Girardi Files for Arbitration, Sad Day in Hockey

July 5, 2010, by

Rangers defenceman Dan Girardi has filed for arbitration. What will he get?

The Rangers havent always had great experiences when their players reached arbitration. Sean Avery was involved in a messy affair in arbitration while the Rangers let mecurial winger Zherdev go to free agency after being disappointed by his pay award. Girardi had a very up and down season and is seen by many Rangers fans as a player whose development has stalled. The young defenceman is also a player many Rangers fans are quick to include in trade proposals. Thouh Girardi remain a solid player with upside and is a core member of the Rangers blueline.  

So if Girardi carries the same standing with Rangers brass as he does with many fans what would happen if the Rangers are again on the wrong end of the arbitration decision? time will tell. The D-man made 1.6m last season. Anything more than 2.5 (in my humble opinion) would be too much.

Finally, a sad day in hockey. Legendary bruiser Bob Probert has passed away. RIP Bob, and our condolensces to his family. Probert was feared throughout his career for his toughness but many people dont realise what a solid player he was. The former red Wing and Blackhawk had a 29 goal season and another 20 season while eclisping 40 points 4 times. Fighters of his type – with genuine scoring ability to match their fists – dont exist anymore.


  1. Dave says:

    What Girardi gets in arbitration depends on what each side is offering. Expect a middle-ground to be reached, probably around $3 million.

    Arbitration is just a part of the process, no one should look too deep into his filing.

  2. jurgenno88 says:

    I’ll be disappointed if he gets 3m because quite frankly he doesnt deserve it. and i know its a romantic notion but im disappointed he’s gotten greedy and asked for it. His play certainly doesnt warrant an almost 100% rise and a long term extension.

  3. the duke says:

    Regarding probert has sather signed him yet