

      We have to understand how he works?

      Check out http://hockeybuzzhogwash.com to see how he works.

      You have a better chance getting the teams to a trade right by picking names out of a hat

      • jerry says:

        no offence mike b but i bet your paying that site and bein ripped off every month, the guys a fraud .he has not one legite source whatsoever.

        • Mike B says:

          No, I’m not payin that site. I just enjoy reading his conjecture and then extrapolating my own theories from it. It usually doesn’t bother me one way or another if the Rangers trade or sign someone so I like the fun I get to have reading him. I did go check out the “hockeybuzzhogwash” site and in my opinion they miss the point as well. Just a difference of opinion here guys. Eklund himself has openly stated many times that most of what he reports won’t come to fruition. To me, it’s a fun read for the 2-3 minutes I spend on it every other day or so. I just think to openly bash the guy when he’s just trying to put up a fun hockey site for fans to enjoy is wrong. If someone can show me an example of him posting things that are outright untrue and source less, that would be different. But I’ve never seen that.

    • howiehockey says:

      I’m in total agrrement with Mike B and the writer of the blog post. At one time an employee of the NHL lived in my apt building.
      During the lock-out I asked this person what site or who was a good source to read as to what was going on with negotiations, etc…tha
      answer was Eklund…just thought I’d pass this information along for whatever it’s worth.

  3. Jordan says:

    It may not have happened in hockey, but GMs in sports do trade one superstar to acquire another. Ruben Amaro, Jr. says hi!